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The Aluminum Chair – Ladder HAKAWA HK-005 (HOT)


  • The Aluminum Chair – Ladder HAKAWA HK-006
  • Colors: copper / green
  • Maximum height: 2.04 m
  • Material: Alloy of Aluminum T6063 +
  • Weight: 6.35kg
  • Number of steps: 6 
  • Load capacity: 150kg
ĐẶT NGAY Đặt Hàng Trực Tuyến - Giao Hàng Tận Nơi

What benefits does A Ladder bring you? It is a powerful tool to help you complete the work on high altitude safely and effectively. A HAKAWA HK-005 aluminum chair – ladder not only provides height support, so what are the benefits and functions? Find out with us now!

thang nhom ghe hakawa hk 005

1. Outstanding features of the HAKAWA HK-005 chair – ladder  

More than 15.700 sold products, the attraction of the Hakawa HK-005 aluminum chair – ladder is still hot now . The outstanding advantages of the product are one of the most reliable reasons, which make consumers choose HAKAWA among hundreds of brands offering aluminum chair – ladders in the market.

1.1. Flexible design ensures safety and convenience

You are too tired to use the cumbersome traditional wooden ladder. It takes too much effort and time to use them. The HAKAWA HK-005 chair – ladder is the most perfect choice for you. The modern neat design of the HAKAWA ladder helps you remove all the fatigue of the traditional ladder and ensures absolute safety.

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✔ The HAKAWA chair – ladder has a compact design and weighs only 5kg so It’s easy to use and move. The ladder is made of high quality alloy of aluminum (used to make the aircraft shell, super light, super durable). This alloy not only ensures light-weight, but also not affected by physical or biochemical effects. Therefore, product life is long, saving considerable costs for consumers.

The large steps help consumers to stand firmly on the ladder to ensure the safest for them, so the product is suitable for both the elderly and women doing high work such as burning incense, cleaning at home ..

Simple, compact, and beautiful is the point that creates the aesthetic side of the aluminum chair – ladder, especially for women. The ladder is designed in a modern way with handrails that allow consumers to stand firmly on the top step.

The ladder legs are made of high-grade ABS plastic that is anti-slip, increases friction, and prevents scratches on the floor to ensure the quality and aesthetics of the contact surfaces.

1.2. Features of the HAKAWA HK-005 chair – ladder

Safety and convenience

The most prominent feature of these aluminum chair – ladders is safety and convenience. Most of the products are researched and manufactured from the world’s leading Japanese manufacturers. So you can completely trust the safety of them. It is perfect from the raw material selection process to the product manufacturing process that has satisfied all consumers, even the most demanding customers.

Flexible movement

This is one of the product’s outstanding features, its compact and lightweight design makes moving the ladder very quickly and easily. The weight of the ladder is only 5kg so all objects, including women, have no difficulty in moving and using these chair ladders.

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The high payload is suitable for many jobs

Thanks to its sturdy and durable construction, the HAKAWA chair – ladder has a large load capacity of up to 150kg, assisting every subject to complete overhead work for a variety of purposes even when using heavy tools.

Long service life

Aluminum T6063 is a perfect choice, this material creates both compactness and resistance to oxidative stress from the environment and extremely resistant to external forces. Therefore, the lifespan of this product is long lasting, can be used for almost a lifetime.

1.3. Origin of the HAKAWA HK-005 chair – ladder 

Products are manufactured from modern Japanese technology to ensure durability and highest usability for consumers. HAKAWA – a famous brand in the field of aluminum ladders from Japan, completes for the quality of products and services that we bring to consumers. Our brand has an absolute reputation in 64 provinces in Vietnam, not only in Vietnam, HAKAWA also has a widespread influence around the world: Europe, UK, Germany, the United States, Japan, Korea. …

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2. Functions of the HAKAWA HK-005 chair – ladder

The HK-005 chair – ladder is a reliable product for all customers. Owning this quality aluminum chair – ladder, all work on high can be handled easily and extremely safely. It is suitable for all people and is a smart spending choice.

2.1. Effective tools to support women

The lightweight, neat aluminum chair – ladder with a maximum height of 1.7m is a powerful tool for women. They do not spend too much energy or spend too much time moving and using the ladder. With its compact and lightweight design, the ladder becomes a reliable companion in all cleaning tasks on high (ceiling cleaning, fan cleaning, glass cleaning …), or decorative works also become easy. much easier and safer in every holiday.

2.2. Cost savings

Buying a product that can be used for almost a lifetime, this is the characteristic that makes HAKAWA aluminum ladder so popular with all customers. With state-of-the-art processing technology and stringent quality control, the aluminum chair – ladder not only provides the support needed to complete overhead jobs, but also provides an extremely long lifespan for cost savings.

Aluminum chair ladder has good bearing capacity, withstands the impact of the environment, so the quality of the ladder has a long service life, ensures a beautiful durability that lasts up to many years, saves costs for maintenance costs as well. like the absolute cost of buying a new one.

2.3. Save time, get work done quickly

The aluminum ladder chair HK-005 helps you save time and complete high-altitude jobs quickly and safely. Unlike the bulky and heavy wooden ladder, the lightweight aluminum chair ladder saves effort as well as considerable time for moving the ladder, the effort spent on moving this part of the energy you have. can be used for the remaining jobs to complete the job in the best and fastest way

3. Purchase policy, product warranty policy at HAKAWA

The better the purchase policy and the warranty policy, the more effective the ability to retain and build relationships with customers. Therefore, HAKAWA has built for itself the most reasonable policies to ensure the interests of customers first.


  • The aluminum ladder chair HK-005 meets European standards with SGS certification & EN131 certification.
  • Liability insurance for safe AAA products for customers up to 1 billion VND.

Purchase policy at HAKAWA:

  • Exchange within 30 days due to manufacturing defect or product quality failure.
  • Fast delivery to home nationwide.
  • Delivery time in HCMC is 1-2 days. Other provinces from 3-7 days.
  • Support delivery fee from 50-100%

thang nhom ghe hakawa hk 005 3

Warranty policy of aluminum ladder chair HK-005:

  • Genuine warranty for 2 years.
  • Simple paperwork is not cumbersome.
  • Processing time is fast.

To have the position today, HAKAWA constantly improves and understands customers to create the most modern and quality products to convince all customers, even the most demanding customers. Therefore, you can feel secure when choosing the products that we provide.

For any questions about the HK-005 aluminum chair ladder, you can leave a comment below the article or contact hotline 0569 999 699 to get the fastest feedback. Choosing HAKAWA surely you will not be disappointed!


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