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HAKAWA multipurpose toolkit 88 detail HK-850


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Family things like hanging pictures, mounting shelves, fixing cabinets, checking power lines, you can’t do with your bare hands. With a genuine HAKAWA multi-drill tool kit everything happens faster, more efficiently and saves a lot of time. In terms of versatile convenience, HAKAWA Multipurpose Drill Kit HK-850 (88 pcs) is like a mini supermarket that has everything you need, for home remodeling, furniture disassembly, drilling screws.

1. The highlights of the HAKAWA multipurpose kit (88 pcs) HK-850

HAKAWA Multi-Purpose Drill Kit HK-850 (88 pcs) with total 88 parts including many kinds of tools, many different functions, serving the production, repair or installation in general. This product is especially suitable for families to serve a variety of life. Besides it is also suitable for professional repair shops, workshops, mechanical engineering, repair of machinery, ..

HAKAWA multipurpose kit includes many most common parts such as saw blades, drills, screwdrivers, screws, knives, pliers, wrenches … Depending on the purpose of using these versatile accessories help solve many different repair tasks.

1.1 High quality material resistant to corrosion and rust

Being genuine Japanese brand products, HAKAWA always attaches great importance to the quality of all products. All details in the whole set are made of high quality materials, non-corrosive steel for durability and long life. Machined materials with high hardness ensure no scratching, or not sharp enough, corroded during use. High quality steel is very sturdy and has excellent resistance, rust resistance when used in wet, harsh environments are perfect.

1.2. The design meets the standard specifications of a HAKAWA multipurpose kit

family drilling machine tools are manufactured on modern lines to ensure technical specifications. All products are tested on details before packing. Along with the purpose of supporting all quick installation and repair, the devices are compact and sturdy. Plastic box design, convenient, versatile, easy to use and move.

1.3. The multipurpose tool kit  of the most essential equipment

The multipurpose tool kit includes 88 parts you will no longer have to worry about missing necessary accessories, you no longer have to find screws, worry about not having a drill, need to buy pliers, … remove, install, cut. With the HAKAWA multipurpose drill tool kit all at hand, getting everything done right away is a breeze.

1.4. Many accessories but scientifically arranged

A multipurpose tool kit  incorporates multiple tools at the same time, so the logic multipurpose tool kit makes it convenient to select parts when needed. High-grade plastic container helps to fix all the neat details to help you move and store easily in the correct order, making the production, repair, installation easier and more convenient.

The variety of details will serve many different jobs, needs in any field of life, especially repair in households.

The arrangement of the equipment neatly with pre-molded tools helps to arrange the tools scientifically, compactly, to ensure the most convenient and optimal storage and convenience of furniture. This helps avoid falling misplaced.

1.5. Powerful HAKAWA drill

The HAKAWA drill is highly regarded for its safety by a professional mechanic with its sturdy grip and compact local for powerful operation.

HK-850 owns a set of drills for many materials such as wood drills, wall drills, metal drills, full range of screw heads, screws with all aspects, hammers, pliers, razors, tape measures, …

The most outstanding advantage of HAKAWA drilling machine is that the level of perfection of the sharp drill, the worker still remarked, is that the machine has a smooth and stable operation.

With HAKAWA, customers can feel secure to work much more with accessories smart power handle.

The quick trigger element helps to adjust the drilling strength lightly as desired and equipped with a reverse rotation function to meet the drilling needs of consumers.

1.6. Technical specifications

The HAKAWA HK-850 MultiPurpose tool kit  (88 pcs) is a specialized repair equipment box with a large capacity drill. The products are manufactured on modern production lines with the highest quality materials. HAKAWA is a Japanese brand with a guideline of working for customers, so every product delivered to customers must be carefully researched about the needs and enough to produce the best products.

