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Multipurpose ladder 4-segment HAKAWA HK-404



☑️ Folding Aluminum HAKAWA HK-404
☑️ Maximum height: 4,7 m
☑️ Material: Aluminum T6063
☑️ Blue powder coated anti-rust
☑️Load capacity: 300 kg
☑️ Change many letter shapes: A, M, I, U

ĐẶT NGAY Đặt Hàng Trực Tuyến - Giao Hàng Tận Nơi

Instead of using each type of ladder for each different purpose, HAKAWA has launched the HK-404 4-segment family multi-function ladder model with smart and convenient design, which is the perfect choice for every intended use. From small household tasks such as cleaning and repairing electric lights to complex tasks that require height, withstand great loads and absolute safety such as in electrical construction and telecommunications. , construction of construction works, product display at supermarkets, shopping centers ….

thang nhom gap da nang hk 404

1. Structure characteristics of multipurpose ladder 4-segment HAKAWA HK-404

The multipurpose ladder 4-segment HAKAWA with modern and smartly improved design overcomes the limitations of previous product lines. With many outstanding features, the HAKAWA HK-404 4-segment aluminum ladder is suitable for all users, firmly on all terrains, giving users the peace of mind, certainty and safest. Especially in the staircase areas and places where there is no fulcrum, ladder can be used while ensuring safety and convenience.

1.1. Identifying characteristics of folding aluminum ladder HAKAWA HK-404

The ladder is made of T6063 aluminum for a load capacity of up to 300kg (the largest on the market). The dense powder coating spray is effective against oxidation and adverse effects from the environment such as sunshine, rain, and temperature that causes rust damage. The easily identifiable feature of the HAKAWA Model HK-404 aluminum ladder is a blue powder coating that brings a healthy luxury to the product.

The HK-404 aluminum sliding ladder leg is also equipped with a balance base that is lined with anti-slip rubber. Both ensure the ability to stand firmly on many terrains to help secure the user while protecting the ladder and avoiding scratches on the ground, keeping the contact plane aesthetically pleasing.

1.2. Flexible height change for all jobs

Multifunctional folding aluminum ladder HAKAWA HK-404 features specially designed to help users to conquer any height and different types of terrain. Therefore, consumers, professional craftsmen know HAKAWA aluminum ladder as a flexible and sturdy height variable.

The HAKAWA HK-404 aluminum ladder pattern can be easily stretched for a flexible A-shape, helping users to work on a variety of terrains without the need for a secure and secure support area. With high quality aluminum material and technical standards from Japan, the HAKAWA multifunctional aluminum folding ladder is not only convenient to change the height to help solve many tasks but also achieve stability, not causing vibration to create a safe position for the user when working at high altitude.

thang nhom gap da nang hk 404 2

1.3. The arm mechanism changes many shapes A, I, M

Folding aluminum ladder HAKAWA HK-404 allows users to change the flexibility of height (up to 4.7M) and shape (the letter A, the letter I, U, M). With folding mechanism design an intelligent arm for the user to easily change the shape and height much to do multiple tasks with just 1 ladder. 

For jobs that need an average height, just lightly pulling the ladder will be in an A shape. When you need to work with a large height you can change the I-shaped light to have the appropriate height for the job. And for jobs that require large loads such as construction works, workers who need great support, can use their inverted U-shaped form to turn into a convenient scaffolding. 

The repairs and installation in uneven areas, on high ground without support, working at high places are often difficult and unsafe. With the help of HAKAWA HK-404 everything will be easier. The ladder can change the shape of the letter M, L and adjust the height at one side of the ladder. This makes it easier for you to reach work objects and safety.

The bar foot changes are very safe because the automatic locking latch has been firmly improved. The automatic lock ensures safety without worrying about locking the lock.

1.4. Tumbler lock automatic safety

The folding aluminum 4-segment  HAKAWA HK-404 has automatic locking locks that are extremely strong and smart that always ensure the safety of the user. When you have changes in shape and height, this joint automatically locks to ensure safety when the user accidentally forgets the lock, making it easy for the user to control whether the ladder is securely locked or not. This is a prominent advantage in the design of HAKAWA aluminum ladder, which ensures the safety of the HAKAWA HK-404 4-segment folding ladder model that other ladders cannot have.

thang nhom gap da nang hk 404 3

1.5. Aluminum high-tech Japanese, European standards

All HAKAWA products are made from T6063 high quality aluminum material. This material is characterized by firmness, large load capacity and durability. The ladder has no iron oxide component, is not oxidized to cause rust. Products are manufactured according to Japanese technology.

Not only that, the Japanese aluminum ladder HAKAWA is also CE certified, the product meets European quality standards, ensuring that all work at the user’s height is always done in the best and safest way.

The best aluminum ladders at HAKAWA

1.6. Origin

Aluminum ladder HAKAWA HK-404 is a model of famous Japanese brand HAKAWA aluminum ladder. Made according to Japanese technology and imported genuine and distributed exclusively by HAKAWA Vietnam.

Each product of genuine Japanese aluminum ladder is tested for quality and rigorous engineering before being sold to consumers.

2. Benefits when using aluminum ladders folding HAKAWA HK-404

In daily life with many jobs at home, office, anywhere, you will inevitably encounter many situations that need the help of aluminum ladders. For household work such as disassembly and repair of light bulbs, hanging decorative items, cleaning the house, … all need an aluminum ladder. Choose a folding aluminum 4-segment  HAKAWA HK-404 flexible transform appropriate terrain would be the perfect choice for your work.

