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Little giant ladder letters A HAKAWA HK-45 (NEW)



☑️ Little giant ladder HAKAWA HK-45N (NEW)
☑️ Material: aluminum T6063 +
☑️ Maximum height: 5.2m
☑️ Height Compact: 1.53m
☑️ Height Letters A: 2.53m
☑️ Gross ton: 300 Kg
☑️ Weight: 15.8 Kg

ĐẶT NGAY Đặt Hàng Trực Tuyến - Giao Hàng Tận Nơi

You are struggling with bulky wooden ladders, the higher the ladder, the bigger the ladder, the more difficult it becomes to carry and move, with the wooden ladders used for many years can also hide dangerous to life. Have you ever thought of using an aluminum ladder to replace this wooden ladder, if there is a wise choice, the HAKAWA HK-45 aluminum sliding ladder is a suggestion for you.

thang nhom truot hk 45

1. Outstanding features little giant ladder HAKAWA HK-45 

Design little giant ladder HK-45 ratio of weight versus strength unsurpassed, making a ladder easily moved and stored. With materials made of aluminum, it significantly reduces the weight of the ladder, providing toughness under heavy loads without worrying about the super ladder falling. Therefore, aluminum ladders are used in different fields in life, ensuring considerable time and effort efficiency.

1.1. Modern design has high efficiency in work

  • Design flexible, versatile, suitable for many household jobs (painting, decorating, making billboards, gardening …). Can be adjusted to different heights (from 1.53m – 5.2m) with different designs, providing the most suitable heights for the most efficient work.
  • The ladder body is made of high-grade aluminum (aircraft shell material), shiny and durable, withstands strong impacts without deformation and is resistant to chemicals and weather without peeling
  • Foot little giant ladder HAKAWA HK-45 coated with rubber soles senior anti ladders slippery, avoid impacts on it can cause scratches to the contact surface, rubber soles grip and surface floor bring high safety for users. 
  • Large size, maximum meet demand.
  • The couplings are assembled sure, making the process safe working on ladders are secured, no vibration.

thang nhom truot hk 45 2

1.2. The outstanding feature of the Little giant ladder letters A HAKAWA HK-45

Light weight, large load capacity

One of the outstanding features for this little giant ladder that is it quite light weight with just 15.9 kg, easy to carry on the go. Although light, but the load capacity is not inferior to other ladders with a load capacity of up to 300kg, allowing users to move on the ladder flexibly and easily, while ensuring absolute safety. The work associated equipment, heavy kits can still perform effectively on this little giant ladder. 

Flexible with any space

The work is done in different spaces, different narrow areas, for the use of traditional ladder equipment you need to change different types of ladders such as vertical ladders, A-ladder …to complete the work on high. For little giant ladder, the flexible changing style of the ladder can be suitable for many different spaces, the ladder can change the shape of the height change quickly with easy operation. Therefore, the aluminum sliding ladder saves users time and effort effectively and is also the optimal cost-saving device.

Long service life

Made from T6063 + aluminum, a premium material that is durable to external effects or biochemical effects ensures more effective resistance to distortion damage against rust and abrasion caused by impact from nature ensures beautiful durability for a long time.

Operation is easy to use

With a simple design, the use of the ladder becomes easily suitable for all different users. Manipulating the ladder as follows:

  • Open the two sides lock: open the lock either side ladder, to be able to adjust the ladder inside.
  • Adjusting the height of the ladder: after unlocking the latch, gently pull the inner steps up to the desired height easily.
  • Locking the two side locking latches: when the height of the ladder is adjusted properly, lock the two sides to fix the height of the ladder, while ensuring safety during use.

thang nhom truot hk 45 3

1.3. Origin

The little giant ladder HAKAWA HK-45, a product that meets European quality standards, has CE certification, ensuring that all work at the user’s height is always done in the best and safest way. The product comes from the famous Japanese brand aluminum bar HAKAWA, a famous brand that provides quality home appliances in 64 provinces in Vietnam and has an influence spread all over the world. Specifically with quality household items such as aluminum ladder, relaxing chair, folding hammock …

2. Functions

The versatile aluminum sliding ladder HK-45 offers the best job support for users in many fields, with many different subjects. With this toolkit, high-altitude jobs can be quickly solved but also cost-effective and effectively protected.

2.1. Support safe and effective high-altitude work

The little giant ladder HAKAWA HK-45 with durability and solidity is a powerful support tool for high-altitude jobs with diverse fields and jobs: house cleaning (ceiling cleaning, fan cleaning , cleaning the air-conditioner, cleaning the glass …), agricultural support (fruit harvest, industrial tree pruning …), electricity (support for safe altitude for equipment repair, line installation ) …

thang nhom truot hk 45 5

2.2. Health promotion for users

There is no need to spend too much effort moving the bulky wooden ladder, with the aluminum ladder everything becomes a lot easier. The HK-45 aluminum sliding ladder is light in weight and neatly designed for use as well as stacking and storing, you will be able to save considerable effort when using this ladder to complete to job,  This will be an indirect way to improve our health.

2.3. Cost savings

Traditional ladders previously only provided the user with designs of fixed heights, so for continuously changing positions it would require the use of many different ladder. Rather than spend more money for a lot of different scales in order to serve the best for the job, with an aluminum ladder that it can integrate many different styles, different heights on one device brings the highest efficiency to the user.

Aluminum ladder bearing, good impact from the environment, so the quality of the ladder has a long service life, ensuring beautiful durability that lasts for many years, Buying a ladder and you can use it for almost a lifetime. This will be a very economical way to save money.

3. Purchase policy

HAKAWA is committed to genuine products, ensuring top quality and reputation. Providing the best user experience, with a clear and transparent purchase policy, fast processing meets the criteria for delivering the highest customer satisfaction.

thang nhom truot hk 45 4

Purchase policy

  • Exchange within 30 days due to manufacturing defect or product quality failure.
  • Fast delivery to home nationwide.
  • Delivery time in HCMC is 1-2 days. Other provinces from 3-7 days.
  • Support delivery fee from 50-100%.

Warranty Policy

  • Genuine warranty for 2 years.
  • Simple paperwork is not cumbersome.
  • Processing time is fast.

With the leading properties of the aluminum sliding ladder that HAKAWA offers, your satisfaction does not stop at the support performance that this ladder offers, it also is a tool you can protect the health and saving expenditure is extremely great. If you are hesitant about deciding to buy an aluminum sliding ladder, contact us immediately and we will help you get useful information for your choice.



Product NameLittle giant ladder HK-45
Type ProductsLittle giant ladder
Maximum height5.2m
Compact Height1.53m
Height letters A2.53m
MaterialAluminum T6063 +
Thickness2.2 mm
Weight15.8 Kg
Gross ton300Kg


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