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HAKAWA automobile sterilization machine HK-2020KT


  • HAKAWA automobile sterilization machine HK2020KT  
  • Operating principle: NaNotechnology
  • Use :Kill  bacteria and sterilization
  • Power: 900W
  • Weight: 2,2 kg
  • Guarantee period: 5 years
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Automobile sterilization machine HK-2020KT of HAKAWA deodorizer completely kills 99% of bacteria, completely eliminates odors, musty odors, cigarette smoke, the smell of leather equipment in the car, the smell of paint, the smell of food, … for fresh air, spreading the fragrance. of aromatic essential oils. Solutions to protect health, prevent car sickness, limit allergies for all families.

The product has been medically tested to meet safety standards for human health


1. Highlights of  HAKAWA automobile sterilization machine HK2020KT

Choosing the HK-2020 KT HAKAWA gives you and your family a cool, relaxing atmosphere to build a healthy and healthy life for all home spaces.

The machine is compactly designed with a simple operation mechanism suitable for use in any space.
With many outstanding features in design as well as technical applications with strict standards
Automobile sterilization machine HK-2020 of HAKAWA is the number one  choice to protect the health of your family.

1.1 Automobile sterilization machine HK-2020KT with compact design

In terms of design, experts and engineers research optimally on the apparatus to ensure the compactness provides the ability to work flexibly in many spaces.

The machine weighs only 2.2 kg, with a convenient handle. Women and the elderly are easy to move and use in many different spaces from living rooms, bedrooms, toilets to offices, convenience stores

1.2  Operating principle is simple and safe

  • Operating principle is simple, as long as you put the solution in the specified drawer.
  • Place the machine in the space you want to clean
  • Turn the timer button on and wait a few minutes for the machine to do its job
  • When the timer expires, the job is done

Operating principle is simple: The machine uses ordinary power, it’s easy to use anywhere without a transformer to switch power supplies accordingly

Safe self-shutdown mode:  Smart design with self-shutdown mode helps to regulate the amount of NaNo that is generated and sprayed evenly throughout the space.

Very fine NaNo particles do not stick to the dew on the surfaces so you have complete, don’t worry about damaging electronic device

Peppermint essential oil creates a cool, pleasant atmosphere,good for the human respiratory system.

1.3 HAKAWA automobile sterilization machine HK2020KT disinfection with modern NANOtechnology No. 1

HAKAWA automobile sterilization machine is a product researched on the basis of science to bring practical benefits to life.

The machine works on the principle of converting specialized essential oils into super fine NaNo particles that diffuse into the atmosphere. These particles fly to every corner and cling to the bacteria to freeze and lose their ability to function

Repel flies and mosquitoes away from your living space. Very useful in  long rainy humid seasons, the season in which flies, mosquitoes and pathogens have good conditions.

Brings fresh air , spreading the fragrance of aromatic essential oils, completely  odors, musty odors, cigarette smoke, the smell of leather equipment in the car, the smell of paint, the smell of food,…kills 99%  of bacteria cause odor in the atmosphere.

Choosing the HAKAWA automobile sterilization machine HK-2020 KT gives you and your family a feeling of relaxation with a fresh atmosphere.

Automobile sterilization machine HK-2020 is a high-quality product by HAKAWA – JAPAN BRAND. This product is carefully researched for the quality and optimal for the customers’ benefits.

Each product launched is always the market leader in terms of quality as well as technical standards undergoing rigorous testing on quality and safety

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2. Benefits when using  automobile sterilization machine HK2020KT

Automobile sterilization machine HK2020KT  brings fresh space for cars, offices, bedrooms, living rooms, ..which is an indispensable useful item in every home, office, car, hotel, restaurant. Automobile sterilization machine HK2020KT works to  completely eliminate bad odors in cars, furniture, blankets, and  offices have air-conditioned ,…optimal protection of health in a clean and fresh living space.

2.1. Prevent bacteria from multiplying and causing disease

Effective prevention of rhinitis and allergic diseases

HK-2020 automobile sterilization machine with effective air disinfection and cleaning solution.

Eliminate concerns about odor pollution with HK-2020 KT

Each person still has different concerns. Like health and the air we breathe every day, is it safe and clean?

Unpleasant odors, bacteria lurking in the corner of the air, hard to remove are a common concern. It is the habitual environment that is not regularly sanitized and disinfected that causes disease and disease to form and develop.
Choose an Automobile sterilization machine HK2020KT  so that you do not worry about pollution and unpleasant odors and contribute to protecting our health.

2.2. Sterilize, purify the air

Automobile sterilization machine HK2020KT  kills allergens such as mold, food odors, pollen, and hidden bacteria affecting health. HAKAWA will give you a fresher, fresh air every day.

Not only does it stop at killing bacteria to create fresh air, but it also contributes to repelling mosquitoes, insects, and balances moisture for the air.

With this effect, you are completely safe to get cleaner and fragranter air for your car and room.

2.3. Create a fresh, natural, and pleasant fragrance

The essential menthol oil  particles in the form of NaNo diffuse in the air to create a gentle fresh scent for car interiors and rooms. Mentola is extracted naturally and has been medically tested to meet the safety standards for human health.

Automobile sterilization machine HK2020KT – Mentola is extracted naturally and has been medically tested to meet the safety standards for human health and recommended by a medical professional.

2.4. Many effects are good  for both mental and physical health

Automobile sterilization machine HK2020KT with high technology, essential oils are extracted naturally  is the safest scientific health protection solution today.

The technology creates air-soluble particles with natural aroma for a refreshing and pleasant spirit.
Peppermint extract helps to clear the nose, good for the airways

3. HAKAWA is committed to a transparent sales policy and a reputable warranty

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Today  on the market, there are many fake Hakawa automobile sterilization machines HK2020KT  with lower quality, so to buy products with guaranteed quality, customers should choose to buy genuine products at HAKAWA, source original, clear sales policy.

Hakawa automobile sterilization machines with compact and luxurious design, easy to use, are popular with all beings.

Which is a genuine product, so customers are completely assured of the quality as well as the transparent sales policy and reputable warranty.

3.1. Commitment to product quality

Hakawa automobile sterilization machines HK2020KT to ensure the specifications as provided on the Website.
The product has been certified and  medically tested to meet the safety standards for human health and recommended by a medical professional.

3.2. Professional sales policy

To please customers to satisfy customers, HAKAWA always tries its best to bring the best values and benefits to customers.

  • Regarding the sales policy applicable to the HK-2020  sterilization is applicable as follows:
  • 100% refund if not satisfied with the quality of products.
  • Return the product within 3 months when there is a manufacturing defect.
  • Nationwide home payment delivery.
  • Complimentary 4 bottles of mint deodorant.

3.3. Reputable warranty policy

HAKAWA is a Japanese brand that has been in the Vietnamese market for more than 10 years and is known by consumers for its high quality brands and professional services.

In addition to focusing on product quality, HAKAWA always emphasizes the implementation of the best warranty policies as follows:

  • Genuine 5 year warranty.
  • Lifetime maintenance.
  • Warranty procedure is simple, no frills.
  • Warranty time is fast.

Choosing the HAKAWA automobile sterilization machine  gives  you and your family a fresh and relaxing atmosphere to eliminate unpleasant odors 99.98% to bring a healthy and healthy life for every space.

If you still have any questions about the HAKAWA automobile sterilization machine, please call 0569 999 699 for ordering instructions as well as providing complete information and exactly about the product.


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