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The HAKAWA HK-G21P Luxury Relaxing Chair



☑️ Hakawa HK-G21P Luxury folding chair
☑️ Frame material: powder coated steel
☑️ Usage size: 65 *73*182cm
☑️ Load capacity: 300kg.
☑️ Weight 11.8 Kg
☑️ Square box pipe: 40 * 20mm
☑️ Maximum tilt: 170 độ
☑️ Warranty: 25 years

ĐẶT NGAY Đặt Hàng Trực Tuyến - Giao Hàng Tận Nơi

The luxury smart relaxing chair HK-G21P is a solution for you to have a healthy life and solve many area problems with the diverse applications in life. In its normal state, it can be a relaxing or a reading chair, just a few taps then you can get a comfortable single bed and it can be folded for convenient storage for unused. It is a very useful product, isn’t it? Let’s find out all the information about this HK-G21P chair!

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1. The unique features and structure make up the outstanding quality

Due to the increasing demand for smart utility products and to meet the essential needs, HAKAWA has researched and launched a smart folding chair HK-G21P. Products with the special structural features offer many advantages over other products on the market.

1.1. The mechanism of operation is simple and eco-friendly

The chair is friendly and easy to use for all ages, with the simple operation mechanism through a few taps, you will have a comfortable relaxing chair. The joints work smoothly and flexibly, users can sit, lie down or raise their head with different inclination.

1.2. The chair frame is well loaded

The chair frame is made of high-grade steel with a large loading capacity up to 300kg, ensuring safety for the users even with heavy weight or big shape. Its outside is also powdered anti-rust or adverse effects due to weather or the external forces collide.

The chair legs are equipped with a primitive plastic sole, ensuring a firm grip on many surfaces as well as protecting the seat frame more durably.

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1.3. Flexible tilting adjustment lock

You are able to optionally choose the most suitable angle when using the chair through the expanded structure up to 170 degrees.

In particular, the chair is equipped with a steel lock to fix the recline just below the armrest, no matter how you choose the recline, it will ensure safety and certainty while using.

1.4. Airy luxury chair mesh

Understanding the importance of feeling when using a chair depends a lot on the material of the chair mesh. Therefore, HAKAWA carefully learns about the materials and selects the best Textilene fabric that provides durable toughness and ensures the necessary airyness for users.

This fabric is less water-repellent, limiting dust-bound as well as effective against moisture.

Especially the attached cushion and pillow are designed for flexibility, adjustable according to the user’s volition. The mattress is removable when not in use and easy to clean.

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1.5. Intelligent operation, high mobility

The ability to fold or open the chair in just a few seconds makes consumers especially like and appreciate this HK-G21P luxury relaxing folding chair. 

Besides, the chair is so light with only one hand that you can easily move from one place to another without spending too much effort.

In addition to serving the needs of relaxation, this HK-G21P product can be used as a backup single bed for the family, a nap bed for office workers or accessories for travel, …

1.6. The origin of HK-G21P luxury chair

The luxury folding chair HK-G21P is a genuine product of Japanese quality HAKAWA brand, completely imported from abroad. Products are manufactured by modern production lines and quality tested according to Japanese standards – A high-class product that brings relaxation, mental comfort and well-being for users.

As a genuine product of Japanese quality brand, HK-G21P is researched by a team of engineers on every technical detail to ensure durability, smooth operation and best application.

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2. Benefits of using the multifunctional relaxing folding chair HK-G21P

Due to many structural improvements as well as its great benefits, this HK-G21P relaxing chair is especially preferred by consumers.

Getting the comfortable relaxation moments: The HAKAWA HK-G21P helps you get relaxed moments, no longer worry about back pain, and repel the symptoms of fatigue due to long working days or ages.

Good for health: The new generation HAKAWA relaxing chair has been upgraded in technical design to bring many health benefits for users.The chair frame is designed with a body curvature to reduce the load impact on the joints. This helps to repel any pain symptoms in the neck, shoulders, nape, and knees. The smooth and elastic material also helps you easily and deeply sleep, and limits the startle when sleeping.

Replace a single bed: The HK-G21P premium folding chair with a structural improvement, it is capable of tilting up to 170 degrees. You will get a single bed that stretches your legs and smooth your back. Then, you can completely use this HK-G21P as a spare bed at home, or an office nap bed, ..

Flexibility in use: You can use the chair as a reading chair or watching a movie, a recliner behind the garden, and as a bed in many different places such as home furniture, exterior, office, travel, …

Space saving: It is designed quite compactly, is a great solution for you to save space, use it in places with a modest area.

Folding easily: The operating mechanism is folding, so you can completely fold it when not in use and store it anywhere such as the cabinet slot, under the table, under the bed, … easy work and don’t waste your time.

Convenient to bring when going on a picnic: The folded size is quite compact, you can put it in the trunk of the car, behind the motorbike to carry on picnics. 

Cost savings: You will not have to spend a lot of money to buy many things such as chairs, beds, reclining chairs, … to serve the needs of rest and relaxation. A chair HK-G21P is both durable, versatile, and the price listed is really too convincing for consumers.

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3. The warranty policy of relaxing folding chair HAKAWA

The folding chair HK-G21P is a genuine product HAKAWA committed to quality along with reputable warranty policy and professional service.

For genuine luxury relaxing chairs, HAKAWA brand commits:

+ Products provided with publicly available standards and specifications.

+ Products delivered to customers are 100% new.

+ Genuine 25-year warranty for the chair frame 

+ Free changing the chair mesh and mattress for 5 years.

+ Returning within 30 days if there is a manufacturing defect.

+ Ensuring quick, no-frills warranty procedures.

+ Safe payment policy, home delivery.

+ Nationwide super-fast delivery.

+ Many valuable after-sales policies for loyal customers.

+ For agents, HAKAWA always has preferential cooperation policies with the goal of sharing development opportunities.


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