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HAKAWA Pressure washers HK-1400W


  • Model : HK-1400W
  • Brand : HAKAWA
  • Capacity : 1400W
  • Maximum water pressure : 100 Bar
  • The maximum water temperature : 40 degrees
  • Electric source : 220V ~ 240V 50HZ
  • Case material : High quality plastic
  • Weight : 6.6 Kg
  • Size : 400 * 290 * 300mm
  • Water flow: 5.5 liters / Min
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HAKAWA Pressure washers HK-1400W is a machine capable of creating a stream of water with a strong pump force, along with it has a compact size convenient for moving to anywhere quickly and easily. A professional car wash device is suitable for families to use in many jobs, many types of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles, washing household .

may xit rua xe da nang hakawa hk 1400w

1. Construction of the HAKAWA Pressure washers HK-1400W

With the ability to spray powerful water jets, the pressure washers HK-1400W helps to dislodge even hard soil and mossy patches. Combining a variety of accessories with a variety of water jet gun heads helps customers to apply the machine to many household tasks such as vehicle cleaning, barn, garden or household furniture.

1.1. Outstanding feature for top cleaning performance

HAKAWA Pressure washers HK-1400W with outstanding features in its structure suitable for household cleaning of motorcycles, cars, walls, gardens, fish tanks …

HAKAWA learned about the characteristics of sanitary ware in the aquatic environment. With the shell made of high-grade ABS plastic for great hardness with good impact resistance to avoid breakage and wet machinery inside. This shell is also effective insulation ensure safety when working in wet environments.

The spray gun integrates many modes with a convenient soap bottle when spraying. The machine also has an over-temperature protection mode to help increase the life of the machine. You are quite safe to use for hours without worrying about overloading or resulting fire heater malfunctioning machine.

Compact design makes it easy to take anywhere. Easy to use, all members such as grandparents, parents, children aged 15 years and over can easily use it.

With a huge capacity of up to 1400W, and large pump water pressure, help to remove stubborn stains, even long-term dry stains that are difficult to clean with conventional cleaners.

The pressure washers HK-1400W uses a high-quality motor, fast priming, and low noise.

There are over-temperature protection mode and air vents, automatically turn off when the machine works for a long time. Helps increase durability, longevity for the machine, and optimize internal engine protection.

1.2. Simple, compact design, easy to disassemble

may xit rua xe da nang hakawa hk 1400w 2

The machine is specially designed for home use, so the operating mechanism is simple and easy to disassemble. The machine integrates the snow foam container accessories and some accessories are connected from separate parts. Thus the user can proceed easily removable.

In addition, the design of the product is also quite compact, bringing convenience to use and store the device.

1.3. High durability

Genuine car wash products on the marketplace are mainly of unknown origin and the quality is not guaranteed. The pressure washers HK-1400W is manufactured on a modern chain system and high-quality materials, it is always guaranteed for the quality and durability of the product.

1.4. Origin HK-1400W

The pressure washers HK-1400W, is genuine product HAKAWA brand with Japanese standard quality. Products are produced on modern lines, undergo rigorous testing phases to ensure standards and quality parameters rigorous inspection.

All HAKAWA Pressure washers HK-1400W are imported complete units from overseas and are exclusively distributed by HAKAWA VIETNAM INTERNATIONAL TRADING in Vietnam.

HAKAWA always tries its best to produce the best quality products for service.

1.5. Accessories come with the machine

The HAKAWA Pressure washers HK-1400W is able to combine a variety of accessories for the best working efficiency. HAKAWA genuine products will accompany machine accessories as follows :

  • 1 spray body
  • 1 multi-purpose spray gun
  • 1 bottle of detergent
  • 1 plumbing and filter 3m
  • 1 output wire 5m

may xit rua xe da nang hakawa hk 1400w 5

2. Benefits when using the HAKAWA Pressure washers

Owning a pressure washers HK-1400W will help you handle many chores quickly and easily. In particular, it also brings many benefits such as saving time, money and energy needed for cleaning vehicles and furniture.

