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HAKAWA extension cord HK-1400


  • Product name : HAKAWA extension cord HK-1400
  • Brand : HAKAWA (Japan)
  • Length of cord : 12 meters
  • Wire diameter: mm
  • Material: PVC Plasticizers
  • Connector material: Anticorrosive alloy
  • Thread Size: mm
  • Weight: kg
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HAKAWA extension cord HK-1400 is an indispensable accessory for the pressure washers in your home. With a length of up to 12m of HAKAWA extension cord, it is enough to satisfy the needs of spraying vehicles, gardens, and watering cup trees further without moving the machine. The HAKAWA extension cord HK-1400 is a genuine Japanese accessory for high durability, convenient connection – a product worth exploring when you need to use the pressure washers in many different jobs.

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1. Characteristics of special structure brings durability

  Before deciding to buy a product, the first thing you need to know is the structural features to understand the product in the most specific and detailed way. For the extension cord of the HK-1400W pressure washers, it has fully integrated the necessary features to bring the best effect to users such as:

1.1. Advantages in the structure of the HAKAWA extension cord HK-1400

In order to have a high quality product, the raw materials for production are an important factor in the product’s value. The extension cord HK-1400 is made from premium materials to provide a durable compact and withstand high pressure.

The wire pipe is a continuously pressurized part where the water source circulates frequently, so it is necessary to be flexible and resilient to accommodate fluctuations in water sources. Fully understand the needs and working principles of the product, HAKAWA chose material PVC primeval not recycled, friendly environment to meet the technical requirements necessary in wire tubes used for high pressure washer.

With this plastic pipe material for HAKAWA pressure extension water pipe has super tough properties, is super durable and meets the most necessary elasticity. Along with that, water pipes are able to withstand high water pressure, withstand great pressure.

The plastic wire shell is also thickened that does not easily damage when you use the spray in normal conditions. In addition, this plastic material also limits oxidation without worrying about damage caused by chemical transfer or frequent friction and friction.

Manufactured under modern technology with high quality technical standards, so no worry about wires leaking or breaking when used normally.

Its compact appearance has a soft wire that can be rolled up as well as easy to navigate during use without worrying about water clog like conventional products on the marketplace.

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1.2. The outstanding features of the HAKAWA extension cord 12m 

In addition to the above structural features, the extension cord 12m also has outstanding application advantages. Users using this accessory will experience the following advantages:

1.2.1 Large wire length does not need to move much

If you want convenient cleaning, with HAKAWA 12m high-pressure water hose extension, enough for you to go around the car without moving the pump.

Wire length is large, so it can be extended to many different positions. Once you have a HAKAWA extension cord, you do not need to buy more.

1.2.2. Easy connection with the HK1400W high pressure washer

As an accessory manufactured specifically for the home car washer, the HAKAWA extension cord can be easily connected to the HK1400W. With a connector designed to always be compatible with the machine, convenient to connect and replace ordinary short wire. The wire connector is made of zinc alloy coated beautifully shiny and bring strong, rust and less broken when bumped. Especially, connectors withstand water pressure spray is highly recommended not slip joints.

Also in the outstanding feature of the cord are two fast plug-in style ends, compatible with two gun head and locomotive connections. Helps users easily connect wires when needed, tight junctions are linked, not leakage of slipping when there is strong spray force. And help save time and effort for the user to washing, irrigations, …

1.2.3. Durable wire does not twist

The body extension cord is inherently made of high quality plastic material to provide a flexible property. As a result, the wire has firm flexibility, not only break, but also retains its durability for a long time. With this impressive thickness HAKAWA extension cord give you the convenience of handling without exposing any twisted or drawn wires.

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1.2.4. Create great lengths for jobs away from water source easily

With the advantage of large wire length, the HK1400W extension cord helps you to apply in more household work.

In addition to car wash, you can also water plants on high, water the garden far from the water source while the water pressure is not reduced. This allows water to be pumped to more remote locations, in more locations, without having to move much.

– Color: The string is black, creating a healthy string. Along with long black cord was well kept older and also create greater harmony when combined with the HK-1400 pressure washers.

1.2.5. Good price

In terms of quality, with its superior features, HAKAWA extension cord covers enough to convince customers to own an extension cord for more convenience when cleaning the home. Customers will want to own this product even more when they know the cost of the cord is very affordable and affordable for everyone.

Anyone who has been and is planning to use a HK-1400 pressure washers should also buy this HAKAWA extension cord to take advantage of the outstanding advantages, safety and saving that it brings.

Please contact HAKAWA for the fastest and most complete instructions.

1.3. Origin of Japanese quality extension pipe

High quality with rigorous testing standards, the HK-1400 extension cord confident affirmation of quality and safety for consumers.

As genuine products HAKAWA a famous brand from Japan, products are completely manufactured on modern lines and imported completely.

Note: The extension cord HK-1400 for pressure washers is exclusively distributed and recommended specifically for the HK1400W machine to achieve the highest efficiency and benefits for customers.

2. Benefits of using high pressure extension hose from HAKAWA

When using HAKAWA extension cord, customers not only feel the durability and convenience of the product, but also receive many practical benefits for their work such as:

Overcome the limitations when the rope does not meet demand. You will no longer have to drag the machine around the work area.

The large cord length is intended to extend the HK1400W pressure washers, so you can rest assured that this extension cord will be fully compatible with the machine you are using at home without worrying about beam pressure water drops or twisting problem occurs.

The designed wire length is 12m, just enough to meet the necessary needs, not too long and messy, not too short for your cleaning work.

Especially, the wire type minimizes the obstruction caused by the formation of algae in the tube.

3. Professional sales policy and warranty from HAKAWA

So the extension cord is structural with price benefits, you certainly know. Along with quality, the sales policy along with the warranties is something that you cannot ignore when deciding to buy a product or not.

Dây nối tăng áp
HAKAWA cam kết sản phẩm bền bỉ an toàn khi kết nối với máy HK-1400W

With the criterion of bringing satisfaction to customers in both quality and service. So we provide the best sales policy and warranty for customers when buying and using HAKAWA extension cord HK-1400 as follows:

  • Commitment to deliver 100% new customers
  • Products received standard specifications as provided on the website
  • Warranty products by machine
  • Buying, selling and warranty is simple and fast.
  • Fast delivery and nationwide warranty.

The HAKAWA extension cord HK-1400 for HAKAWA pressure washer machine 12m is a quality product that brings convenience and indispensable accessories for the perfect pressure washer machine. To order products or need to provide information related to HAKAWA high pressure washer, please call 0569 999 699 or give a message below the following article for the fastest answer.

Technical specifications

Product name : HAKAWA extension cord HK-1400

Brand : HAKAWA (Japan)

Length of cord : 12 meters

Wire diameter: mm

Material: PVC Plasticizers

Connector material: Anticorrosive alloy

Thread Size: mm

Weight: kg



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