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☑️ Aluminum ladder HAKAWA HK-144
☑️ Maximum Height: 4m4
☑️ Compact Height: 0,92 m
☑️ Material: Nhôm T6063+
☑️ Product weight: 12,7 Kg
☑️ Payload: 300 Kg

ĐẶT NGAY Đặt Hàng Trực Tuyến - Giao Hàng Tận Nơi

Currently, aluminum telescopic ladder single more people interested and looking to because this is a family of modern, suitable for use with a lot of work in the family as replace equipment and installation of electric lights, painting ceilings, clean easy cleaning of overhead objects … not only is the home space, including working outside the building, the jobs that require working atop and moving a lot, this ladder is also an invaluable support device. same important. HAKAWA provides consumers with the HAKAWA HK-144 single retractable aluminum ladder device, modern and quality aluminum ladder equipment that supports all work on the safest and most efficient altitude. 

thang nhom rut don hakawa hk 144

1. Highlights of the aluminum telescopic ladder single HAKAWA HK-144 brings

The outstanding feature of this 4m4 single draw aluminum ladder design is to bring neatness, the best support for the work of moving, working as well as being able to store, store quickly and effectively. Not only investing in design style, the HK-144 single retractable aluminum ladder also provides toughness and durability during long-term use.

1.1. Compact design, offering diverse functionality

  • Made from high-grade T6063 aluminum (the aluminum used to manufacture aircraft housings), this high-grade material has great toughness that helps the scale to be effective in the long run and without deformation even when hit hard.
  • The middle pipe of the HK-144 single aluminum ladder is up to 16cm (double that of a conventional ladder), helping the ladder to ensure stability during use and withstand large loads up to 300kg to support user best work
  • Compact stairs intelligent design, helping to pull the ladder softly, softly. With smart reduction operation, the ladder makes it easy for users to use and saves time storing the ladder significantly.
  • Foot ladder made of rubber soles committed to safety for the user with features anti-slip the rubber soles brings and it can preserve the contact surface to avoid causing scratches ugly for the floor.
  • Compact size, with flexible variable height (maximum 4m4 shortened to only 0.92m) for most effective overhead work.

thang nhom rut don hakawa hk 144 4

1.2. Aluminum telescopic ladder single HAKAWA HK-144  offers outstanding features

Large payload ensures safety for users

The load capacity of the ladder is up to 300kg, this weight is enough for the user to come with other heavy equipment to perform high work without fear of breaking, or cropping like poor ladders. other quality, your safety is guaranteed the highest safety possible.

Quality aluminum ladder ensures efficient work support

Products are manufactured on modern production lines, high-quality materials with Japanese technology, ensuring safety standards and efficiency. Therefore, the aluminum ladder can completely undertake the job of supporting the user most effectively and safely.

Flexible aluminum ladder with many different heights

As a smart product, the ladder offers a flexible variation with different heights, which can be flexibly changed (min. 0.92m and max up to 4.4m) making it possible use suitable for multiple jobs at different altitudes.

thang nhom rut don hakawa hk 144 2

Lightweight ladder easily work

Made from T6063 aluminum material, it creates lightness that makes it easy to move and store the ladder and save considerable effort. You do not need to spend too much effort on moving the ladder, with just a few simple steps of the ladder you can move the ladder to the area you want.

1.3. Where does the aluminum telescopic ladder single HAKAWA HK-144 come from?

4m4 aluminum telescopic ladder single HAKAWA HK-144 is a product from HAKAWA brand, a famous aluminum ladder with Japanese technology. As a reputable brand that provides quality products in the market with a variety of products in the home appliances field, HAKAWA is a trusted brand of many customers and increasingly has a great influence on the market. Specific schools HAKAWA has been present in all 64 provinces with a nationwide distribution agent system. HAKAWA’s products not only satisfy Vietnamese customers but have reached the international market, gaining the trust used in demanding and demanding markets such as Europe, the US, UK, Germany, and Thailand and Korea …

2. The aluminum telescopic ladder single HAKAWA HK-144  useful tools for overhead work

With an aluminum ladder withdraw 4m4 quality it can bring numerous benefits for you, here are some useful but this aluminum ladder can bring:

2.1. Support with cleaning work

There are thousands of cleaning tasks that need to be completed in order to provide a clean and comfortable living space, such as cleaning floors, cleaning furniture, cleaning glass, cleaning ceiling fans, cleaning ceilings, cleaning air conditioning …

2.2. Complete decoration work quickly

The decoration of the living space, the working space will bring new flavors to life, making our life more special.These decorations can include: hanging pictures, attaching flowers, , attach a clock, or install something in the stairway area, hang curtains … Aluminum ladder will help you complete this decoration quickly, helping you to stand firmly in positions. The decoration at different heights makes the decoration job easier.

thang nhom rut don hakawa hk 144 6

2.3. Improve the health of the user

No need to spend too much effort to move heavy bulky wooden ladders, with aluminum ladder things get a lot easier. The aluminum telescopic ladder single HAKAWA HK-144 is light weight and neatly designed for use as well as stacking and storing, you will be able to save considerable effort when using this ladder to finish work, this will be the indirect way to improve our health.

3. HAKAWA commits to a reputable sales policy to ensure customers’ interests

With the working motto “Please come, be pleased with customers”, HAKAWA builds a sales policy that emphasizes quality and customer satisfaction first, provides genuine products with quality standards, qualified satisfaction with the following commitments:

Purchase policy:

  • How change within 30 days due to manufacturing defects or products does not guarantee quality.
  • Fast delivery to home nationwide.
  • Delivery time in HCMC is 1-2 days. Other provinces from 3-7 days.
  • Support delivery fee from 50-100%.

Warranty Policy:

  • Genuine warranty for 2 years.
  • Paperwork simple no frills.
  • Quick processing time.

thang nhom rut don hakawa hk 144 5

It can be said that the single draw aluminum ladder is a powerful tool to help you effectively complete many different jobs, with a cost so that you can own a versatile and quality ladder that is not too expensive but effective extremely high. HAKAWA will be a source of reliable quality products for you. For any questions related to the 4m4 single draw aluminum ladder HAKAWA HK-144, you can contact hotline 0569 999 699 to get the fastest answer!


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