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HAKAWA Pressure washers HK-2200W

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  • Product name: Washing machine HK-2200W
  • Trademark: HAKAWA (genuine)
  • Model: HK-2200W
  • Engine: 2200W
  • Power source: 220V
  • The maximum pumping pressure: 160 bar
  • Weight: 14Kg
  • Size: 403x343x891
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Powerful with a variety of water jet adjustment modes, the HAKAWA pressure washers helps you clean every corner and stubborn dirt. Dry mud, wall moss or cleaning household tools, watering plants have all become easier than ever.

Choose the HAKAWA Pressure washers to make cleaning a joy and happiness every day. 

may xit rua xe da nang hakawa hk 2200w

1. Outstanding features of HAKAWA car washer spray machine

The HAKAWA pressure washers HK2200W is a product researched by a team of experts and engineers from the needs of customers to the value benefits it can bring to life. Based on the goal of providing customers with quality products and improving their lives with smart, convenient products. The HAKAWA Pressure washers is born with outstanding features for customers with the best value.

1.1. Great capacity for best working efficiency

The HAKAWA pressure washers HK2200W is a genuine product, upgraded and improved in quality and value of use. With each product being delivered to the customer are fully moderated through rigorous quality standards. Each product is committed exact specifications.

The HAKAWA pressure washers was born to meet the diverse needs of use, besides it possesses a strong working capacity to bring the best hygienic efficiency.

With a huge capacity of up to 2200W, with a maximum pump water pressure of 160 bar, it helps to remove long-lasting stains, even stains that are difficult to clean with conventional pressure washers. Strong capacity leading the marketplace, HAKAWA pressure washers has 3 times more capacity than similar products on the market. This is the outstanding feature that makes customers choose HK-2200W for their family, car wash services and professional cleaning services.

1.2. Smart devices with many utilities to use

may xit rua xe da nang hakawa hk 2200w 5

Through researching and surveying the usage needs of customers, engineers and experts have integrated all technical characteristics to materials so that customers can have more convenience to use when choosing HAKAWA.

The device integrates with the detergent bottle with 1.5L large active capacity, making it comfortable for you to spray many devices and tools at the same time.

High-grade coil has good bearing capacity, making it simpler to shrink and pull the cord.

The handle on the spray head is integrated with the wheel, making the machine more convenient to move.

Diverse nozzles include pressure nozzles, snow foam nozzles, and nebulizers, allowing users to easily convert water pressure into different forms from extremely powerful jets, to mist sprays or propellers.

The gun part is added “safety lock” to help ensure safety for users when not in use.

Safety lock at the top of the gun, safe and save water when using.

The “min – max” switch makes it easy to choose the water pressure.

1.3. Overcoming disadvantages that conventional pressure washers  cannot do

In order to bring the most convenience to customers, theHAKAWA Pressure washers HK2200W has been upgraded technically to help solve the disadvantages of conventional high-pressure water sprayers.

Compared to other product lines, the HAKAWA Pressure washers HK2200W has the following outstanding advantages: The water pipe can absorb water directly to the fixed water storage position (water tank, water tank…) that without strenuous as many products on the marketplace.

The coupling between the coil and the gun head is pure copper, ensuring safety when using. The quality is better than the joints using conventional plastic materials, easily damaged over time.

Products are quality tested according to Japanese standards, lasting for 5-7 hours continuously without getting hot.

These characteristics help the product have a longer lifespan, customers can do many jobs at the same time.

1.4. Origin of the HAKAWA pressure washers HK2200W

HAKAWA Pressure washers HK2200W is a genuine brand product quality HAKAWA Japan. Products are manufactured abroad according to Japanese technology and imported and distributed exclusively by HAKAWA Vietnam. All products are fully applied with reputable warranty and sales policies.

2. Benefits when using the HAKAWA Pressure washers HK2200W

Do you usually spend time taking care of your car? HAKAWA Pressure washers HK2200W gives you a versatile sprayer, making home car washing more convenient and faster than ever. Choose the HAKAWA Pressure washers HK2200W, everything will be easier and more convenient with many benefits that HAKAWA brings to customers as follows:

2.1. The convenience of HAKAWA Pressure washers HK2200W

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The machine has a large capacity, powerful spray force to easily remove stubborn stains, long-term stains that are difficult to wash, …

Lightweight, compact machine with handle combined with wheels makes it easy to move to many places.

With the HAKAWA pressure washers, you no longer have a hard time getting the water source, because it is able to absorb water quickly.

The casing is made of ABS plastic is very sturdy, helping to resist impact, safe to use.

