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Being considered as a quality product of exclusive brand name, HAKAWA has been honored to receive awards voted by customers as high quality service products over the past years. HAKAWA dedicated to customer care in all aspects from consulting to professional post-purchase remuneration policy to bring the most benefits to customers.

General warranty policy applies to all products as follows:

Return within 30 days when there is a manufacturing defect.

Lifetime maintenance for all products.

For these products during the warranty period, the company will be maintenance free and supports full 36% of the cost for the equipment must be replaced.

After the warranty period expires, all of your products have problems and need to be repaired, HAKAWA still accepts and supports maintenance.

Warranty policy up to 25 years.

HAKAWA is a brand that operates with the aim of bringing quality products to consumers. Therefore, for each genuine product, HAKAWA is guaranteed quality and has a prestigious warranty policy, there are products with a warranty period of up to 25 years.

In addition to the general warranty policies, each genuine product of HAKAWA brand has its own long-term warranty policy as follows:

Aluminum ladder products

  • All models HAKAWA aluminum ladders are guaranteed up to 2 years.
  • Applying AAA product liability insurance package worth 1 billion VND for all genuine HAKAWA aluminum products.

Folding chair and hammock products

For the range of relaxing folding chairs and multi-purpose folding hammocks HAKAWA.

  • Commitment to warranty genuine frame within 25 years.
  • Support for replacement nets, chairs, hammock free within 5 years

Car wash machine products

+ 24-months machine warranty commitment.

+ Lifetime Maintenance.

Product of deodorizing machine HK-2020KT

+ Genuine 5-year warranty

+ Return within 3 months when there is a manufacturing defect

Above is some information about warranty policy for genuine products distributed by HAKAWA. For those products that are developed later, HAKAWA will continuously update the warranty policy transparency sent to customers. You need to provide product information consulting, treatment policy HAKAWA warranty please leave information or call 0569 999 699 for advice and assistance