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HAKAWA Antiseptic Solution 100ML


  • Product  name: HAKAWA Antiseptic Solution 
  • Brand: HAKAWA
  • Brand Origin: Japan
  • Production: Japanese standard technology
  • Type : Liquid
  • Volume / Weight: 100 ml
  • Benefits: Deodorizing bacteria
ĐẶT NGAY Đặt Hàng Trực Tuyến - Giao Hàng Tận Nơi

Use HAKAWA Antiseptic Solution NANO properly will help protect you and your family from many diseases contagious respiratory.

Dung Dich Diet Khuan Khu Mui HAKAWA 100ml

1. Products meet medical standards, safety for health

HAKAWA’s Antiseptic Solution is researched and produced by Japanese technology, specially supplied during the season to kill bacteria to help prevent epidemics.

With the anti-bacterial function to create scent according to modern technology, HAKAWA antiseptic solution has been tested to meet medical standards to ensure the safety for human health.

The solution is extracted with a cool natural scent that can remove all kinds of odors, moisture, air-conditioning, food, grease, smoke,….

Having the bactericidal feature with the unique NANO technology today, the product is rated at the top of the market for its ability to kill bacteria quickly, safely and economically.

Production lines on Japanese standard, fully imported from abroad and formulas continuously improve research quality improvement.

Dung Dich Khu Trung Diet Khuan HAKAWA 2

2. Effect of HAKAWA antiseptic solution 

HAKAWA Antiseptic Solution is bactericidal antibacterial liquid material can be used, not for mixing different types of water disinfection. Products from HAKAWA Vietnam brand are effective against bacteria and fungi without using soap or water containing alcohol. HAKAWA Antiseptic solution is produced according to a special formula and adhere to medical standards to ensure safety for human health.

Has a bactericidal effect on air and surfaces.

Repel unpleasant odors to save a pleasant fragrance.

Dedicated for disinfecting room spaces without wiping.

Dung Dich Diet Khuan Khu Mui HAKAWA 100ml 2

3. Who is the HAKAWA bactericidal solution suitable for?

The antibacterial solution is safe for consumers and suitable for all customers.

You can completely use for your family as follows:

  • Use antibacterial for the living room.
  • Disinfect for the kitchen.
  • Disinfect bedroom, deodorize air conditioner.
  • Used for cars.
  • Use to disinfect toilets.

Service stores should all use:

  • Use in offices, meeting rooms, …
  • Use HAKAWA antibacterial solution for restaurants and hotels
  • Used for coffee gifts, too Karaoke
  • Use for clothing shops.
  • Use for grocery stores.
  • Suitable for kitchen areas, floors, walls, public areas, no rinse.

Dung Dich Diet Khuan Khu Mui HAKAWA 100ml 3

4. Safety Products for all devices

HAKAWA Antiseptic Solution is specially produced for NANO HK2020KT technology deodorizing sterilizer.

This solution is converted to silver nanoparticles in air permeated to the smallest nooks.

In addition to medical standards, with NANO smoke particles it also ensures safety for all electronic devices. These tiny particles did not cause sticking on the surface of water vapor so as not to affect the electronic devices.

Safety for all solid surfaces such as wood, cement, ceramic, porcelain, plastic, metal, …

Normal sterilization rate is 70-80 square meters per 100ml. However, the product is safe for health so you absolutely can use it with more capacity.

Spray on the surface, wait for about 10 minutes and does not need to wipe again.

It is recommended to use HAKAWA disinfectant solution with NANO HK2020KT granulator to bring the best bactericidal effect.

Dung Dich Diet Khuan Khu Mui HAKAWA 100ml 5

5. Properties of HAKAWA Antiseptic Solution

– Liquid, transparent, fragrant.


– No need to rinse with water.

– Storage in a dry  environment, avoid sunlight.

6. Note use antiseptic solution

Antiseptic solutions kill common bacteria.

HAKAWA Antiseptic solution cannot remove all bacteria.

The fast surface antiseptic solution can not remove harmful chemicals such as pesticides, heavy metals, …

Not used for open wounds.

For use with air fume sprayers only.

Do not abuse the sterilizing fluid or cleaner hands of unknown origin will increase the risk of BPA – a chemical hazard that can lead to cancer.

Dung Dich Diet Khuan Khu Mui HAKAWA 100ml 4

7. Choosing HAKAWA antiseptic solution, users will be guaranteed the following benefits:

– Genuine products with medical inspection.

– The ability to sterilize 99%

– Pleasant aroma safe for health.

– Reasonable price

– Many valuable promotions and gifts

– Fast delivery nationwide.

– Free Consultation or call direct order hotline at 0569 999 699 or leave information right below this article.

Technical specifications

Brand OriginJapan
ProductionJapanese standard technology
Volume100 ml
Benefits Deodorizing bacteria
NoteNot replace medical antibacterial solution


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