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The medical bed controls with crank HAKAWA HK-C85



☑️Product Name: The medical bed controls with crank
☑️Usage size: 207x96x47cm
☑️Gross ton: 250kg
☑️Frame material: Powder coated steel
☑️Cushion material: Coconut fiber + styrofoam
☑️Controller: 4 cranks
☑️Included equipment: Infusion stakes, medicine declaration sheet, toilet pot, dining table, shampoo basin

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Patient care is hard work, it is harder when patients have problems with mobility traveling as: systemic paralysis, partial paralysis or long-term treatment in a hospital bed that limits mobility. To reduce hardship for caregivers, as well as to reduce pressure on people who are sick, HAKAWA provides a multi-function hand-operated medical bed with a multi-function handle, taking care of the patient thoroughly, minimizing the hard work of caregivers. For details on the structure and functions of the medical bed with a crank, please refer to the content below:

1. Structure characteristics

The medical bed controls with crank with beautiful design, durable material, safe, luxurious design, good support for patients in the recovery process. 

1.1. Modern, beautiful design

Not only quality assurance, the HAKAWA HK-C85 hand-operated medical bed also focuses on product appearance, giving users a modern, neat design, elegant colors. The most comfortable resting time for the sick.

1.2. Durable material

  • The bed frame is made of high quality steel material coated with electrostatic paint, ensuring durable, anti-scratching, rust-resistant during long-term use. Meet a high bed load of up to 250kg, suitable for all types of people, committed to safety when used.
  • The wheel has a locking system (steel), the outer part is covered with high quality plastic to ensure easy movement without causing noise.
  • The head and tail of the bed are made of flexible ABS plastic that meets the aesthetics as well as makes it easy for users to clean and preserve.
  • The cushion is made up of 2 layers, 1 layer of sucking, 1 layer of coir to ensure the ventilation for the patient’s back, avoiding the occurrence of ulcerative diseases, dermatitis …
  • Other parts such as: potty toilet, shampoo pots are made of quality plastic, flexible and effective against stains.

1.3. Simple structure, easy to use

With the goal of providing convenient equipment for every home, that is why the The medical bed controls with crank HAKAWA has a simple structure, the adjustable crank attached to the parts that need to be adjusted, easy to see and use to ensure convenience, easy to use.

2. Functions

2.1. Use crank and function included

– The first hand crank: The effect of switching people lying down, from lying to sitting position (and vice versa) with a maximum sitting angle of 80 degrees. In the range of 0 – 80 degrees, it is possible for the patient to lie high at any point, bringing the most comfortable and convenient position for care, eating and hygiene.

– 2nd hand crank: Used to change the posture of the patient’s leg. Raise your legs between 0 and 45 degrees, lower legs from 0

– 90 degrees, creating a comfortable sitting posture to help the patient relax in the best way. This feature is very important for both the patient and the caregiver during the treatment.

– 3rd hand wheel: Adjust the ability to turn right, turn left (1 angle 0-55 degrees) combined on 1 crank. The effect of this turning helps the patient to prevent ulcers, and relieve pain caused by lying still for a long time.

– 4th hand wheel: medical bed HAKAWA  is designed for the patient to go to the toilet right on the bed by using the 4th hand wheel, a mattress on the bed will gradually fall down, at the same time the potty rack under the bed moves in. Potty and cushion holes move in the opposite direction until the pot hole covers the hole in the mattress, ensuring quick and clean cleaning.


+ Hand crank clockwise to lift / open the pot

+ Hand crank counterclockwise to lower / close the pot

2.2. Other function

  • The shampoo basin is installed on the head of the bed, removing the pad at this position, caregivers can immediately wash the patient’s hair.
  • The medical bed controls with crank also installs infusion stakes, a handy drug declaration sheet for care and patient monitoring.
  • Tidy design, tidy dining table attached to the bed, helping the patient to eat more comfortably without moving much while ensuring cleanliness.
  • Compact and compact design wheels, flexibly rotate 360 degrees, allowing users to flexibly with different positions to provide the most comfortable resting space.

3. Medical bed is a convenient device when taking care of patients

The medical bed controls with crank equipment to support attentive care for the patient: long-term treatment, the elderly, the person with an accident, total body paralysis, people with hemiplegia, people having difficulty in moving (broken leg, hip fracture…).

  • Helping caregivers save considerable effort and time as well as protect the caregiver’s health during long-term treatment.
  • Patients reduce psychological burden when they have to depend on all activities on others.
  • Reduce hardship and pain for the patient when cleaning or changing positions.
  • Minimize uncomfortable skin ulcers when lying in one position for a long time.
  • Promote blood circulation, reduce fatigue, numbness of limbs with the ability to change positions easily that the medical bed with crank provides.

4. Policy to purchase the medical bed controls with crank  HAKAWA 

Buying the medical bed controls with crank HAKAWA C-85 , you will receive a top-benefit guaranteed purchase at a transparent price, specifically as follows:

  • Exchange within 7 days due to manufacturing defects or poor quality products.
  • HAKAWA delivers products to 64 provinces and cities nationwide, with support fees from 50-100%.
  • Performing “Super Speed” delivery, ensuring maximum time saving for all customers.
  • Genuine warranty for 5 years, simple paperwork without cumbersome fast processing time.

Medical bed controls with crank HAKAWA C-85 is intelligent medical equipment for the care of the sick, the elderly, paralyzed, half-paralyzed or having difficulty moving around. With just a simple adjustment, all work from cleaning, eating, to treatment is within reach. Buy now if you want to bring the most complete care to your loved one. For any questions about the product, contact us immediately via hotline 0569 999 699 or leave information we will quickly answer for you.



Product nameMedical bed controls with crank
Usage size207x96x47cm
Gross ton250kg
Frame materialPowder coated steel
Cushion materialCoconut fiber + styrofoam
Controller 4 cranks
Included equipmentIncluded equipment: Infusion stakes, medicine declaration sheet, toilet pot, dining table, shampoo basin


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