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Multipurpose ladder 4-segment HAKAWA HK-404 (NEW)



☑️ Folding Aluminum HAKAWA HK-404
☑️ Maximum height: 4,7 m
☑️ Collapsed height: 1.25m
☑️ Material: Aluminum T6063
☑️ Thickness: 1.7 mm
☑️Load capacity: 300 kg
☑️ Change many letter shapes: A, M, I, U

ĐẶT NGAY Đặt Hàng Trực Tuyến - Giao Hàng Tận Nơi

The 4-segment multi-purpose aluminum folding ladder is highly appreciated by consumers for its ruggedness, divided into many segments, making it easier and more diverse to use in different styles for effective work higher results. From small things in the family to complex jobs requiring heights, high load pressure and jobs that require absolute safety such as in electrical construction, telecommunications, construction of construction works …With the Multipurpose ladder 4-segment HAKAWA HK-404, it can be completely solved.
thang nhom gap da nang hk 404 1

1. Highlights of the multipurpose ladder 4-segment HAKAWA HK-404 

Multifunctional folding aluminum ladder HAKAWA HK-404 4 piece design with modern innovative and intelligent overcome the limitations of previous product lines. With all the different terrain, still use ladders firmly and safely. Especially the staircase areas and places where there is no fulcrum, the multifunctional folding ladder will be a safe tool you can rest assured to use.

1.1. Design a variety of shapes, flexible with different terrains

  • The 4-segment multi-purpose aluminum ladder with modern and smartly improved design overcomes the limitations of previous product lines, minimizes bulkyness, provides a variety of designs suitable for all different terrains ensure the highest working efficiency while still ensuring absolute safety.
  • Made from materials high grade aluminum to ensure lightness but still extremely tough, provides the ability to cope with the weight, allowing the user can carry the tool with the weight difference to does the job most smoothly.
  • High quality aluminum material ensures long-term quality, anti-corrosion anti-rust, ensuring aesthetics as well as a long service life.
  • The ladder allows the user to flexibly change the height (up to 5m) and shape (letter A, letter M, letter I, letter H) thanks to the extremely strong and intelligent automatic lock pins always ensure safety for users. This is an outstanding advantage that other types of ladders do not have. 
  • The ladder leg is reinforced with a rubber base or anti-slip ABS plastic to ensure user safety, reduce scratches on the floor during use.

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1.2. Modern features of the the multipurpose ladder 4-segment HAKAWA HK-404 

Instead of using each type of ladder for each different purpose, you just need to use a four-segment HAKAWA HK-404 seven-function aluminum ladder, intelligent design, convenient, complete choice perfect for all uses.

Flexible change for any terrain

Those reluctant to change the scale to suit the form of different terrains will be eliminated with ladder aluminum folding versatile 4-piece, scales can vary with different designs (letters A, letters M , the letter I …) serves the purpose of the user to achieve the highest efficiency. With extremely easy operation, suitable for all users.

Large load ensures safe use

Produced on modern Japanese technology, accompanied by high-quality aluminum materials all create a multifunctional ladder with a large weight up to 300kg ensure tough, safe support for all objects doing the work.

Support for many objects participating in work at the same time

Some features of this versatile ladder is that it can support multiple object height in the same time to complete the job. Therefore, with the advantages of mobility and flexible design, aluminum ladders have high applications in households such as cleaning, repairing, decorating …But mostly, ladders normally used in the building, construction, scaffolding, power …

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1.3. Origin

The multipurpose ladder 4-segment  has become a familiar friend of many families because of its convenience, unique design, flexibility as well as the safety it brings to users. With smart design, the product can be modified with a variety of joints, flexible, can both be used as a single vertical ladder, and can be folded into many different sections for each purpose. , the space used. Surely this will be a product that will bring a lot of practical benefits to everyone.

Saving space

With a modern design, it focuses not only on functions but also ensures the maximum tidy.That is the feature that makes the multifunctional aluminum folding ladder product can solve space problems effectively, bringing the best space saving to solve the problem of limited space 

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Time – saving

The combination with a variety of different designs creates high flexibility for the product. No need to waste time moving or choosing the right ladder for the terrain types with different work characteristics, the multi-function ladder can help you solve the job immediately, not just one object. In use, the ladder can also expand the scope of use with many different objects, saving considerable time.

Saving cost

Instead of having to pay a lot of money for many different types of ladder to be able to best serve the job. With a multi-function ladder, it can integrate many functions on one device to bring the highest efficiency to use.

The ladder ensures high safety for the main user so you can be completely assured when working without worrying about incurring costs related to possible accidental accidents.

3. Purchase policy ensures the interests of users

Concerns of customers not only in quality, function and price of the product. One of the indispensable factors for a decision whether to buy or not it depends on the purchase policy and product warranty policy that the company provides. Understand the importance of these policies, HAKAWA brings customers purchase policies, warranty policies to ensure customers’ interests first:

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Purchase policy:

  • Exchange within 30 days due to manufacturing defect or product quality failure.
  • Fast delivery to home nationwide.
  • Delivery time in HCMC is 1-2 days. Other provinces from 3-7 days.
  • Support delivery fee from 50-100%.
  • Providing liability insurance package up to 1 billion VND.

Warranty Policy:

  • Genuine warranty for 2 years.
  • Paperwork simple no frills.
  • Quick processing time.

The 4-segment multi-purpose aluminum folding ladder is a height support tool that helps you complete the job efficiently and resolve all concerns about safety and cost. If you are planning to own this modern product, HAKAWA confidently brings you genuine commitment quality products at affordable prices to bring the highest satisfaction to all customers.


Product NameMulti-purpose 4-segment folding aluminum ladder HAKAWA HK-404
Type ProductsMulti-purpose 4-segment folding aluminum ladder
Maximum height4.7m
Compact Height1.25m
Height letters M1.25m
Height letters A2.3m
MaterialAluminum T6063 +
Thickness1.7 mm
Gross ton300kg


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