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The HAKAWA folding hammock is not only a comfortable seat backrest, it also brings many mental and health benefits to the user. The HAKAWA folding hammock has created a new trend for relaxing and bringing many health benefits. It is a product trusted by many Vietnamese people. So what special benefits does this folding hammocks have? To learn more about the product, you can learn all about it.

1. The characteristics of the product

HAKAWA folding hammock is an outstanding hammock product, and is loved. For every Vietnamese family, the folding hammocks is so familiar, almost every family has at least one for napping.

With solid, durable and airy features from high quality materials, the  HAKAWA Hk-V32I folding hammock is always the most valuable choice for consumers.

1.1. Stainless steel hammock frame

HAKAWA Folding hammocks frame is made of 201 stainless steel, with luxurious shine and durability. With stainless steel, users no longer have to worry about rust effects of weather to reduce product life. With careful research on the quality of each ingredient, HAKAWA chooses the stainless steel in grade 201, which can lift up to 300kg, better than other products on the marketplace.

The surface of stainless steel is shiny, making the hammock used for a long time still like new. Hammock frame is designed with a standard rate, ensure the balance is not overturned.

Hammock frames thick, high hardness, good strength warping upon impact.

1.2. Solid rubber base

To ensure the safety and comfort of the user. Foot hammock is equipped with 4 rubber soles, create solid grip on all materials as brick, cement or a poorly balanced ground are all very good. Brackets effect of increased traction on slippery surfaces when the anti-vibration hard, improve safety when used.

1.3. Spiral silver bullet quiet operation 

Ordinary hammocks, used a few days, often produce an annoying creak. Choose HAKAWA folding hammock you will no longer have to worry. Because the HK-V31I hammock is arranged with a high-grade silver bullet whirlpool according to Japanese technology – super durable and high bearing, always ensuring a balance to help the sag work smoothly and not cause unpleasant noise.

1.4. Premium Polyester mesh airy

Pay attention to customers’ perceptions when using HAKAWA hammocks. We carefully test each material to ensure the best comfort for our consumers. HAKAWA chooses Polyester material, which is woven from high quality, durable fabrics with good holding ability. HAKAWA hammock mesh also brings softness with air holes throughout the hammock surface to provide the most comfortable airy when used.

1.5. Intelligent design used everywhere

Folding hammocks are smartly designed with simple criteria, lightweight, provides the utility for customers. The HK-V32I folding hammock can be easily folded for moving to many places as well as storage.

When using the hammock frame can stretch to create a comfortable feeling when lying down for the user.

Smart design with propeller brace, available only at HAKAWA. The narrow width of the hammock can be flexibly adjusted to suit any space.

With smart design, lightweight, HAKAWA folding hammocks is ranked No. 1 choice for each family more perfect. When not in use, users can stow away in bags and carry easily while traveling, picnics or even shipped abroad. Utility too is not it!

2. Benefits only in HAKAWA folding hammocks

With many technical improvements as well as product materials, the folding hammock HK-V32I brings practical benefits to users’ health.

2.1. Hammocks helps regulate sleep posture and reduces snoring

According to some medical research shows about who or snoring when using the hammock will help reduce snoring a lot. Most snoring is caused by lying in wrong position. HAKAWA folding hammock is designed to give people lying stance with head raised accordingly. This helps the respiratory system is relaxed, the state will no longer snoring.

2.2. High quality hammock for short sleep

For many people who have trouble sleeping or have little sleep. Using a folding hammock HAKAWA will easily fall asleep and get deeper sleep. Most customers who use a hammock agree that it is easier to sleep in a hammock when lying in a bed. This has also been tested by experts with EEG measurements. These results showed that hammock volunteers had a change in the nature of their sleep. The time they went to sleep was shorter, not interrupted. Especially, sleep will be deeper and faster energy recovery improves good memory.

2.3. Hammock to relax

Most people believe that lying in a hammock helps relax and relieve stress. The feeling of swaying around helps create a comfortable, relaxing whole body for users to let go of all worries with a great experience.

For those who love reading, the hammock is a place to help you easily adventure with the letters for you to easily immerse yourself in the story and feel everything better. Lying on the hammock gives you a new feeling, extremely interesting, from which you have a relaxing moment for yourself.

3. Sales policy and benefits when buy folding hammocks at HAKAWA

All the details of the hammock frame are linked together in harmony, high quality shiny materials bring more aesthetics and elegance to your home space. As one of the genuine products of HAKAWA brand, so customers enjoy the best care benefits. Along with quality HAKAWA also gives customers professional sales policy and reputable warranty. With the HAKAWA folding hammock HK-V32I, customers have the following services:

  • Commitment to warranty genuine products within 25 years.
  • Free hammock mesh for 5 years.
  • Exchange within 30 days due to manufacturing defect.
  • Safe payment (receiving new goods for payment).
  • Delivery of the day in HCMC fast delivery nationwide home.
  • Customer care consultation before and after conscientious.

HAKAWA folding hammock deserves to be chosen as a meaningful gift to give to relatives and friends.


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Above is some information related to the HAKAWA relaxing folding hammock product. If you still have any questions related to the product, please call hotline 0569.999.699 for a free consultation.


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