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Multi-function folding bed HAKAWA HK-X21



☑️ HAKAWA HK-X21 relaxing folding bed
☑️ Frame material: Powder coated steel
☑️ Mesh Material: Textilen
☑️ Capacity load: 300kg
☑️ Square box tube: 40 * 20mm
☑️ Product weight: 8.35 Kg
☑️ Packing size: 95 * 18.5 * 65cm
☑️ Usage size: 178*51 *64 cm
☑️ Warranty: 25 years

The HK-X21 smart folding bed is a compact single bed that is easy to use and move, with a hand massage roller design that both gives you a sense of relaxation, and helping blood circulation for your sleeping well, providing many health and physical benefits. In addition, the HK-X21 is also elegantly designed with high aesthetics, a utility product that brings great values that make you vibrate. So what is special about this smart folding bed? Let’s learn about this unique product with HAKAWA!

Giuong Xep Da Nang HK X21

1. What is a smart folding bed?

A smart folding bed is a specially designed bed that can be folded neatly when not in use, providing convenience. The HK-X21 smart folding beds are an excellent solution to solve the problem of space saving for small spaces. A folding bed that is easy to use, to move and integrates with any space.

You can simply understand that a folding bed is a product that can be stretched for you in comfort and tidy with just a few taps. A product that allows you to turn any space into a private bedroom and when not in use it gives you the original space easily. It’s a convenient product for your peaceful sleep, many health values and wonderful experiences!

2. Highlights of the HK-X21 multifunctional folding bed

Not only manufacturing on modern production lines, but HAKAWA HK-X21 multifunctional folding bed also ensures quality and undergoes rigorous testing procedures to be able to meet Japan’s gold standards. Beside the quality, the HAKAWA HK-X21 folding bed also shows the ingenuity and sophistication that impresses users by the comfort and elegance which is difficult for any product to do.

2.1. Convenient intelligent operation mechanism

Giuong Xep Da Nang HK X21 2

The HAKAWA X21 smart folding bed still uses the familiar operation mechanism when the ability to fold from small details to form smart links is key, this provides rich customization and extensive experience. more experience for users. You just need to pull the bed so that they expand and choose a joint then the bed has a recline to suit your needs. Conversely, when not in use, opening the joint and folding it neatly.

Based on this operating mechanism, it saves a lot of space and makes the layout easier. Especially it is suitable for small houses that need to save space.

2.2. High quality materials provide durability over time

Understanding the huge demand for using relaxation beds of consumers, HAKAWA pays special attention to choosing materials to provide products that can last for the longest time.

For many tests, HAKAWA has chosen high quality steel bed frame material so that the frame can have a greater capacity load and limit the distortion caused by impact. In particular, the steel frame is also sprayed with powder coating to protect the folding bed from scratches as well as rust due to environmental impacts.

The mesh is made of Textilene material that is both supple, good to support, and brings a comfortable airy. Not only that, this Textilene mesh can also be against water, dust and moisture resistance very well. In terms of quality and durability, you can completely count on the HAKAWA smart folding bed. We guarantee that this folding bed will accompany you for a very long time due to the Hakawa warranty policy up to 2 years. We only invest once and use it for a long time, HK-X21 smart folding bed – the product deserves 10 points for quality, right?

Giuong Xep Da Nang HK X21 4

The HAKAWA multifunction folding bed – the product has been greatly improved in structure to bring the best benefits to customers. If the conventional folding beds bring the feeling that people are insecure because you are afraid of falling asleep, you will fall, choosing the HAKAWA folding bed, you will not have to worry about anything anymore, your work is just resting and sleeping well. Because this folding bed HK-X21 is equipped with a support made of virgin plastic that is safe for your health and helps you rest assured while sleeping.

Moreover, the hand bed also helps both elderly and children easily standing up and sitting down. So the smart folding bed is suitable for all family members such as grandparents, parents, children, … all can be used. Let’s choose a folding HAKAWA bed so that your family can rest comfortably and safely for a peaceful sleep!

2.3. Exclusive features in the HK-X21 versatile folding bed

From special structural features that are focused on from design to choice of production materials, this brings HAKAWA smart folding bed outstanding features that bring great user experiences as:

There are Integrated massage rollers good for health

The need for this life is enhanced more and more, in parallel with the needs of people also more. A quality product in addition to durability, utility also has to meet the needs of health.

