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NANO Antiseptic Solution 1 Liter (NEW)


  • Product name : NANO Antiseptic Solution 1 Liter (NEW)
  • Brand: HAKAWA
  • Origin : Japan
  • Uses : Kill bacteria deodorization
  • Type: Liquid
  • Volume: 1 liter
  • Safety: Has been tested safe for health
  • Indication: Promote best effect with machine HK-20202KT
  • Note: Not replace medical antibacterial solution
ĐẶT NGAY Đặt Hàng Trực Tuyến - Giao Hàng Tận Nơi

HAKAWA antiseptic solution is a product recommended by health professionals because it is capable of killing bacteria in the air up to 99%, eliminating odors and mold in vehicles, office spaces or shops, … This is the safest and most effective way to protect the health of the family and community against the causes of respiratory disease.

1. Outstanding properties of HAKAWA antiseptic solution

In addition to personal hygiene and cleaning of contact surfaces, HAKAWA antiseptic solution is a way to reduce airborne bacteria as well as hiding places that normal cleaning cannot. . HAKAWA antiseptic solution is researched and produced specifically for the HK2020 automotive sterilization machine using NANO technology to destroy bacteria in the most comprehensive way.

Products with unique characteristics that create rapid antiseptic strength and absolutely safe for health as:

Dung Dich Khu Trung Diet Khuan HAKAWA 1

1.1. Physical properties of the solution

HAKAWA antiseptic solution is extracted liquid form and are white color. Made according to Japanese technology in combination with the HK2020KT Nano sterilization machine, when the particles sprayed out in the form of Nano smoke particles will be dark. The product does not contain flammable alcohol, ethanol is safe for use. Extracted natural scent should smell very pleasant to use.

1.2. Highlights of the bactericidal solution HAKAWA

The product is researched and used for modern living spaces, so the composition of the solution is carefully researched to create the best advantages such as:

The composition of the solution is safe for human health:

Using HAKAWA antiseptic solution to get rid of airborne bacteria is the safest and most effective health protection measure. The product is quality tested to ensure 99% of the fragrance is safe for health. Specially manufactured to kill bacteria including those that are invisible to the naked eye and lurking deep in nooks and crannies.

A breakthrough in antiseptic technology and double fragrance:

HAKAWA antiseptic solution is HAKAWA’s latest research product innovation. It is superior to previous products because of its bactericidal effect and the ability to create a richer fragrance that provides more meaningful health benefits.

In terms of bactericidal ability, HAKAWA antiseptic solution has specialized ingredients to eliminate more types of bacteria, faster inactivation time of bacteria. Not only that, the antiseptic solution also prevents new bacteria from entering and limits their ability to grow in space. This is a product evaluated by experts to be a breakthrough in bactericidal technology in the living space bringing health value to prevent pathogens of the respiratory tract.

Dung Dich Khu Trung Diet Khuan HAKAWA 3

In addition to the improved bactericidal ability, the HAKAWA antiseptic solution is also upgraded with the ability to create many times the fragrance for your home to always fragrant. The ultra-fine NANO liquid particles are diffused to both disinfect and radiate natural scent and stored in every corner for the ability to repel unpleasant odors from air conditioning, food and incense. fragrant longer. Especially creating a comfortable feeling for those who are sensitive to olfaction, eliminating the risk of allergies or car sickness symptoms will also be greatly improved.

Mechanism of quick and comprehensive sterilization:

Applying modern science and technology to create NANO particles from Japan, the solution is converted through the HK2020KT into ultrafine particles diffused in the air. NANO particles have a normal sterilization rate of 70- 80 square meters per 100ml. This particle quickly spreads to every corner, and also in the air to find the bacterial cells that freeze and disable their function. Therefore, only a few minutes when the solution spreads all destroyed bacteria on a large scale, eliminating the cause of the unpleasant odor.

Always safe for all electronic devices:

Many people worry that the antiseptic solution sprayed in the air will cause bones on the surface of the device, affecting many electronic devices. However, with HAKAWA antiseptic solution applying NANO technology with super fine smoke particles, the chemical composition does not cause water adhesion on the surface. Therefore, customers are completely safe to use without worrying about damaging electronic devices.

With this feature, customers do not have to re-clean the surfaces after use. One solution for cleaning living environment, bacterial cleaning easy, quick and cost-saving and energy.

Dung Dich Khu Trung Diet Khuan HAKAWA 2

1.3. The origin of HAKAWA antiseptic solution

HAKAWA antiseptic solution is a product researched and produced on modern lines of Japanese technology. With natural ingredients tested to medical standards, it has a bactericidal effect of up to 99% and a healthy fragrance.

