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The Hakawa A-drawn aluminum ladder HK-238


  • A-drawn aluminum ladder HAKAWA HK-238
  • Maximum height: 3.8m
  • Minimum height: 0.8m
  • The height standing styles  letter A: 1.9m
  • Material: Alloy of Aluminum T6063
  • Product weight: 16 kg
  • Load capacity: 300 kg
ĐẶT NGAY Đặt Hàng Trực Tuyến - Giao Hàng Tận Nơi

The HaKawa A-drawn aluminum ladder – HK238, one of the quality products from the HAKAWA brand. Bring superior ability to support with height transformed flexibility provided invaluable support for the repair work sanitary above occurs easily and more effectively ensures absolute safety for the user.

thang nhom rut doi chu a hakawa hk 238

1. Highlights  of the A -drawn aluminum ladder 2m HK- 238

With intelligent design, this ladder can be used with different types of stand (A-L-I) provides flexibility and convenience for users. Raw materials constitute the ladder is aluminum T6063 is used to make the aircraft shell tough,  stable to heat and resistant to impacts from air makes A -drawn aluminum ladder HK-238 solid to withstand and durability by year.

1.1. Simple, compact ladder design

Composed of A -drawn aluminum ladder HK-238 is relatively simple to ensure easy use and energy savings for the user.

With a lightweight aluminum material and toned ensure ladder to fulfill essential functions of this ladder more with durability properties with the biochemical effects from environmental anti-rust and   abrasion guarantee not only aesthetic but also ensure long-term quality.

At the foot of the ladder has 2 wheels move very easily without having to carry heavy lowland , “save” your effort.

The distance between two pins fit ladder provides the ability to save maximum space.

There are two safety lock bars in the middle of the ladder, preventing the ladder from sliding  two side brings  absolute safety for the use.

Design of compact ladder smart, light, easy to use.

thang nhom rut doi chu a hakawa hk 238 2

1.2. Notable features of A -drawn aluminum ladder  2m HK-238

Manipulation use easy

The ladder is designed so simply that it is not difficult to use them only with simple operation as follows:

  • Using ladder A-shape:Pull the ladder up to the desired height and then latch on it will automatically lock again.Next, use the handle pull one side of the ladder legs until latch automatically locks into place
  • Using ladder L-shape Adjust the ladder to a reduced L shape.Next, pull out one side of the long ladder to reach the required height.
  • Using ladder I-shape: In the initial reduced state and adjust the ladder to an I shape. then push the ladder up high
  • Design the wheel at the foot of the ladder, you can move the ladder softly and quickly and save energy extremely efficiently.

Save space

With compact design A -drawn aluminum ladder HK-238 brings significant space saving . Not only that, this compact design can also help them suit a variety of spaces providing invaluable support for the work on the height of the user.

thang nhom rut doi chu a hakawa hk 238 3

Large load capacity

With a load capacity of 300 kg, users can completely rest assured when climbing and working on the ladder. Large load capacity so you can carry tools of different weights for your job without having to worry about your own safety.

Elevation can be  flexible  changed for all work

The HaKawa A-drawn aluminum ladder – HK238 can vary in height with different designs of 3.8m when standing upright, 1.9m when standing in A-shape and 0.8m when collapsed to help work in different spaces can take place most smoothly and efficiently. The degree of flexibility of this aluminum ladder is also shown by changing the style it can transform with different styles (A- I-L) to best support your needs.

1.3 Origin

The A -drawn aluminum ladder 2m  HK-238 is made up of HAKAWA brand, one of the famous brands for Japanese aluminum ladder, HAKAWA’s field of activities includes household items and machinery equipment ensure international quality standards as well as safety standards for consumers. With a long history of operation, HAKAWA with Japanese standards has become an extremely familiar companion in the Vietnamese market, not only for Vietnam, but also in favor of many foreign markets such as Europe, Thailand, Korea, ..
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2. Benefits and uses of the A -drawn aluminum ladder  HK-238

Aluminum ladder is one of the most popular devices in the family today  because this ladder brings  convenience as well as safety . Specifically, what benefits does this ladder bring?

2.1. Aluminum ladder supports work effectively to ensure safety

thang nhom rut doi chu a hakawa hk 238 5

There are many jobs that require assistance from this smart ladder such as :house cleaning, interior equipment, repairs, trimming bonsai…..a quality aluminum ladder  help climbing jobs are made more easily and quickly while ensuring absolute safety.

You do not need to spend too much effort to move objects to the position where to do the work with gentle gestures, this ladder  is placed at the position you want ready for you to do the job.

2.2. Save time and effort

For this versatile ladder, all work on high is easier than ever. You do not have to stand on the steps, the tables and chairs are unstable to be in contact with the positions that need to be done or take the time to move these objects to suit the position you want. If you want, the compact aluminum ladder helps you get in contact with all positions at different heights quickly, with compact  and light design you can also save maximum effort for moving this ladder.

2.3. Saving money

It can be said that the A -drawn aluminum ladder 2m  is a highly useful tool, but the cost so you can own it is not too expensive. Which not only brings convenience but also ensures high safety for you.You will save on repair costs or buy more new  equipment  when you purchase products that do not guarantee quality. Accordingly, it also limits the risk of accidental falls when accidentally falls due to poor product quality caused.

3. Purchase Policy  prestige quality assurance 

HAKAWA is a reliable address that you can possess the quality ladder. When bought at  HAKAWA we are committed to provide genuine products with the correct parameters and have publicly guaranteed quality products with suitable prices and are most transparent.

thang nhom rut doi chu a hakawa hk 238 4

HAKAWA purchase policy which gives our customers assurance of product quality and customer benefits on top.The as following specific policy:

  • Exchange within 30 days due to manufacturing defect or product quality failure
  • HAKAWA ship goods to 64 cities across the country (Applies to HAKAWA Vietnam)
  • Time consignee in Ho Chi Minh City 1-2 days.In other provinces, the time to receive goods is from 3-10 days.
  • Support delivery fee from 50-100%
  • Genuine warranty for 2 years, with simple procedure and fast processing time.

Above is some information about the  A -drawn aluminum ladder 2m HK-238, if you have any questions about the product, you can leave a comment below this article or immediately call the phone number 0569 999 699 We will support and provide information to you as quickly as possible.


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