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Aluminum telescopic ladder single HK – 138



☑️ Aluminum ladder  HAKAWA HK-138
☑️ Maximum height: 3m8
☑️ Shortened height: 0,86m
☑️ Number of steps: 13 steps
☑️ Material: Aluminum T6063 +
☑️ Thickness: 1.3-1.5mm
☑️ Payload: 300Kg
☑️ Product weight: 10,9kg

ĐẶT NGAY Đặt Hàng Trực Tuyến - Giao Hàng Tận Nơi

Other than the ladder previous traditional (wooden ladder, ladder bamboo), aluminum ladders withdraw HAKAWA HK-138 is made from aluminum solid durable high antioxidant not only maintain the aesthetics, but also ensure the quality long usage. With a simple design, the aluminum ladder offers easy handling suitable for all subjects, becoming a useful tool in today’s life.

thang nhom rut don hakawa hk 138

1. Highlights of the Aluminum telescopic ladder single HAKAWA HK-138

Single retractable aluminum ladder HAKAWA HK-138 is a compact and flexible ladder model. Products are manufactured on advanced technology lines from Japan, achieved European standards of quality and 100% natural imported CBU. With many safety features unsurpassed ability shortened perfect, aluminum ladders withdraw HAKAWA HK-138 ready to be with you and trusted you in every task, no matter Appliance Repair indoors or to handle the technical issues most complex.

1.1. Compact design, easy to use

Compact size, flexible interchangeable height (minimum 0.8m and max up to 3.8m), suitable for a variety of applications.

Made from high-grade aluminum dedicated to making T6063 ultra-hard, super-light, super-durable aircraft shell, ensuring absolute reliability, absolute safety for users. Not only is it sturdy, but T6063 aluminum also ensures long-term aesthetics, this material is able to effectively resist oxidizing agents from the environment to maintain beautiful durability for ladder.

thang nhom rut don hakawa hk 138 3

The middle pipe of the HAKAWA HK-138 reaches up to 16cm (double the normal ladder), helps the ladder to be more solid and increases bearing capacity, keeping the highest safety for the use of the ladder.

Compact stairs intelligent, gentle, easy to store and bring it to do.

The ladder foot is made of high-quality rubber base, effectively anti-slip to ensure safety for users. The rubber soles reduce the impact on the contact surfaces significantly, and do not cause scratches to the floor.

1.2. The outstanding feature of the Aluminum telescopic ladder single HAKAWA HK-150

The flexible aluminum ladder is great for all jobs

As a smart product, the ladder offers a compact size, a highly variable height (min 0.8m and max up to 3.8m), with this flexible height variability The ladder can be used for many jobs at different heights, bringing the highest work efficiency to everyone.

Light weight for easy movement

Made of solid aluminum T6063 (the aluminum for aircraft shells), it is lightweight and makes it extremely easy to move and store. You do not need to spend too much effort on moving the ladder, you can use this energy to serve other jobs that bring you the highest productivity.

Durable over a long time of use

The source of raw materials that make up the HAKAWA HK-138 single retraction aluminum ladder are high quality materials, ensuring resistance to external biochemical agents against strong oxidation rust, furthermore the rigidity of the ladder gives bearing capacity and high payload you can completely satisfied with the quality of the ladder persistence through time long-term use.

thang nhom rut don hakawa hk 138 2

Ensure safety

Products are manufactured on modern lines, high-quality materials with Japanese technology, ensuring standards of safety and efficiency. High work is easier than ever with this single retractable aluminum ladder.

1.3. Origin

Aluminum telescopic ladder single HAKAWA HK-138 is one of the typical products from HAKAWA brand famous aluminum ladder brand from Japan. As a reputable brand that provides quality products in the market with a variety of household products, HAKAWA is a trusted friend of many customers and increasingly has a great influence on the specific market. HAKAWA has been present in 64 provinces of Vietnam. HAKAWA’s products not only satisfy Vietnamese customers but have reached the international market, gaining the trust used in demanding and demanding markets such as Europe, the US, UK, Germany, and Thailand and Korea …

2. Special benefits and advantages of single retraction aluminum ladder HAKAWA HK-138

thang nhom rut don hakawa hk 138 6

Minimize bulky levels

Ladders play an important role in materials handling, construction, maintenance and a wide variety of jobs. Without them, many jobs would be difficult or even impossible. Gone are the days when you had to hang around on heavy wooden ladders. Using a heavy wooden ladder is sure to be a difficult and laborious job, all the weaknesses of this wooden ladder will be solved immediately with the use of an aluminum ladder. Of course, the easy-to-move light weight of aluminum isn’t the only property of the aluminum ladder.

Saving cost

With a ladder made of aluminum that can save you considerable money, the ladder ensures a strong anti-rust resistance, Because the surface of aluminum oxidizes so quickly, it is immediately sealed and protected from the environment by this oxidizing layer. Therefore, you do not have to pay for maintenance work or replace it in a long period of use.

An effective solution for space limitations 

You can keep it outdoors without having to worry about weather impacts that could damage the ladder. This is most convenient for those with limited interiors or sheltered storage space.

thang nhom rut don hakawa hk 138 4

3. Address to buy prestige ladder to ensure quality

The function and usefulness of the aluminum ladder is undeniable, it is reflected in the popularity of this scale in the market as well as the majority of households. Because of the coverage of this product in the market, it creates different brands of aluminum ladders, which makes consumers wonder what to choose a reputable brand, providing products with reasonable prices and ensuring quality. HAKAWA is a trusted brand for you, we offer a product warranty policy that prioritizes the interests of customers, is committed to providing genuine products, reasonable prices and transparency.

Purchase policy:

  • Exchange within 30 days due to manufacturing defect or product quality failure.
  • Fast delivery to home nationwide.
  • Delivery time in HCMC is 1-2 days. Other provinces from 3-7 days.
  • Support delivery fee from 50-100%.

Warranty Policy:

  • Genuine warranty for 2 years.
  • Simple paperwork is not cumbersome.
  • Processing time is fast.

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Every decision is up to you, evaluate and choose the most suitable product in the wisest and most appropriate way.

For any questions related to the HAKAWA HK-138 single draw aluminum ladder, you can contact hotline 0569 999 699 to get the fastest answer!



Product NameAluminum ladder HAKAWA HK-138
Type ProductsAluminum telescopic ladder single 
Maximum Height3m8
Compact Height0,86m
Number Of Steps13
Step Distance30cm
MaterialNhôm T6063+
Pipe Diameter2.8cm – 8cm
Gross Weight11,9kg
Net Weight10,9kg



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