The products used for HK2020 automotive sterilization machine using NANO technology effectively remove bacteria in all spaces and protect health.

This’s a genuine product of Japanese quality standard HAKAWA brand. We are committed to your bactericidal effectiveness as well as your health.

2. Benefits of using HAKAWA deodorizing disinfectant

HAKAWA antiseptic solution works to kill bacteria, fungus cells without using soap and alcohol containing water. Researched with a special formula complying with medical standards and Japanese technology to create silver nanoparticles that bring antibacterial effects to ensure safety for human health.

The antiseptic solution is aqueous, is only recommended to use as it is, so absolutely not prepared or used like other disinfectants.

To bring into play the best effect, it is recommended to combine with the HK2020 automotive sterilization machine using NANO technology.

Dung Dich Khu Trung Diet Khuan HAKAWA 4

2.1 Kill bacteria, protect health

HAKAWA antiseptic solution provides a high bactericidal effect from bacteria on the surface to bacteria suspended in the air.

Prevent the ability of bacteria to function as well as the cause of bad odors. Highly effective in regenerating airy atmosphere, fragrant limiting illnesses cause allergic rhinitis.

In particular, the antiseptic solution can also remove bacteria, odors in the air for the filtration efficiency can reach 99% .. The results have been verified to confirm medical efficiency.

Kill bacteria on surfaces safely, repel odors and leave a pleasant subtle scent.

2.2 HAKAWA antiseptic solution suitable for many subjects

Produced for the main purpose of disinfecting and deodorizing, HAKAWA antiseptic solution is widely used in many daily living environments. Safe products are therefore suitable for almost all types of customers.

Dung Dich Khu Trung Diet Khuan HAKAWA 5

Trusted by consumers in combination with the HK2020KT automotive sterilization, it applies to many living spaces such as:

+ Widely used in family living spaces such as living room, bedroom to deodorize air conditioning.

Eliminate car odors to make the space in the car airy and cool, preventing motion sickness.

Use for kitchens, toilets or hotel restaurants, karaoke bars, other services

Offices, meeting rooms, cafes, … are very recommended places to use. In addition, clothing stores, grocery stores or public spaces, crowded places like school hospitals should use.

2.3. Safe for health, saving effort and money

Products made to kill bacteria, remove odors. Tested and verified, that is why HAKAWA antiseptic solution is considered as a product that offers fast, safe and economical sterilization for everyone.

Made on Japanese standard production lines, imported entirely from abroad and continuously researched for quality improvement. HAKWA is proud of being a brand that always brings quality products with many health values to consumers

3. Sales policy commitment to HAKAWA products

HAKAWA is not only trusted by customers because of its high quality products with many health benefits, but also makes customers satisfied with the most professional customer care services. With the professionalism and prestige of the brand ever we are committed to the customer that:

HAKAWA antiseptic solution is genuine Japanese brand product imported from abroad and exclusively distributed by HAKAWA Vietnam.

The product is certified for quality inspection of 99% bactericidal efficiency and ensures safety standards for health.

Commitment to save a pleasant fragrance, good for health and to aid in the fight against car sickness.

The chemical ingredients are always public, ensuring quality transparency.

Product prices are always publicized and listed to ensure the best benefits for customers.

There are always after-sales programs and valuable gifts for customers.

Delivery, inspection and payment at home to ensure safety and convenience for customers.

Note when using antiseptic solutions: 

HAKAWA antiseptic solution is specially produced for he HK2020 automotive sterilization machine using NANO technology. Therefore, customers should note the following things:

  • Antiseptic solutions kill common bacteria.
  • HAKAWA antiseptic solution cannot remove all bacteria.
  • The fast surface disinfectant does not remove harmful chemicals such as pesticides, heavy metals,…
  • This is not a medical product so it is not intended for disinfecting on open wounds.
  • For use with air fume sprayers only.

Customers pay attention not to abuse these types of Antiseptic solution of unknown origin will increase muscle studs BPA – a chemical hazard that can lead to cancer.

Above is the information about the antiseptic solution from HAKAWA brand. A product that is researched and manufactured according to Japanese technology has both antibacterial effects and is good for human health. So what is better than cleaning the living space to protect the health of your loved ones with high quality products, professional services from prestigious brands like HAKAWA Vietnam. If you have any questions or need to order products of HAKAWA antiseptic solution, call Hotline: 0569 999 699 for advice and best service.


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