With extremely simple and quick installation operations, even the least mechanic can easily use the HAKAWA pressure washers.

2.2. Application to many jobs in the family

House cleaning, car is a job that every family needs. Choose HAKAWA pressure washers HK2200W , which will help people solve the chore easier, quick and saves more energy.

With HAKAWA pressure washers, you can professionally wash your car at home as a salon. Because it can be combined with a variety of accessories such as snow foam spray or various water jet control modes.

+ Car wash at home will help master the time, no waiting

+ Carefully take care of your beloved driver by hand to avoid any damage.

+ Especially to help you save a lot of money for car wash.

+ Not only car wash, it is also a useful tool for cleaning the house.

2.3. Widely used in factories, large farms

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The HAKAWA Pressure washers HK2200W with strong water jet head pressure, customers can remove the moss in the yard without wasting effort scrubbing like a normal cleaning method. Energy-saving fast and effective. Therefore, in addition to applying at home, the HK-2200W is also trusted by factories and farms to support the cleaning of livestock breeding facilities, …

The mode of small spraying of water with strong pressure, customers can also use it to water plants on high, remote vegetable gardens without too much effort in carrying and splashing water.

2.4. Favorite product of professional car washers

The HAKAWA pressure washers HK2200W that is widely used in professional car wash services. The working capacity is large so the machine can meet the need of continuous car washing. Multiple modes rays help facilitate hygienic operation without prepared many devices simultaneously.

The machine combines a large snow foam bottle for easy and convenient cleaning work, and can be operated on multiple vehicles at the same time. All the professional car wash process in a closed loop, workers save time and higher productivity.

3. Sales policy and warranty prestige

HAKAWA pressure washers HK2200W is genuine product brand HAKAWA Japanese quality. We always believe in product quality and always have responsibility to come with each product when it is delivered to the customer. Apart from the product quality is appreciated, the quality of customer care has always been emphasized.

For products HAKAWA Pressure washers HK2200W, HAKAWA has sales policy and warranty as follows:

3.1. Sales policy for HAKAWA Pressure washers HK2200W 

For all genuine HAKAWA products, we carry out direct and online sales on many different channels.

Customers can buy goods directly at:


Address: 122/48 Thanh Xuan 22, Thanh Xuan Ward, 12 District ,Ho Chi Minh City – 136C Thanh Xuan 22, Thanh Xuan Ward , 12 District, Ho Chi Minh City. 

For customers living far away or in the province, they can order online by calling 0569 999 699 or leaving personal information at the website:

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As part of the sales policy that brings the best interests to consumers, HAKAWA commits to fully implement the following policy:

 Check goods before payment

1-1 exchange within 30 days due to manufacturing fault.

 Receive goods at home and pay only when customers are satisfied with product quality.

3.2. Warranty Policy

 2 years warranty.

Check goods before payment

 Lifetime maintenance.

 Support the cost of changing accessories.

3.3. Use the HAKAWA Pressure washers HK2200W correctly and safely

Customers note that in order to use the machine with high efficiency and protect the machine with a long service life, you need to do some of the following:

Use clean water: HAKAWA Pressure washers HK2200W will work best when the water is clean and does not contain too much dirt. Because this will reduce the cleaning efficiency of the machine.

Use appropriate power source: The most suitable power source for HAKAWA Pressure washers HK2200W

Regularly change oil: the change of oil helps the cleaner to operate more smoothly, to avoid the case of out of oil, the machine is squeaking or stuck. Should change oil after 50 hours of use.

Note when cleaning the machine: use a clean cloth to wipe, absolutely do not use chemicals to clean the machine.

Do not hesitate to contact us to own a high quality pressure washers  for your family. With nozzle pressure up to 160 bar to quickly remove stubborn stains with safety lock will stop the water when not in use, helping to maximize water savings during the spraying process.

Above are detailed information about the HAKAWA Pressure washers HK2200W. If you need any further information about the product, please contact us immediately at hotline 0569 999 699. HAKAWA staff will actively contact and answer for you within 24 hours.

Technical specifications

  • Product name: Washing machine HK-2200W
  • Trademark: HAKAWA (genuine)
  • Model: HK-2200W
  • Engine: 2200W
  • Power source: 220V
  • The maximum pumping pressure: 160 bar
  • Weight: 14Kg
  • Size: 403x343x891

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1 review for HAKAWA Pressure washers HK-2200W

  1. ThanhMan Huynh

    Máy sử dụng rất tốt. Rất hài lòng với sản phẩm này

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