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Massage Chairs HAKAWA NEON HK-M68

27.000.000 50.000.000

  • Model: HK-M68
  • Rated voltage: 220V
  • Rated power: 170W
  • 3D+ massage technology
  • Size 1200x760x1170mm
  • Number of airbags 36 (Shoulder, arms, buttocks, legs)
  • Warranty 02 years for leather, 08 years for engine
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Massage chair HAKAWA NEON HK-M68 luxurious design, massage technology from Japan simulates like a professional hand to bring you the perfect experience. Product is the result of scientific health research, aimed at taking care of your family’s mental and physical health.

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Ghế massage sản phẩm mới của HAKAWA

To experience the benefits and class of a genuine modern massage chair from HAKAWA Japan, contact us immediately to own and try it for 100 days for free here.

1. HAKAWA NEON HK-M68 massage chair offers the wonderful experience

Talking about the massage chair line from HAKAWA has never disappointed customers. Because each massage movement is simulated like soft hands like being relaxing at the spa.

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1.1. Specialized massage rollers for a true feeling like hands

Massage chair HAKAWA NEON HK-M68 carefully researches human sensation with surface contact. Each massage movements will bring true feeling when in contact with the body.

The 3D roller accurately simulates professional hand movements.

The premium silicone coating provides a genuine touch and reduces friction.

1.2. 3D scanning technology for precise acupressure massage

Massage Chair HAKAWA NEON HK-M68 applies 3D body scanning technology to help robot locate the most accurate acupuncture point.

Ghe massage hk m68 03

Each point on the body is memorized and distributed massage movements, precisely in the position, providing the effect of blood circulation as a home health professional.

1.3. Massage shaft SL

In order for customers to have the most comprehensive and wonderful experience, HAKAWA offers an expansive massage frame with SL-type roller. With this extension point, customers are cared for the whole body, the chair frame embraces the whole body from head to bottom, ensure all parts are thoroughly care.

Ghe massage hk m68 06

1.4. Varied exercises

Coming from a Japanese brand, HAKAWA massage chair is carefully invested in automatic functions with various exercises.

Pre-programmed massage chairs HAKAWA enough exercises like: Shiatsu, kneading, pressing, pulling, stretching, pat …

1.5. Airbags are more distributed

It can be said that the massage chair HAKAWA NEON HK-M68 is the culmination of the automatic massage line, HAKAWA applies smart technology, providing up to 36 airbags (shoulders, arms, buttocks, legs) with level self-adjusting working in accordance with each body helps user achieve a state of extreme comfort. This is a new improvement that is difficult to make.

1.6. Ability to massage without gravity

Massage chair HAKAWA NEON HK-M68 provides users with Zero Gravity massage mode, stretching the body like yoga, but eliminating gravity on the body, improving flexibility, minimizing pain aches and pains, helps prevent bone and joint diseases.

Ghe massage hk m68 04

1.7. Thermal massage mode for blood circulation

Thermal massage with moderate temperature increases massage efficiency. The blood vessels are dilated, blood circulation better operation also contribute to the prevention and supportive treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

1.8. Relaxing massage with music

The massage chair HAKAWA NEON’s bluetooth speaker connection mode gives you moments of relaxation and music enjoyment. Every day spending 20 minutes relaxing with massage chair will help you have the best energy and health to have effective working days.

2. Benefits of using massage chair HAKAWA NEON HK-M68

NEON HAKAWA massage chair HK-M68 product perfect health care for physically and mentally. The smart combination of technology and high-quality materials HAKAWA massage chair gives you more health value as:

  • Strengthens bones and joints.
  • The circulatory system works effectively to strengthen resistance and prevent disease.
  • Relax muscle groups, eliminate symptoms of muscle fatigue.
  • Bring fresh energy to help brain excitement, reduce stress
  • Support to improve sleep quality, treat insomnia.
  • Repel pain of joints, shoulders, neck, back, buttocks, calves, feet, …
  • Promote the natural excretion of toxins from the body.
  • Every day 15-20 minutes with full body massage chair HAKAWA, prevention and treatment of diseases of the heart and blood pressure.

Ghe massage hk m68 05

3. Purchase of a special massage chair is only at HAKAWA

Owning a massage chair HAKAWA NEON HK-M68 gives you value for your mental and physical health, is worth the money. Quality products with the best customer warranties are only at HAKAWA.

– Commitment to import genuine products.

– Delivery “super speed” nationwide, support installation at home.

– National warranty at home with quick handling procedures specifically:

02 year warranty leather.

08 years warranty engine.

In particular, HAKAWA is applying the interest-free installment purchase program so that everyone has the opportunity to experience the excellence of HAKAWA premium massage chairs. In addition to the installment offer, you can also use 100 days free of charge and can exchange if the product is not as introduced.

If you tortured by daily joint pain, insomnia, frequent numbness of limbs, long-term stress and cannot focus on work, don’t worry, there are massage chairs HAKAWA NEON HK-M68 the great health care, buy now and feel positive changes in your life.

To find out detailed information about products as well as purchase and warranty policy of massage chair HAKAWA NEON HK-M68, please give the information below the article or call 0569 999 699 to get Answers enthusiastically and fastest!

Technical specifications

  • Model: HK-M68
  • Brand: HAKAWA
  • Rated voltage: 220V
  • Rated power: 170W
  • 3D+ massage technology
  • Rail SL: 120cm
  • Massage position:  Shoulder massage – nape, head, arms, back, buttocks, legs
  • Massage technique: Shiatsu massage, kneading, pressing, stretching, pat
  • Heat Massage: Yes
  • Zero Gravity Massage: Yes
  • Body scan: Yes
  • Silicon roller
  • Maximum height 1m8
  • Maximum user weight 90kg
  • Size 1200x760x1170mm
  • Number of airbags 36 (Shoulder, arms, buttocks, legs)
  • Warranty 02 years for leather, 08 years for engine


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