Giuong Xep Da Nang HK X21 5

To fully meet customer demand, The HAKAWA Japan product research experts have integrated massage rollers right on the smart sleeping bed HK-X21. The rollers are arranged in the handrail so that you can both lie down and relax, massage your palm hand, which contains many acupuncture points to help improve mental and physical health. Because of the fact that there are scientific studies show that hands have an intimate relationship with emotions and body organs such as:

  • The thumb is related to the nervous system and sleep quality
  • The index finger has a relationship to the kidneys and bladder, …
  • The middle finger has to do with your liver, gallbladder, and anger.
  • The ring finger is related to the lungs and respiratory system.
  • Pinkie is related to the circulatory system, blood circulation, …

There are many health benefits to this bed, so using the smart folding bed HAKAWA is the choice of wise customers.

cautao 8

Premium mesh material, quieter and for better sleep

  • The bed is equipped with a thick mattress made of high quality fabric, the mattress has an elastic surface that provides a comfortable feeling.
  • Fabric absorbent sweat will make you not feeling hissing in heat.
  • The elastic mattress provides comfort and relaxation, making it easier for you to fall asleep and sleep better.

The ability to stretch up to 180 degrees for people to lie down comfortably

It is designed with the main function as a bed, so the HK-X21 folding bed can adjust many different reclines and easily stretches to 180 degrees. When combining an extra mattress with a flexible adjustable pillow, you get a straight-back bed like a regular mattress bed. 

The special design of this HK-X21 folding bed model is the ability to adjust the recline levels, you can freely adjust the tilt to your preference to get the most comfortable position.

Giuong Xep Da Nang HK X21 3

The moderate size provides a comfortable bed

The products are carefully researched about the needs and specific users. Therefore, the HAKAWA relaxing folding bed is appropriately designed to bring comfort to the occupants.

The size of the bed when using is 178 x 51 x 64 cm for you to easily lean back and stretch your legs straight without being restrained or worrying about slipping.

In addition to the support features to meet the different uses of customers, the smart folding bed is also designed to suit any room space, creating convenience for users when manipulating.

3. Diverse applicability comes from the smart folding bed HAKAWA

If it is just a bed with a simple folding feature, there is nothing to care about, what makes the smart folding bed different is the diverse applicability of the HK-X21. Surely these features will give you a completely different perspective on the product and you will want it right in your home.

3.1. Easy to store, convenient travel accessories

As the ability to fold compactly, the HAKAWA multifunction folding bed is easy to store anywhere, such as in the corner of the house, the closet, … Because the smart folding bed can be tucked into any corner, it takes up little space than a regular bed that cannot be folded. When you need a living space, the smart folding bed will return you to the original area.

Thanks to this feature, the HK-X21 is also an indispensable accessory for outdoor camping trips, …

3.2. High aesthetic value

HAKAWA HK-X21 smart folding bed is designed in Japanese style, quite simple but elegant, so it is always appreciated for aesthetic value. Featuring a modern interior style, combined with simplicity, the smart bunk bed products are simply designed with few details but meticulously machined to bring harmony and high aesthetics.

3.3. A spare bed in the house

In case there are visitors visiting your house, it is not too difficult to arrange more sleeping space for guests, but sometimes, the sleeping quality of your guests will not be easy-going because of the uncomfortable bed.

cautao 7

3.4 Utility office siesta bed

As the ability to fold quickly and provide a comfortable resting space, the HK-X21 is a product especially preferred by the office workers.

===> There are too many benefits of using the HAKAWA HK-X21 smart folding bed, a future product, has been and will become more popular. A household item that not only brings usable value, health benefits, and reasonable economy, but also shows the aesthetic taste and level of the user. Such a perfect versatile product, you should choose to buy a folding bed for your family by leaving the information below the article or calling 0569 999 699.

4. The Hakawa sales and warranty policy

The folding bed HK-X 21 is a genuine product HAKAWA which is committed to quality along with the reputable warranty policy and professional service.

For the genuine folding bed products, HAKAWA brand commits:

Giuong Xep Da Nang HK X21 6

  • Products provided with publicly available standards and specifications.
  • Products are delivered to customers with 100% new
  • 2 years warranty genuine for the frame bed.
  • Renew bed net and mattress for free within 2 years.
  • Return within 30 days when there is a manufacturing defect.
  • Ensure quick, no-frills warranty procedures.
  • Safe payment policy, home delivery.
  • Nationwide super-fast delivery.
  • Many valuable after-sales policies for loyal customers.
  • For agents, HAKAWA always has preferential cooperation policies with the goal of sharing development opportunities.

For sharing information about the HK-X21 smart multipurpose bed, please contact HAKAWA immediately by calling 0569 999 699 for the fastest support!


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