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The advantages of HAKAWA pressure washers

Owning a high-pressure washers in your family will help you with a lot of work such as car wash, yard cleaning, barn, watering,… The HAKAWA pressure washers not only satisfied customers by its high applicability, but also had many advantages. Other models do not have such as:

  • Compact design makes it easy to move as well as more convenient to clean.
  • Pressure washer creates a strong water flow with many modes bringing wide application.
  • It has a luxurious appearance, equipped with smart wheels and handles, the waterproof cover ensures safety when used in wet environments.
  • High working capacity from 1400WW – 2200W for strong water jet pressure up to 160 bar. Beat away all stubborn stains.
  • Providing water directly from the tap or suck water from the sink for convenient use.
  • There is a safety valve capable of preventing pressure when an overload occurs, the relay controller is very sensitive when opening and closing.
  • It has a long high-pressure line and is paired with a multipurpose gun. You can washing car professional snow foam, just like in a salon.
  • Integrated over temperature protection mode to increase the life of the machine.
  • Easy to use, all members like grandparents, parents, teenagers can use it.

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