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Aluminum Telescopic Ladder Double A Letter HK-256



☑️ Aluminum ladder A HAKAWA HK-256
☑️ Aluminum Material T6063 +
☑️ Straightening Height 5,6m
☑️ Collapsed Height 1m
☑️ The height of letter A 2.8m
☑️ 300 kg Tonnage
☑️ Product weight 22,8kg

ĐẶT NGAY Đặt Hàng Trực Tuyến - Giao Hàng Tận Nơi

You are unfinished jobs repairing overhead or desired arrangement installing additional equipment and tools for the this position. You are worried that the current ladder devices are not safe and difficult to use, so you may fall at any time. Ignore these concerns, aluminum ladders letter A 3m would be a great solution for you, this is one of the useful products that HAKAWA brings you use, support the repair and installation on high fastest ensures absolute safety.

thang nhom rut doi chu a hakawa hk 256

1. Highlights of the aluminum telescopic ladder double A letter HK-256

The Aluminum ladder A HAKAWA HK-256 is made from ultra-light, super-durable high-grade aluminum to ensure absolute rigidity for climbing work. Solve all handicapped concerns about: the height, the weight, the bulky, difficult to move … With intelligent design, the ladder can be used with the vertical difference (the letter A, letter I, letter L) offers the most flexibility and convenience for you to use.

1.1. Smart design 

The reason that the aluminum ladder possesses this compactness is because it is made of aluminum material (making the aircraft shell) a super hard, super light, super durable material. With the toughness and durability of its aluminum can undertake the task load is extremely safe, moreover it is a material that persisting with the biological effects outside so you absolutely can rest assured that use them for a long time

Foot ladder with 2 wheels move very easily, without having to carry a heavy belly, “saving” your effort. Foot ladder soles made of rubber reduce external force on the contact surface protection against scratches landscape effectively.

Between 2 foot ladder fitting distance, allowing you to work and move around easily and comfortably. To ensure absolute safety when working with ladder double A letter HK-256, between 2 bar elevator safe lock, anti-slip ladder out 2 party endanger exposed persons.

1.2. Feature highlights

High load capability

With a payload of up to 300kg so you can feel secure when climbing work on a ladder more you can carry under other items with the severity different without fear of breaking down by ladder can cause.

thang nhom rut doi chu a hakawa hk 256 2

Excellent height

One of the criteria to choose a ladder indispensable is that it can serve us with how high. For the  ladder double A letter that HAKAWA provides you can comfortably use up to 5.6m in vertical and 2.8m in A-position.

Flexible in any space

For this ladder, it not only serves you with the right design with its name, it is letter A, but it can flexibly improvise with different styles (letter I, letter L) for work. in your most flexible way.

Compact design

For any instrument, what you fear to make may involve storing them for a number of reasons such as: the area of space uncomfortable, heavy volume is difficult to clean, assemble or compact difficult … for ladder double A letter you can completely be satisfied because the neat design that this ladder brings can make it easy to fold the compact level to 0.95m, ladder Made from aluminum material, the weight of this item is quite light, cleaning and storing them becomes easier than ever

1.3. The origin

An aluminum ladder with intelligent design, provides many attractive functions so you have a question for this product originating there from, how quality or not?

thang nhom rut doi chu a hakawa hk 256 3

Coming from HAKAWA, one of the famous brands of Japanese aluminum bars, this brand is linked and exclusively by CAO DAI TIN Company to create the best quality aluminium ladder double A letter , in addition to a variety of Other quality products: folding chair, folding hammock … With a journey of more than 10 years operating in the Japanese standard HAKAWA consumer goods market, HAKAWA has become a trusted brand that is chosen by every household. Not only for Vietnam, the brand has a significant impact worldwide.

2. Aluminum telescopic ladder double A letter HK-256 (3M)

Aluminum ladder gradually become one of the most popular devices in the family now, by the convenience and safety that this brings ladder. Let’s take a look at some of the functions that this ladder can provide.

2.1. Tools to support effective cleanup work

Cleaning the house becomes easier than ever with this smart ladder. Specific work on high: Cleaning the ceiling, wipe down, wipe the glass, painting walls … Without tool support, this hard work can take place because of it in different altitudes not Anyone can access it or you can use other devices to increase your exposure to these positions such as chairs or tables … this job is time-consuming and may not be very effective. With the safety ladder climbing on the ladder to make cleaning work much easier and safer, every area at different heights is easily accessible from which you can completely assured work lovely bring beauty to your home.

2.2. Save time and effort

For this versatile ladder, all work on high is easier than ever. You do not have to stand on the steps, the tables and chairs are unstable to be in contact with the positions that need to be done or take the time to move these objects to suit the position you want. If you want, the compact aluminum ladder helps you get in contact with all positions at different heights quickly, with a neat and light design you can also save maximum effort for moving this ladder.

thang nhom rut doi chu a hakawa hk 256 5

2.3. Health protection

The safety that this ladder brings is undeniable, you can completely rest assured to do high work without worrying about slippage or breakage because of the sturdy design and strength. Extremely amazing weight up to 300kg. Your health will also be guaranteed when not take too much effort in moving or storing cleaning tools.

3. Policy safe purchasing, warranty reputation

When you choose the right products for yourself, it is sure to have a headache when choosing where to buy them. A perfect product is not only based on the quality capabilities that they bring, but must also meet both a safe purchase policy and a reputable warranty.

HAKAWA will be a reliable site for you. HAKAWA is committed to providing products in accordance with the parameters supplied to customers, ensuring quality products at the most suitable and transparent prices.

thang nhom rut doi chu a hakawa hk 256 4

Sales policy at HAKAWA guarantees product quality and customer benefits first, with specific policies as follows:

✔ Exchange within 30 days due to manufacturing defects or poor quality products

✔ HAKAWA ships to 64 cities and provinces nationwide (Applies to HAKAWA Vietnam)

✔ Delivery time in HCMC is 1-2 days. Other provinces from 3-10 days

✔ Support 50-100% delivery fee

About the warranty policy, HAKAWA has also paid great attention to the warranty of the HK-256 double-drawn aluminum ladder, ensuring the highest peace of mind for all customers who choose HAKAWA:

✔Genuine warranty for 2 years

✔Simple paperwork is not cumbersome

✔Fast processing time

Aluminum ladders will be a tool for effectively supporting you to help you be able to work on high saving time and effort to ensure absolute safety. Do not hesitate to own this smart tool.

All inquiries related to product aluminum ladders letter A 3m HAKAWAHK-256, customers please call on telephone numbers 0569 999 699 or leave information in the article for instructions to order as well as providing information complete and accurate about the product.



MaterialAluminium T6063+
Gross Ton300 kg
Number of steps18 (2×9)
Distance between steps30cm
Straightening Height5,6m
Collapsed height1m
Height letter A2.8m
Product weight22.8kg
Pipe diameter9cm


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