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HAKAWA Trampoline for Kids


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Trampoline for Kids HAKAWA HK-01 is a movement game to support physical development, increase resistance and stimulate your baby’s imagination with vivid colors, creating a comfortable play space.

Jumping as a comprehensive motor sport stimulates improvised dynamism and is also a great solution to help children less likely to be dominated by video game devices, phones. A product that contributes significantly to the comprehensive development of your baby is essential such as a scientific diet, vitamins, there is no need for rigid exercises with a solution to help children move voluntarily that parents cannot help but learn!

Trampoline for Kids is a new gift from HAKAWA bringing any value to your baby, please join us in finding out details about this product!

San Nhay Tre Em HAKAWA Kid Home HK 01

1. The outstanding advantages of the HAKAWA Trampoline for Kids 

The HAKAWA Trampoline for Kids gives children a natural enjoyment of movement, Both a toy and a way to create exercises for the baby to increase metabolism, improve resistance and agility in daily activities.

HAKAWA understands the benefits of movement to the child’s overall development when in reality children are inactive by limited space, habitat and technology equipment. This makes us explore and develop smart products for all home spaces, playgrounds, preschool,…

1.1 Outstanding structure of HAKAWA Trampoline for Kids 

As a high-end product that has been researched with many outstanding features to bring convenience to modern life such as:

  • The floor frame is made of thick steel material that provides strong support and durability against abrasion, so it can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • Around the bracket frame is covered with high-grade foam to resist impact on children as well as protect durable products.
  • The shrugged floor mats are made from a special tough plastic composite material, which is sure to be imported in whole, tested for quality, elasticity according to Japan quality standards before leaving the factory.
  • With the advantage of super elastic wire,, HAKAWA Trampoline is the latest model of elastic elastic floor. The elasticity always feels soft when using it, using it for a long time without making noise like compression springs.
  • Surrounding net always ensure that when children move in the bouncing area, will not fall out.

HAKAWA Trampoline for Kids with a diameter of 140cm is used by many amusement parks, kindergartens, and families with large spaces used by both adults – children can play, high bearing, durable, with safety net all around.

San Nhay Tre Em HAKAWA Kid Home HK 01 3

1.2. Preeminent features of HAKAWA Trampoline for Kids 

The product is intelligently designed with the assembling details to create a shrug cage, bringing a stimulating excitement of curiosity for children to naturally move.

The color of the canvas together with the foam padding frames can easily change positions to create a new and lively life for a product while playing and learning.

The products are manufactured and tested for quality with rigorous processes to ensure that the floor can withstand a weight of up to 90 kg with a net around to protect the baby when playing.

Durability: elastic band is durable, easy to replace, cheaper than spring

Super elastic, breathable, easy to clean.

Super elastic black canvas, the mesh when used avoids sharp objects poking at the ruffled carpet surface. 

Products is designed with smart detachable parts that easily connect every part together, so easy transportation can be taken anywhere without difficulty.

Small use size with a diameter of 140 cm, suitable for all spaces such as living room, kitchen dining, or camping,…

When there is no use, it is easy to remove and store anywhere, convenient for limited housing spaces.

1.3. The Origin of Hakawa trampoline for Kids 

HAKAWA trampoline for Kids is genuine product with Japan brand and factory located in foreign countries. All products comply with Japan quality standards and are fully imported and distributed exclusively with HAKAKA brand in Vietnam.

HAKAWA is committed to product quality and all materials are safe for the health of children to use and always have the most prestigious warranty policy for genuine products.

2. Incredible benefits of Trampoline for Kids

HAKAWA trampoline for Kids  is an ideal solution for children to have a healthy play space, a space for sports and physical development in small spaces. Not only that, it also brings a lot of unexpected benefits with the development of skills and thinking of the child.

San Nhay Tre Em HAKAWA Kid Home HK 01 2

The first thing to mention is that color helps children recognize and distinguish colors.

Develops children’s thinking by tinkering and assembling a toys for child, thanks to which brain movement is more powerful, children develop thinking and logic from the installation of this HAKAWA product.

Using the HAKAWA Trampoline for Kids  is a good physical exercise to help children reduce their exposure to video games.

Dancing while playing brings the effect of burning excess energy to make the baby more sure, and limit the risk of obesity due to inactivity.

Playing with friends or other family members helps children open up, communicate more, bring dynamism and is the most natural psychological treatment for children.

Sweat excreted during exercise is the safest quality body detox therapy parents have for their children.

Balance the movements of children to limit electronic toys in the most natural way.

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Regular exercise also helps children increase the ability to adjust the dropping point, keep balance, and the joint is moved to make the child more agile and have more flexible responses in daily activities.

HAKAWA Trampoline for Kids is a spiritual and physical gift for children, is a product that wise parents should own to have a solution to nurture their children to develop in the most comprehensive way!

3. The Warranty policy of Hakawa trampoline for Kids 

San Nhay Tre Em HAKAWA Kid Home HK 01 4

HAKAWA is considered as a Japan brand of Vietnamese people not only because of its quality products but also with the best policies for consumers such as:

  • Genuine warranty to 2 years.
  • Innovating product within 1 month when there is manufacturer error.
  • Fast delivery nationwide.
  • Pay and check at home!

HAKAWA Trampoline for Kids is the ideal solution for children to have fun while exercising their physical strength to develop comprehensively. A playground for children to get new lessons and many skills to improvise, make friends naturally. A valuable and necessary product for a comprehensive educational solution for wise parents. With the great values coming from HAKAWA Trampoline for Kids , you are still hesitant to own your baby right away.

From the information shared about the HAKAWATrampoline for Kids above, if you need any information to the product, please contact us on hotline 0569 999 699 or give a comment. Message below this article for the fastest answer.


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