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HAKAWA is always confident to bring customers professional quality products and services. As a reliable brand, in addition to product values, HAKWA is always committed to ensuring the confidentiality of customers’ personal information when trusting and using household products of HAKAWA brand. 

Please read the “Privacy Policy” below before accessing other content to better understand the commitments we make, to respect and protect the interests of customers.

In the information management process, the Company always complies with the following Privacy Principles:

Purpose of collecting customer information

-The personal information of customers is collected for the purposes of:

Support customers when buying products.

Answering customer questions.

Provide you with our latest information.

Review and upgrade the content and interface of website and application.

Conduct promotional activities related to HAKAWA’s products and services

Forms of collecting customer information

It is a company that directly distributes convenient household products to customers. HAKAWA Company collects information directly from customers looking to buy products.

The Company uses and from a number of different sources in a transparent and legal manner.

Customer information based on the relationship with the customer such as name, contact information, information usage, products and services of the company, some information about your interests, demographics and a few concerns about the product that the customer is looking forward to.

We only collect information relating to providing products or services, information requested or information for business purposes in order to understand customers’ tastes.

For online customers, the company collects information such as: IP address, operating system information, access time to website, internet access location, customer products visited in the website. Information collected to promote products, improve the website and bring a better experience for customers.

Use of customer personal information

The Company only uses the client’s personal information for the collected purpose. For other purposes, the customer must be agreed or in the case of the legal framework allows.

This includes the sharing of personal information with businesses, ethical, representative, service provider company or requirements of state agencies.

In the case that according to the law, the customer’s personal information may be provided to the individual or organization of the service provider in other jurisdictions other than the place where the information is collected and must comply with under the law in that area.

HAKAWA absolutely does not share customer information with any person or organization outside the company for the purpose of selling or marketing products if the customer does not allow it.

In some cases, we will share customer information within the company in order to provide incentives for products and other services.

The company uses information to promote product images and introduce products. Customers have the choice to refuse information on incentives.

HAKAWA will hold and secure the personal information of customers until they do not need to meet with the purpose of collecting or when the law stipulates.

The Company will keep customers’ personal information until they are no longer needed for collection purposes or as required by law.

Personal information of customers will be updated to serve the purpose of use and maximum security.

Methods of protection

For personal information of customers, HAKAWA will use the security methods suitable new level of importance of the information. Preventing all forms of unauthorized access, theft, modification or publication.

We will be completely responsible for personal customer information including customer bought products, customer agents, customers learn product information, customers use products and services.

When sharing personal information with service providers, they are responsible for protecting information by measures consistent with practices and security policies of the customer and the company.

Commitment to Privacy

When customers submit customer personal information to us, the customer has agreed to the terms that we outlined above. We pledge that the information that customers provide to us will be kept confidential and used to the maximum benefit for our customers.

The company is committed to the management of personal information under the control carefully. The company has a staff responsible for monitoring compliance with the Privacy Principles of the Company.

The company tried its best to implement information security policies and practices to manage personal information to ensure safety for our customers

Because internet connections can be attacked intrusion we can not give a commitment to ensure that customer information provided to us will be kept confidential in absolute safety. In this case we can not be responsible in case of any unauthorized access to personal information of customers. If the customer does not agree with the terms as described above. We advise customers not to send information to us.

HAKAWA reserves the right to edit the content in this site without warning or prior notice at its sole discretion. Customer agrees that, when customers use our website after modifying, they acknowledge, agree to comply with and believe in this modification. So customers should look at the content of this page before accessing other content on the website.