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Massage Chair HAKAWA Galaxy Dream HK-M79



☑️Model: HK-M79
☑️Rated voltage: 220V
☑️Rated power: 170W
☑️ Massage technology: 4D +
☑️Dimension: 189x85x76 cm
☑️Max height: 185cm
☑️Machine weight: 90 / 105kg
☑️Load capacity: 100kg
☑️Rails SL: 140cm
☑️ Number of airbags: 40 (Shoulder, arms, buttocks, legs)
☑️Warranty: 02 years for leather, engine, electronic circuit and 06 years for frame

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Modern design, comprehensive care, and great relaxation are the phrases accurately describing the Massage Chair HAKAWA Galaxy Dream HK-M79, with premium materials with the most advanced production technology available today. HAKAWA massage chair is not only a friend to take care of your health, it also provides a classy living space for every use. For more details about this full body massage chair, please see the following content.

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1. Outstanding advantages of Massage chair HAKAWA Galaxy Dream

1.1. High-quality materials, luxurious design

The harmonious combination between modern design, luxurious white and gray colors and top-class high-quality chair materials, brings a classy massage chair suitable for any special space for comprehensive health care for users.

1.2. Professional massage, feeling true

The most special 4D + massage technology today, deeply impacting all acupuncture points, performing rhythmic massage with a genuine feeling like professional massage hands that fully satisfy the functions: Shiatsu, massage, punch, knead , press, stretch, pat … defeat the uncomfortable pain all over the body: shoulders – nape, arms, back, buttocks, head …

1.3. High quality 4D silicone roller

The 4D massage roller is of outstanding size, the outside of the roller is covered with a premium silicone layer, giving users a feeling of relaxation and comfort, helping you to achieve absolute comfort when using the massage chair HAKAWA Galaxy Dream HK-M79 

4D rollers are not only responsible for relaxing the back area like normal massage chairs, but rollers appear in the foot area to smoothly protect the health of your feet every day.

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1.4. SL massage shaft embraces the whole body

Massage axis SL up to 140cm, embracing the whole body from neck to buttocks allows 4D roller to massage all areas, helping the body relax completely.

1.5. Infrared massage deep impact the whole body

Infrared not only warms, infrared also helps blood vessels to expand, promote better blood circulation, prevent cardiovascular disease … Understanding the great effects of infrared, HAKAWA integrates infrared with moderate temperature on the massage chair HAKAWA Galaxy Dream brings the perfect care for users.

1.6. Non-gravity massage reduces maximum pressure on the spine

Zero gravity massage method of massage is researched to help the body put into the state of zero gravity to relieve all pressure, maximize relaxation to bring the best health care effect.

1.7. Detect accurate acupuncture points

a 4D roller works with modern technology to accurately detect each acupuncture point, thereby affecting acupressure, gently massaging the body to promote blood circulation, and effectively relax the body.

1.8. Outstanding number of airbags

The HAKAWA Galaxy Dream HK-M79 full body massage chair is equipped with an outstanding number of airbags of up to 40 airbags, concentrated in the areas of shoulders, arms, legs, and butt of the most painful areas of the body. The elastic effect, according to different degrees, brings the most comfortable experience for the user.

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1.9. Body stretching massage

Body stretching massage performs stretching the entire user’s body, thoroughly removing pressure on the spine, bones, joints, muscles. Not only does it provide a feeling of mild comfort like zero, but also prevents and treats osteoarthritis.

1.10. Relaxing massage with music

HAKAWA always wants users to have the most relaxing moments, so not only interested in investing in massage mechanisms HAKAWA Galaxy Dream HK-M79 also integrates modern Bluetooth speaker system, listening to melodious music but also being cared for by masseurs is too great, right.

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1.11. Smart control panel, easy to use

In addition, the HAKAWA Galaxy Dream massage chair also provides a modern control panel with simple easy to understand buttons, helping users to easily use and choose the most comfortable massage mode. This is one of the features that makes HAKAWA Galaxy Dream HK-M79 massage chair suitable for all users.

2. Health benefits of massage chair HAKAWA Galaxy Dream HK-M79

Massage chair HAKAWA Galaxy Dream HK-M79 provides comprehensive health care in both physical and mental health, just use  massage chair HAKAWA Galaxy Dream regularly for 15-20 minutes a day, you will get:

  • Body massage combined with melodious music melodies help relax the mind, relieve stress after a period of hard work, and quickly regain the spirit of refreshment.
  • Enhance blood circulation, prevent and treat high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular diseases.
  • Increase elasticity and strength for tendons, bones and joints.
  • Dispel uncomfortable pain in all areas of the body: shoulders, neck, neck, back, buttocks, calves, feet …
  • Increase the number of red and white blood cells, increase resistance, prevent a series of diseases.
  • Promote excretion of toxins from the body.
  • Muscle relaxation, eliminating muscle aches.
  • Increases excitement for the brain, reduces stress, prevents memory loss.
  • Improving sleep brings good sleep and deep sleep, effectively curing insomnia.

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3. Policy to buy massage chair

Buying massage chair HAKAWA Galaxy Dream HK-M79 you not only receive quality products imported from Japan, but you also receive unique policies only at HAKAWA:

  • Installment payment of 0 dong in a long time with simple and fast procedure.
  • Use a free chair for 60 days, if not satisfied, return it immediately.
  • Fast delivery nationwide, not keep customers waiting long.
  • Supports installed at home.

Genuine warranty at home: Warranty 02 years for leather, engine, electronic circuit and 06 years for frame.

Pain, fatigue, no need to worry because of HAKAWA. Buy massage chair HAKAWA Galaxy Dream HK-M79 from today, you will receive miraculous changes in your life free of pain, comfortable spirit, special quality sleep getting stronger, try it will definitely be very satisfied!

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Rated voltage220V
Rated power170W
Massage technology4D+
Size189x85x76 cm
Max height185cm
Machine weight90/105kg
Load capacity100kg
Rails SL140cm
Number of airbags40 (Shoulder, arms, buttocks, legs)
WarrantyWarranty 02 years for leather, engine, electronic circuit and 06 years for frame.
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