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HAKAWA Steam Cleaners HK-N2



Product name : HAKAWA Steam cleaners HK-N2
Brand : HAKAWA
Model : HK-N2
Motive : 2000W
Electric power : 220V
The maximum heating temperature: 100°C

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The HAKAWA steam cleaner HK-N2 delivers up to 99.9% efficiency of common bacteria on surfaces and helps remove all stains quickly without the use of chemicals. With the simple operation of the HAKAWA steam cleaner, all hard surfaces such as floors, bathrooms, wall tiles or ironing are made easy for the most comprehensive results.

So what does the steam cleaner HK-N2 bring you? Let’s learn about the functional structure and benefits of this product with HAKAWA!

May Ve Sinh Da Nang Bang Hoi Nuoc HAKAWA HK N2

1. Structure and feature of the HAKAWA steam cleaner HK-N2

The HAKAWA steam cleaner HK-N2 is a product made for user-friendliness. With many special structures designed specifically for each use in indoor cleaning, HK-N2 eliminates most bacteria strains on surfaces.

1.1. Many accessories connect nozzles, adapt to many other jobs

In order to provide a variety of applications for many jobs at the same time, HAKAWA specially designed the HK-N2 steam cleaner with many accessories such as:

May Ve Sinh Da Nang Bang Hoi Nuoc HAKAWA HK N2 6

1.1.1. Extension pipe

Attach an extension hose to use a steam cleaner to clean floors, high window positions or inaccessible areas. Place the end of the adapter on the top of the air gun until it clicks. Use one or three extension hoses, depending on usage needs. To remove the extension hose, press the accessory lock button on the air gun and pull the extension hoses out in a downward motion. This accessory helps users to clean the large floor faster, without having to bow, so there is no back pain.

1.1.2. With large steam nozzle

The large steam nozzle help clean and easy access to places that are hard to clean as the corners, fork or bathroom. Just push the gun nozzle and adjust directly.

1.1.3. The round brush

The brush helps to scrub stains back to hard-to-reach surface areas. Brush head are designed 2 types of metal and poly microfiber. The small poly brush head can be used to clean stubborn dirt from curtains, radiators, … With heavier stains, the metal brush tip will be easier to remove.

1.1.4. Lightweight heatsink, ironing accessories

At the level of light steam, there is a set of accessories for ironing, sofa cleaning, bed or chair cleaning

1.1.5. Accessories for cleaning glass, windows

To clean windows, mirrors or objects with a smooth surface, use a rubber brush to clean. To use the cleaning accessory, you need to make the two joints of the ironing accessory and the scouring / cleaning pad cleaning accessory fit together, and then the installation is complete.

May Ve Sinh Da Nang Bang Hoi Nuoc HAKAWA HK N2 5

1.2. The improvement in the structure of HK-N2

With improvements in the structure of the HK-N2 steam cleaner brings safety and convenience to customers with improvements such as:

1.2.1. Large water tank design, to do many jobs at once

Cleaning work in the family is a lot from floors, cabinets, and sofa so demand is also quite large. Understanding this, HAKAWA integrates a water tank for the machine to 1.5 liters, HK-N2 is capable of cleaning the surface with an area of 100 m2. With many nozzles suitable for many different surfaces, the machine can be cleaned on many other surfaces in the family such as floors, kitchen areas, restrooms, … with rich accessories attached.

1.2.2. Intelligent LED signaling

The hot water cleaning operation mechanism should notify the user that the machine is in the heating mode, helping the user to operate more easily.

For this structural feature, users can easily distinguish the working stages of the machine. When the light is on red, it means the water is heating, when the light turns green it means the machine is ready to work.

This light system displays during use so that users can be more active in cleaning process.

1.3. Outstanding feature of the HK-N2 steam cleaners

May Ve Sinh Da Nang Bang Hoi Nuoc HAKAWA HK N2 7

Made with Japanese technology, applying electrical engineering to the product brings high cleaning efficiency and diverse applications in life. HAKAWA steam Cleaner HK-N2, a safe solution to clean without the use of chemicals, is non-reactive, with virtually no loss of items being cleaned.

1.3.1. Smart coupling system helps to remove wipes without touching

The steam cleaner is equipped with a sanitary wipes help on many different surfaces. Along the application of modern technology makes cleaning operations easier than ever.

Product structure includes a machine body that can be connected to many nozzles, suitable for cleaning on many different equipment. 

Ministry wipe with the flexible coupling enables users to easily choose suitable for every purpose. The floor mop section is applied with lamella technology to bring the cleaning effect, easy to use, and the most advantages. Innovations in cleaning parts, the wiping table with smart coupling system help users to easily, quickly remove the wipes and no longer have to contact with dirt. The attached accessories help clean all surfaces such as ceramic tiles, sinks, brick edges, stains on doors, …

1.3.2. High safe hands-free lock

May Ve Sinh Da Nang Bang Hoi Nuoc HAKAWA HK N2 4

The machine is designed to adjust the amount of steam to match the working surface and the type of dirt to clean. With the steam control switch on the handle two levels.