The powerful HAKAWA multipurpose tool kit has full specifications as follows:

  • Function HAKAWA drilling machine 
  • Used on what materials: Wood, metal, concrete
  • Drilling mode : Twist drilling, hammer drilling
  • Screwdriving capacity Yes
  • Drill reversal Yes
  • Depth gauge Yes
  • Auxiliary handle Yes

2. The role of the versatile kit

HAKAWA Multipurpose tool kit cheap is produced according to the criteria given to products with high work efficiency and maximum savings of labor and environmental friendliness. HAKAWA Multipurpose tool kit is neatly designed with the most useful and useful equipment, suitable for all home repair jobs, home appliances, …

2.1 Serve for all kinds of repair work in life

HAKAWA family multi-function kits are too familiar to families or professionals. Because it serves many diverse needs in life such as:

– Solve the repair, assembly and cleaning of tools to the installation of machinery in the family easily and save energy.

– Serve from simple repairs to complex jobs that need the expertise of professional craftsmen. Repair work in the kitchen, electric lighting equipment or electronic appliances in the home

Thanks to its versatility, it has become a familiar product and is used in many places such as schools, hospitals, repairmen, …

The multipurpose tool kit has a large-capacity drill for many indoor jobs such as hanging pictures, cabinets, to work outside the site such as drilling in concrete, wood, … The drill bits on the wall are precise, do not take much effort and especially the well-fit drill does not crack or break the wall, you can easily hang beautiful pictures, screw up screws to reinforce furniture in the house.

Owning Multipurpose tool kit HK-850  to help you get the most out of chores quickly. Waste time waiting, no charge rent.

2.2. Machine large capacity, powerful supporter is trusted

The multipurpose tool kit usually has enough: pliers, wrench, electric tester, screwdrivers, flashlight, tape measure, nail box, hammer.  In addition, the HK-850 also has a repair kit with large capacity drills that can be used on all materials such as wood, metal and concrete.

With only the HAKAWA multipurpose tool kit, compact  full of equipment inside, help you be a home electric, electric and electronic repairer, you can immediately fix the damage in the family, free of charge.

This convenience also makes the HAKAWA multipurpose tool kit particularly popular with professionals.

2.3. A multipurpose tool kit for all families

The HAKAWA multipurpose tool kit (88 pcs) HK-850 with various parts, make repairs installation of machines in your family becomes a lot easier, ensure that open all the family components. Just a simple action such as opening a briefcase, opening a world of screwdrivers, pliers, full of things to fix all, feel free to choose what you need like at the supermarket.

3. Sales and warranty policy

Besides quality products with convenience, HAKAWA also gives consumers the commitment of professional sales policy and the most prestigious warranty.

3.1 About the sales policy

To ensure transparency in business and protect the interests of customers. The prices of each product are listed and publicly available on the Website.

  • Customers anywhere in Vietnam can buy genuine HAKAWA products without any intermediaries.
  • Purchasing any form directly or online customers will receive the same warranty policy.
  • HAKAWA, high-speed delivery in 64 provinces and cities nationwide, supports freight charges for customers.
  • Consignee check the right quality product for payment.
  • Simple warranty procedure, not take time.

3.2. Quick and reputable warranty policy

For HAKAWA genuine multipurpose tool kit, customers will receive the following warranty policy:

  • 2 years warranty HAKAWA genuine.
  • 30 days return due to manufacturer error.
  • Fast warranty time.
  • Best quality warranty.
  • Support cost of replacing accessories outside of warranty.

Above are product related information. The HAKAWA multipurpose tool kit (88 pcs) HK-850 owns many other items such as flashlight, ruler, hammer, pliers, … all the items needed for repair. With this HAKAWA product you will feel every home repair job is easier than ever and everything is solved quickly. Do not hesitate to own a versatile product useful for you and your family.

To own the HAKAWA multipurpose tool kit  HK-850 (88 parts), please give information below the article or call 0569 999 699 for fastest instructions and product information.

Technical specifications

Product nameMultipurpose tool kit HK-850
MaterialStainless Steel
Total details88 PCS
The capacity of the product850W
Drilling modeKTwist drill, drill hammer
No-load speed0-2700 rpm
Stamping speed0-40000 times / minute
Drilling materialDrilling for wood, drilling for metal, drilling in concrete


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