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The Aluminum Chair – Ladder HAKAWA HK-004



☑️ Household ladder HAKAWA HK-004
☑️ Color: gold / green
☑️ Maximum height: 1.51m
☑️ Number of steps: 4 steps
☑️ Material: Aluminum T6063 +
☑️ Weight: 5Kg
☑️ Payload: 150 Kg

ĐẶT NGAY Đặt Hàng Trực Tuyến - Giao Hàng Tận Nơi

The jobs that women always have difficulty handling such as: cleaning cabinets, cleaning ceilings, cleaning fans, home decoration or cleaning glass from above …These jobs are at a rather high position without height support devices, it is difficult to perform, but using a ladder but the ladder is too heavy, too cumbersome also makes women headache. Is there any solution? Aluminum ladder chair HAKAWA HK-004 The aluminum ladder that HAKAWA provides is an optimal solution to solve all kinds of high-altitude jobs quickly and safely.

thang nhom ghe hakawa hk 004

1. Highlights of the household ladder HK-004

Missioning to eliminate the latent insecurity of customers, a team of engineers dedicated to HAKAWA studied and launched products in the household ladder HK-004. This is the perfect companion, helping women to conquer the jobs above safely and effectively

1.1. Compact design, flexible movement

  • Compact and safe design, the ladder can bear the load up to 150kg, making it easy for women to use it to do any work at home without having to worry about losing effort in moving the ladder or the wobbly rupture that the ladder could cause.
  • The ladder body is made of shiny and durable high-grade aluminum, withstands strong impacts without deformation, and is resistant to chemicals and weather without peeling rust. Bring remarkable service life for the ladder, save absolute cost for every customer to use.
  • Household ladder HK-004 legs are designed with sturdy rubber cushions, making the ladder more stable and anti-slip to ensure the highest safety for people standing on the ladder. Rubber soles certainly do not cause scratches as well as increased friction with the floor surface, protecting the aesthetic absolute floor.
  • The top handrail design is made of smooth, painless foam, creating a solid feeling for women.

1.2. Feature

thang nhom ghe hakawa hk 004 2

Safe and effective support

Produced from a modern technological process from Japan, the product offers absolute safety for users. From the operating structure of the ladder to the structural materials are carefully selected and built, ensuring that it is an effective height support tool for women to carry out the cleaning tasks, home decoration.

Lightweight and easy to use

The compact design of the ladder with a weight of only 5kg, maximum height of 1.51m helps users, especially women, to move the ladder very easily without spending too much effort. The compact ladder device also makes it easy to clean and store the ladder after use, with just a few simple steps the ladder has been stowed into the desired position.

High payload for sevicer a variety of jobs

The ladder has a relatively neat design, but can not see the surface but assess the quality of this aluminum ladder chair, the load capacity of the ladder can be up to 150kg, with this load, the ladder is completely possible to assist the work on the high flawlessly with diverse and varied work different objects.

thang nhom ghe hakawa hk 004 5


Household ladder HK-004 is a product of European quality standards, with SGS certification & EN131 certification, ensuring that all work at the user’s height is always done in the best and the most safety. Products come from the famous aluminum ladder brand in Japan, HAKAWA, a famous brand in the field of aluminum ladders that provides quality home appliances in over 64 provinces of Vietnam and has a widespread influence on specific worldwide household items such as aluminum ladders, relaxing chairs, folding hammocks…

2. Functions

Time – Saving

The small, neat ladder design is a great advantage to maximize space saving, you do not need to spend too much space to store this tool, with the maximum height of only 1.51m you can easily store them in many positions for easy standing or lying down. Made from high quality aluminum material, it makes the chair ladder resistant to oxidizing agents from the anti-rust environment, so you can completely rest assured when it is placed in outdoor locations or without a roof while ensuring product quality for a long time.

thang nhom ghe hakawa hk 004 4

Supporting effective home work

House cleaning is the job that brings a clean and aesthetic home space, which includes thousands of other small jobs: cleaning floors, cleaning tables and chairs, cleaning glass, cleaning fans, cleaning ceiling…The work can be done more easily without the appearance of height obstacles, high positions are difficult for cleaning, using aluminum ladder is an effective way to help this cleaning work. Household ladder HK-004 helps women to contact at different heights and perform cleaning jobs quickly and safely.

Cheap cost value long-term use

The cost to own this aluminum ladder is suitable for all users. Moreover, the quality of the ladder is considered to be good in the long run, so you can be completely assured of the cost-effectiveness that the ladder brings, buy once that can be used for a lifetime.

3. Where to buy reputable household ladder, quality assurance

Undeniably the function and usefulness that a household ladder brings, you decide to buy this aluminum chair ladder right away. But where to buy? Where are the cheap quality products? These are the questions that appear immediately in the mind of most shoppers today, because the number of suppliers is so diverse that it becomes more difficult to choose to buy. 

HAKAWA is a reliable supplier for you, based on the achievements and satisfaction of the vast majority of customers who use our products at HAKAWA, we are committed to providing genuine and qualified products with clear purchasing and warranty policies are in the best interest of all our customers:

Purchase policy at HAKAWA:

  • Exchange within 30 days due to manufacturing defect or product quality failure.
  • Home delivery nationwide.
  • Delivery time in HCMC is 1-2 days. Other provinces from 3-7 days.
  • Support delivery fee from 50-100%.

Warranty policy 

  • Genuine warranty for 2 years.
  • Paperwork simple no frills.
  • Quick processing time.

Household ladder HAKAWA HK-004 with modern and intelligent design, which completely solves all height limits, is a safe and convenient tool to support high work.

To receive complete information about the HK-004 aluminum chair ladder product, customers can call hotline 0569 999 699 or leave the information below the article to receive information quickly.



Product NameHousehold ladder HAKAWA HK-004
TypeHousehold ladder HK-004
Maximum height1.51m
Number of steps
MaterialAluminium T6063+
Gross ton150 Kg


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