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Multipurpose toolkit 68 detail HAKAWA HK-750


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Before starting to repair the device in the house, you spend a lot of time searching for the right removable tool, if unfortunately missing a tool, you will spend more time buying this tool. . Too annoying. We will bring you a very useful solution, with the multipurpose tool kit HK-750, all of the above troubles will be completely solved. This versatile box includes 68 different details, will certainly be useful tools to help you search for repairing instruments in a split effective work quickly.

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1. The outstanding feature of the HK-750 multipurpose toolkit

Multi-purpose kit, which includes a variety of tools to provide different functions to ensure smooth repair or installation of the equipment and ensure absolute safety for users. .

For the multi-tool kit HK-750 provides 68 different tooling details including: pliers, hammer, drill, screwdrivers, electric tape, ruler, to assist with installation repair work with different fields : housing, construction, electricity, industrial repair.

The details of the tool are neatly arranged, making it easy for users to find the tool as well as avoid being lost after using it.

1.1. The multipurpose tool kit with quality materials ensures absolute safety for the user

HAKAWA puts the safety of users first, so raw materials must be carefully selected, ensuring the highest product quality as well as the highest safety for users. Every detail in the HK-750 multipurpose kit is made from high-grade stainless steel that is durable over time. Outsourcing meticulous detail creating quality, ensure rapid repair work, against impact external force, can cause distorted for kits. Hand-held design uses high-quality materials, increasing the friction when holding, helping to work more accurately.

1.2. Design modern container

Designed containers modern split the tank clear and specific, so the container compact but can accommodate up to 68 different details to ensure rational logic and support work best for users.

The compact carrying case is also the advantage of the HK-750 multi-purpose toolkit, with this advantage that users can conveniently move to different positions to perform different jobs without worrying. a lot of effort.

The carrying case provides tight-fitting compartments, making it easy to pick up and store tools without falling and affecting the quality of these tool parts. This is a huge advantage of this tool, helping to arrange the tools scientifically and minimize the possibility of losing the tool.

1.3. The multipurpose tool  kits meet all the necessary equipment for every job

Multipurpose tool kits 750 provide full details necessary for repair work, installation of equipment, with less than 68 detailed various devices to ensure the support tools optimized for every job .

Some of the popular tools in total 68 tool:

  • Electric drill (power 750W)
  • Pointed pliers
  • Long nose pliers
  • Hammer pulling nails
  • Electrical tape
  • Ruler
  • Ruler of the roll
  • Electric tester

2. The function and role of the HK-750 multipurpose kit

2.1. Support effectively all repair and installation

With convenient features of the toolkit, this product is available everywhere, from homes to factories, manufacturing areas to diverse areas of life such as electricity, construction. … to meet different support needs, ensuring the highest convenience and efficiency. Example:

  • Help for the repair, installation … equipment and machinery on the family made easy, quick and convenient.
  • Serves for all jobs and meets the needs of repairing a variety of fields, from simple appliances in the kitchen, lighting equipment to electronic devices, machinery, … in the family.

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2.2. Save time

With a convenient toolkit, it has never been easier to choose any tool for the job. With the scientific arrangement of the tool parts, you will easily see and find out which equipment is best suited for your job. Not having to spend as much time as before searching for the right tool can sometimes also cause stress that directly affects the job.

2.3. Maximum cost savings

The multipurpose toolkit offers great savings.

Specifically, you can see clearly, for families owning a multipurpose toolkit saves them a lot of money when they have to hire a repairman for damaged equipment, even if it is a small fault, but since there are no tools, nothing can be done.

Or tool details are often very small and easy to lose, so with a smart product you will be able to reduce spending a lot when buying these devices. For repairman, if often lose the repair tools are not good, so, with a tool box clever will reduce the possibility of missing tools, to help them reduce the cost of buy get new tools.

2.4. Stimulate a comfortable mood for all jobs

For any job, the first step to perform smoothly, will definitely bring a comfortable mentality to the next job execution stage.

The selection of instruments from the outset sure, will stimulate the most relaxed mood for the repair, installation and ensure smooth performance and precision.

3. Purchase Policy at HAKAWA

bo dung cu da nang hakawa hk 750

HAKAWA unit provides versatile kits HK-750 quality genuine commitment. Proud to be a trustworthy brand chosen by consumers. This is the driving force for us to continue to research and create more quality products in the future.

Customers can be completely assured with the policy we provide, we guarantee the interests of all customers, ensure the highest satisfaction to customers when trusting HAKAWA.

Sales policy

  • The price of the product is openly transparent and committed to accuracy.
  • Customers anywhere in Vietnam can buy genuine HAKAWA products without any intermediaries.
  • HAKAWA, high-speed delivery for 64 provinces and cities nationwide, supports shipping costs for customers.
  • Receiving goods to check the right and quality products for payment.

Warranty Policy

  • 2 years warranty genuine HAKAWA.
  • 30 days return due to manufacturer.
  • Warranty period quickly.
  • Procedures easily and quickly.
  • Best quality warranty most prestigious.
  • Support cost of replacing accessories outside of warranty.

Above are some product information of multipurpose kit HK-750 hope with this information source will bring customers the right decisions for their buying choices.

If you have any questions regarding products customers contact our hotline at 0569 999 699 to get quick answers consultant.


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