2.1. Device applications in housework

It must be said that, HAKAWA Pressure washers HK-1400W is the number one choice for many families because they have met all necessary hygiene needs. It is not just an ordinary pressure washers but becomes a companion with housewives in many jobs such as:

  • The strong water spray helps to clean and remove algae that hang on the wall or garden.
  • Cleaning the fence or barn quickly and clean saves labor.
  • Clean leaves on family grounds.
  • Eliminate dirt on convenient household appliances.
  • Watering plants, watering flowers and cleaning animals, …

2.2. The side effects of the pressure washers HK-1400W

Owning the HAKAWA Pressure washers for family has exceeded the expectations of many customers. Not only that, it is also popularly used in many small car wash service stores.

2.2.1. Small car wash shops are also popular

The main purpose of the product is still a professional car washer. The product is small but HK-1400W has all the features needed for a car wash to work. Therefore, the spray machines available at many stores HAKAWA service car wash, is considered the “left arm” in the small car wash stations in various localities.

The pressure washers HK-1400W has a spray pressure of up to 100 bar, so it has a powerful cleaning ability to help remove stains on the car quickly and effectively.

may xit rua xe da nang hakawa hk 1400w 4

2.2.2. Cleaning of small factories

Any production and business establishments would need to carry out periodic cleaning. Use tap water usually can not clean deep stains, therefore sprayers  pressure washers HK-1400W is much smaller factory option.

Compared with conventional spray nozzles, HAKAWA pressure washers bring efficiency with effective hygiene much better.

With strong water pressure, these devices will help remove dirt, grease on the floor more quickly, thereby saving time and effort for workers.

With the aforementioned applications, users can see that this pressure washers HK-1400W is used in different jobs to meet the maximum needs of users.

2.2.3. Compact design makes it easy to take anywhere

The mechanism operation of the machine is simple. Just connect to the normal power source, make sure the water connector is enough to operate the machine smoothly. With a compact size and not too heavy, all members like grandparents, parents, teenagers can easily use it.

3. What you need to know about the sales policy and warranty

The pressure washers HK-1400W is a genuine product with a warranty and a transparent sales policy.

3.1. Sales policy information

  • One-to-one payment within 30 days.
  • 2 years HAKAWA warranty.
  • Lifetime maintenance.
  • Receive goods and pay at home, safely and quickly.
  • Quality quick warranty.
  • National delivery fee support up to 80%.

may xit rua xe da nang hakawa hk 1400w 3

3.2. Note when buying and using

  • Check the goods before paying the product.
  • If any part is damaged during use, HAKAWA supports 36% price when replacing spare parts.

Note: Use HAKAWA products correctly and safely

To use the machine to bring the best working efficiency and ensure durable operation, customers should note the following things:

Use clean water: For the machine to operate well, it is recommended to use clean water to limit dirt. Because this not only limits cleaning efficiency but also reduces the life of the machine.

Use appropriate power source: The most suitable power source for HAKAWA Pressure washers HK-1400W is 220V.

About time of use: washing machine works best within 5-7 consecutive hours.

Note that when cleaning the pressure washers, it is necessary to use a towel, not use detergent or rubbing tools.

You are looking to own your family a pressure washers HK-1400W please contact us at Hotline 0569 999 699 or leave the information below the article for fastest support.

In addition, if you want to choose for yourself a high pressure car washer, HAKAWA would like to introduce the product:


Technical specifications

  • Model : HK-1400W
  • Brand : HAKAWA
  • Capacity : 1400W
  • Maximum water pressure : 100 Bar
  • The maximum water temperature : 40 degrees
  • Electric source : 220V ~ 240V 50HZ
  • Case material : High quality plastic
  • Weight : 6.6 Kg
  • Size : 400 * 290 * 300mm
  • Water flow: 5.5 liters / Min


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