With high sensitivity temperature and pressure control system, the unit can provide hot steam at 100 ℃ and will automatically power off when water is used up. With automatic pressure reducing valve working, if the steam pressure in the furnace is too high, it will escape directly.

Steam locking system ensuring the safety of users especially those with young children avoid family risk of burns. This is a plus point to be appreciated by a hygiene product provides the convenience of daily life activities.

The safety lock switch at the top of the air gun if you need the automatic steam spraying in hands-free mode, just slide the steam lock to the right when in use and the steam will come out automatically without holding down the vaporizer switch, slide the lock slightly to the left to stop hands-free mode.

Warning: Do not put your hands close to the spray nozzle, keep a safe distance of 20cm.

1.4. Product origin

HAKAWA steam cleaner is manufactured overseas according to Japanese technology and quality standards. All products and accessories are fully imported and distributed exclusively in Vietnam. Therefore, HK-N2 has a full quality warranty policy of the company.

2. What does the HAKAWA hot water steam cleaner offer?

With unique technology is patented by using high temperature and pressure steam to clean floors, windows, hood, factory air conditioning, microwave … There is no chemical reaction , hardly cause damage to the items being cleaned.

May Ve Sinh Da Nang Bang Hoi Nuoc HAKAWA HK N2 8

2.1. The HAKAWA steam cleaner is quick and comprehensive

As a product manufactured with the main purpose of supporting the cleaning of home furnishings, cleaning efficiency is always focused on by HAKAWA. The button adjusts the level of two-stage steam spray to increase or decrease according to the need to match the surface to be cleaned. Combined with integrated wipes with nozzles to help manipulate on any surface quickly and eliminate most common bacteria in the family.

There are separate chamber maid storage accessories wheel combination convenience store and process suspended.

Integrating many convenient and multifunctional accessories such as floor mop, steam spray handle, round brush…

May Ve Sinh Da Nang Bang Hoi Nuoc HAKAWA HK N2 2

Clean efficiently thanks to innovative vacuum cleaner technology and wipes made from high-quality fabrics.

2.2. Used everywhere

Effective application cleaned using hot steam not use many accessories chemical and sanitary head machine HK-N2 should be used wherever you need first.

Faucets, showers: small surface, many common brush slots, only clean the surface, with HK-N2 every corner is cleaned with just a few taps.

The sink is a place of many bacteria and has a curved surface that makes routine cleaning difficult. With the HAKAWA hot steam cleaner, stains are just a thing of the past.

The wall tiles with yellow stains on the edges were blown away.

Windows, glass and glass cleaning heads are clean, dust-free and spotless.

A vacuum cleaner, covered with grease, can not clean it with soap. With steam cleaner persistent grease, odors caused by bacteria does not imply a problem.

Glass or stainless steel cookers, stains, or food spilling out, are under strong pressure and heat makes them unable to hold on.

Floor cleaning: The floor surface is wide and has many slots at the seams, or grease stains, using HK-N2 with a wide and foldable mop connector so it is easy to wipe in positions such as under the table, shelf. The arms are extended, so the floor cleaning is quick and does not cause back pain for the workers.

2.3. Safe for health and money

The cleaning principle of HK-N2 is to use the power of heat to melt grease stains, kill bacteria, so there is absolutely no need for chemicals.

With this device you do not have to worry about direct contact with soaps that damage the skin of your hands, nor worry about chemicals remaining on the surface of the appliance, so when using the HK-N2 cleaning machine will be very safe for health.

Do not use chemicals, so it means you do not have to spend money for the right cleaning service.

2.4. Energy savings and efficiency

May Ve Sinh Da Nang Bang Hoi Nuoc HAKAWA HK N2 10

The steam cleaner will be a powerful substitute for a mop to help you easily clean utensils, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, while still achieving high efficiency and without much effort. It is ergonomically designed, with a warm-up time of just a few minutes so you can use it immediately.

Under the impact of steam pressure plus constant hot temperature, the stains are removed quickly without having to scrub or wipe them repeatedly. This is most apparent when you are cleaning an area with grease or glasses – there are no drips or blemishes when cleaning. Only once that is done, work is fast no time-consuming effort.

3. Warranty policy of the HAKAWA steam cleaner

The HAKAWA steam cleaner offers quick, safe cleaning results, so it is natural for housewives to love it. In addition to providing quality products, the HK-N2 also has favorable sales policies and a fast and reputable warranty, such as : 

May Ve Sinh Da Nang Bang Hoi Nuoc HAKAWA HK N2 3

  • Warranty up to 2 years
  • Return within 30 days when errors are caused by the manufacturer.
  • Fully enclosed accessories.
  • Nationwide Delivery

HAKAWA steam cleaner – indispensable assistant for housewives, to quickly handle cleaning tasks, safety, convenience and save. So why don’t you call us right away to own a HAKAWA steam cleaner HK-N2. For any product information or order instructions, please call 0569 999 699 or give a message below this article, the staff are always ready to assist you!


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