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Relaxing folding chair also known as relaxing chair , it helps you get a resting place to dispel all fatigue and stress.With HAKAWA’s relaxing chair it also brings many benefits for health and high applicability,create an accent for luxury space. To learn more about the specials that come from these relaxing chairs, HAKAWA shares everything you need to know about them.

1. What is the relaxing folding chair?

Relaxing folding chair is a type of chair that brings relaxation to the user. It has the ability to change shape and connections folded when not in use. Relaxing folding chair were born in 1928, it erased the boundaries between lying and sitting are integrated in one single product.

Through years of development, the relaxing chairs have been upgraded and made from a variety of materials as well as bringing more value to the user. Previously, the relaxing chair was made from wood, rattan, mattress, leather, …However, now this chair model has been much improved with more advanced materials to improve the disadvantages of old materials such as size, termites, beetles, mold,…

Versatile relaxing folding chair new generation more solid, more durable, more convenient, more beautiful, …At the time was born, everyone have not received very positively. But with the change in perception as well as the need to use it today smart chairs increasingly popular and more widely used.

2. Frequently asked questions:

Relaxing folding chair was born in 1928, through the years it has been improved and enhanced. Until now, the relaxing folding chair there are many different types of quality, style and brand manufacturer with many different models.

Currently HAKAWA is a Japanese brand specializing in the distribution of high quality products seat, with many models of quality improvement and performance is evaluated as the most convenient modern market.

HAKAWA has models of relaxing chairs such as:

Relaxing folding chair HK-G20T: modern folding chair with structure characteristics and features bring the convenience and health benefits.

Relaxing folding chair HK-G21P: Upgraded Pro version with many more advantages of flexibility, for the reclining to 180 degrees, wider seat area, the longer the person is more comfortable.

Another version of the relaxing chair is the relaxing bed HK-X21 HAKAWA, this is a new version to meet the needs of many people to use a relaxation bed.

Referring to relaxing chairs are HAKAWA the name is at the top, not only for reliability but also convenience and health benefits.

Made from high quality steel, HAKAWA relaxing chair makes customers surprised to 300kg payload capacity. Chair frame is electrostatic spray coating layer 7 luxurious colors may rust, durability over time.

Mesh chair by textilen supple material, waterproof, dust and mold negligent. Fiber woven mesh ventilation brings comfort when lying. Chair legs to rubber lining anti-slip grip and protection does not scratch the floor. Together with the seat cushion also has thick pillow can be adjusted flexibly suit individual needs.

Featuring a curved frame design with cushion support surface elastic relaxation deck chairs, HAKAWA also brings many health benefits that make millions of people enjoy, such as: support repel fatigue osteoarthritis pain, anti-curve scoliosis, giving the feeling of relaxation throughout the body, makes it go to sleep, sleep slept not startled.

To get a high quality product that offers long-term durability, the material plays a decisive role. Understanding this, HAKAWA has tested and selected the best relaxing chair materials.

With the seat frame: made of steel material to create a solid, HAKAWA chair has a load of up to 300kg. Outside the frame has a thick electrostatic layer that prevents rust and scratches when impacted.

Mesh seat cover: used texilen material that is firm, supple, water-resistant, anti-mold, dust-free and ventilated.

Chair legs: the chair legs are lined with rubber bases to help increase grip when using, prevent buckets and falls, help prevent scratches on the floor as well as protect the chair legs from being in regular contact with the floor.

Seat cushions: Choose high-quality materials that absorb sweat and surface elasticity to create the smoothest possible comfort for the occupants.

HAKAWA relaxing chair is a product of the famous brand in quality and service should always have full warranty policy for customers such as:

  • Genuine 25-year warranty HAKAWA.
  • Genuine innovation mattresses, nets 5 years HAKAWA.
  • 30 days to return due to manufacturer error.
  • Super-fast delivery in 64 provinces across the country.

HAKAWA relax chair is great for the health of its users, this is the decisive reason that makes HAKAWA a top choice of consumers.

The health benefits of the HAKAWA relaxing folding chair are:

  • Helps repel symptoms of neck pain, shoulder pain, nape, elbow pain.
  • The chair frame helps to adjust the correct sitting posture, prevents scoliosis in many people.
  • Help to put into sleep faster and deeper sleep, support the treatment of insomnia difficult to sleep in the elderly.
  • Bring back short naps, quick nap indirectly to increase resistance, mental clarity.
  • Dispel stress, relieve fatigue to bring happiness for the best health.
  • Lying on the scientific side helps to reduce the pressure on the capillaries, contributing to stable blood gas regulation.

HAKAWA always has special offers for customers who trust and use genuine HAKAWA products.

Preferential policies are always open and transparent by HAKAWA.

  • Support nationwide delivery fee from 50-100% (depending on the order).
  • Support for replacement maintenance accessories.

Free replacement within 5 years of mesh seats.

You can access website or call directly to 0569 999 699 for the fastest answer.

HAKAWA always confident to bring the product quality assurance specifications for customers. Where the change to pay the technical fault is almost not there.

However, HAKAWA is always willing to return the product to the customer if there is an error due to production or technical failure as information provided on the website.

Please contact HAKAWA soon as you experience problems with product or have questions about our services.

HAKAWA confidently has brought satisfaction to millions of customers across the S-shaped strip. Wherever you are, it’s easy to relax a chair to HAKAWA by the following ways:

Option 1: Buy online by leaving your phone number or personal information at the website, HAKAWA’s staff will guide and advise the most complete product information. HAKAWA commits to always keep customers’ information confidential.

Option 2: Pick up the phone to call hotline 0569 999 699 HAKAWA’s consulting staff are always ready to serve you.

Option 3: You can go directly to HAKAWA headquarters to experience and refer to product information at:

Address: 136C Thanh Xuan 22 Street, Thanh Xuan Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City.

Working hours: 07:00 – 21:00 from Monday to Sunday (all holidays).

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