2.1. Diverse application of folding aluminum ladder HAKAWA HK-404

The HAKAWA HK-404 multifunctional aluminum folding ladder with rugged and safe features can vary in shape and height for many different jobs. Therefore, HAKAWA HK-404 is strongly used in many jobs such as: 

– Used in advertising: construction projects that install billboards, hang banners, posters, … or work on high must carry heavy tools. Choosing the aluminum folding ladder HAKAWA HK-404 for loads up to 300kg with a variety of shapes will help support heavy-duty jobs for more safety.

Cleaning in homes, offices, factories, shops, supermarkets, shopping centers, … places that frequently need periodic cleaning. HK-404 aluminum ladders  HAKAWA assistant help solve the sanitation work requires great height but needed to make sure and flexibility on a variety of terrain, even without the fulcrum position.

– Powerful applications in the electronics industry such as: Repairing electric poles, overhead wires, circuit breakers, installing power outlets …

– Telecommunication industry with most of the work needs to be done on high such as: connecting cables, repairing, maintaining, checking bandwidth …

– Construction: work that requires products with certainty and safety. Customers can use the HAKAWA HK-404 aluminum ladder with the shape of scaffolding or the letter M in the construction works to do many jobs such as painting walls, door painting, building houses, repairing houses, …

– The mining industry also has jobs that require high altitude in mines and mines. The compact and flexible is an advantage that makes workers believe in using the HAKAWA HK-404.

– Work gardening tree care, pruning, affordable nets, harvest fruits … sometimes very necessary to the ladders.

thang nhom gap da nang hk 404 5

2.2. Multipurpose aluminum folding ladder HAKAWA HK-404, compact, easy to use and store

Multipurpose aluminum folding ladder HAKAWA HK-404, high quality product genuine Japanese brand. Not only brings diversified applicability and high safety to users, but also brings many benefits such as:

Save space in both use and storage: For families or professional workers who use portable ladders, they like HAKAWA HK-404 because of its compact design, easy to use and easy to move. For families, it is possible to fold the ladder neatly and store it in the corner of the warehouse or shelf, … both neatly and for good preservation for long-term use. For a mobile worker like an optical fiber electrical installation repairman, you can take this HAKAWA aluminum ladder anywhere by motorcycle or fold it neatly in the trunk of your car. 

Easy to carry and adjustable during work:

Made of high-grade aluminum material, it gives certainty but still ensures compactness. User can move carry with bare hands to different working positions. The mechanism of operation of the ladder is simply folding with automatic release joints to help the operator easier.

No time, cost for maintenance: Is a high quality product that is rigorously tested for safety, quality and durability. Folding aluminum ladder HAKAWA HK-404 with large aluminum thickness not distorted by the impact dented, not rusty due to the weather so you feel secure long-term use. For products damaged by using long-term HAKAWA warranty with lifetime maintenance support to help customers save a lot of maintenance costs.

Complete the work quickly, less energy loss: Thanks to the support of HAKAWA HK-404, all overhead jobs can be operated quickly and safely. For some shapes such as M-shaped or scaffolding, 2 people can operate at the same time for faster and more convenient work.

Absolutely safe while working: With a load of up to 300kg, the ladder joint has an automatic safety lock to ensure absolute safety during working time.

Keep the surroundings aesthetically pleasing: The compact design, with colors generally young, aluminum folding ladder HK-404 brings the aesthetic beauty of the surrounding scenery. Some houses also use aluminum ladder HAKAWA HK-404 as decorative furniture for a unique and unique space.

3. Commitment to sales policy and reputable warranty from HAKAWA

Multifunctional folding aluminum ladder to reach European standards certified by SGS & EN131 certified. HAKAWA provides high quality products with too many benefits for consumers. In addition, HAKAWA also has a sales policy and reputable warranties that are highly appreciated by customers such as:

thang nhom gap da nang hk 404 4

3.1. Sales policy of aluminum ladder HK-404

  • Commitment to all products delivered to customers completely new.
  • All product technical information is as provided on the website.
  • Product prices are always publicly transparent.
  • Home delivery payment nationwide.
  • Promotions are announced and updated continuously for customers to receive the best deals.
  • All forms of direct purchase or genuine online purchase HAKAWA fully enjoy the same sales policy and warranty.

3.2. Warranty policy credibility

With all aluminum folding ladder HAKAW products HK-404 are applicable warranty policy for consumers as follows:

  • Liability insurance for safe AAA products for customers up to 1 billion VND.
  • Commitment to warranty genuine products within 2 years.
  • Exchange within 30 days due to manufacturing defect.
  • Lifetime maintenance support.

An aluminum ladder helps you do everything out of reach with safety and energy savings. The versatile application is easy to use for everyone. The HAKAWA HK-404 multifunctional aluminum folding ladder is an indispensable friend in every family, great products for all projects. So why hesitate to buy a multi-purpose folding ladder for our family? To order genuine products and provide complete product information, please call 0569 999 699 for the fastest consultation!


Product codeHK-404
TypeMultipurpose ladder 4-segment HAKAWA HK-404
BrandHAKAWA (Genuine)
Versatile designChange many shapes of letters A, M. I
Aluminum materialT6063
Aluminum bar thickness1,3 mm
Straightening height4,7m
Compact height1,25m
The height of the letter A2.3m
The height of the letter M1,25m
Number of steps4 steps x 4 segments = 16 steps
Step distance25cm


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