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The Hakawa HK-G20T High Quality Relaxing Chair



☑️ Hakawa HK-G20T High Quality Relaxing Chair
☑️ Frame material: powder coated steel
☑️ Usage size: 180 * 65 * 40cm
☑️ Folded size: 96 * 15cm
☑️ Load capacity: 300kg.
☑️ Maximum tilt: 170 độ
☑️ Warranty: 25 years

ĐẶT NGAY Đặt Hàng Trực Tuyến - Giao Hàng Tận Nơi

The Hakawa HK-G20T High Quality Relaxing Chair helps you no longer worry about back pain, or sleeplessness. The chair brings comfort, relaxation and helps users to reverse the symptoms of pain caused by age or long working days. You can take advantage of the chair’s features to take a lunch break, read books, watch TV, etc. In addition, with the neatly folding design, you can easily move and use it in many different places such as indoors, outdoors, office, or taking on travel.ghe xep thu gian cao cap hakawa G20T

1. What is the difference in the HK-G20T chair

The Hakawa HK-G20T High Quality Relaxing Chair is the perfect combination to erase the line between sitting and lying. The product brings convenience to consumers with versatile applicability and many health benefits. As many innovations in technology and materials, the Hakawa relaxed folding chair is popular with millions of consumers because of the special features in the design and experience unique to Hakawa.

1.1 Improvements in technical design

Normal chairs cause many inconveniences and disadvantages in the process of using. Therefore, Hakawa has researched and made great improvements in the technical design of the chair to give consumers the best experience. 

What is special in the technical design of the HK-G20T chair is the curved frame that supports your body. At the critical points, the curved frames help to reduce the force of gravity on the joints, providing many health benefits. 

The chair has the ability to adjust many angles with a maximum reclining of 170 degrees, in accordance with the needs of each person. The flexibility in choosing the posture together with the spacious design helps the user lying down or sitting in maximum comfort.

The meticulously machined slide joint provides smooth, and without much effort to manipulate.

Under the arm chair is designed a hand lock to customize the tilt and fixed in your desired tilt position.

ghe xep thu gian cao cap hakawa G20T 3

1.2 Upgrades in material provide a long service life

An important part of the product quality is the materials used in production. For the relaxation folding chair HAKAWA HK-G20T we invest in the best materials to meet the needs of long-term regular use as well as the ability to adapt to many different environments.

The frame part is specially selected made of steel with outstanding support. The frame part is specially selected made of steel with outstanding support. Maximum load capacity is 300 kg (twice as much as conventional products). This helps you completely feel secure to use without worrying about overload even if you are tall or heavy. The steel frame is also sprayed with 7 layers of anti-oxidant electrostatic paint, which protects the chair frame from impact causing scratches as well as rust-proof caused by weather effects.

The chair mesh is also focused on choosing a solid Textilene for good support. The chair mesh is also focused, choosing a solid Textilene for good support. Beside that, this fabric is also water resistant, against dirt and moisture, and providing airiness.

The armrest is made of sturdy ABS plastic to help the elderly and children have a support point to easily stand up and sit down. In particular, the chair legs are also equipped with the rubber cushion layers to protect the chair frame in the place of heavy contact and increase friction to keep the balance and safety when using.

1.3 Simple and easy operation mechanism

As the desire of bringing the products quality, and closing to consumers, the Hakawa relaxing chair was launched with a simple folding operation mechanism, just one step of pulling out or folding in, a few seconds to have a relaxing chair in any space.

Therefore, the chair is suitable for all ages, from children, teenagers and the elderly. This is one of the reasons that attracts consumers to choose the HK-G20T chair for their family as well as outdoor trips,…

1.4 Elegant design suitable for any space

Chairs are manufactured according to Japanese standards and styles, that is always towards simplicity. Therefore, the HK-G20T has an elegant appearance, suitable for all architectural styles from classical to modern.

Steel material, round pipe (phi 22) create a luxurious softness for the overall artistic structure.

1.5 The origin

ghe xep thu gian cao cap hakawa G20T 2

High quality folding chair HK-G20T, manufactured by Japanese technology. Due to special emphasis on quality, The chairs not only bring convenience to life, but also bring health benefits to consumers. HAKAWA relaxing chair – imported genuine product, exclusive Japanese brand name, and the first choice for consumers.

2. Benefits of using Hakawa High Quality Relaxing Chair

When it comes to the Hakawa HK-G20T folding chair, consumers immediately remember a high-quality smart product with many applications in life and rare health benefits. The HK-G20T offers versatile applicability in your home, office and health benefits.

2.1 The variety of applications in daily life

Anyone is concerned with the benefits of a product before they decide to buy it. The Hakawa relaxing chair is like a travel companion, it both brings comfort to you and helps you apply in all aspects of your life.

2.1.1 Daily applications in the family

For families, the HAKAWA relaxation folding chair is a versatile chair, a solution to save space, and suitable for any space. 

The HK-G20T can be used as a relaxing chair, reading chair, a reclining chair to watch TV or a relaxing chair on the balcony. If your house has occasional visitors, the Hakawa relaxing chair is a very convenient single bed.

For the field trips away, it is definitely an indispensable accessory. As the neat folding function you can easily carry it anywhere, bringing comfort and convenience at home.

2.1.2 The convenient folding sleeping chair for the workplace

For officers, naps are very valuable, it helps you to renew energy and improve work efficiency. The relaxed folding chair HK-G20T helps office workers have a comfortable place to nap, save time and get a good quality nap.

2.2 Offer a lot of great health value

As many improvements in structure as well as specifications, the relaxed folding chair is preferred by many people due to health benefits.

The first widely-recognized health benefit is its ability to repel painful symptoms of osteoarthritis. Because the chair is designed with a body-curved frame, the back joint area is supported to reduce impact gravity. That is why the pain in the shoulder, neck, spine, spine, rheumatism, headache, muscle aches … are gradually repelled.

For the elderly who often suffer from knee joint fatigue, there is a HK-G20T relaxation chair, the knees are always supported to create a support and provide a comfortable relaxation.

For pregnant women, the transformation of the body makes them often lose their hips and have difficulty sleeping. The HAKAWA relaxing chair is the product chosen by many women as a companion during pregnancy and even later.

In addition to repelling the symptoms of osteoarthritis pain, the elastic mattress also helps to relax and easily sleep. The sweat-absorbent mattress provides a comfortable feeling of dryness and is easier to fall asleep.

The chair section is high above the floor to prevent colds and flu.


3. Sales and warranty policy of Hakawa

ghe xep thu gian cao cap hakawa G20T 4

For each genuine product of HAKAWA, we are committed to the quality and responsibility for our products with the following specific policies:

Genuine 25-year warranty HAKAWA.

Renovating mattress and mesh during 5 years.

30 days return due to manufacturer error.

Super-speed delivery in 64 provinces across the country.

HAKAWA offers consumers the multi-purpose relaxing folding chair, giving you and your family the most relaxing moments after hard working hours. The relaxed folding chair is not only an indispensable health care tool in your family, but also a great gift for your loved ones. So why do not you immediately own a HK-G20T chair so that you and your loved ones can fully experience and relax. To avoid buying counterfeit goods, please leave your information below or call 0569 999 699 for the fastest guidance!


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