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What kind of high-pressure washers is good for cleaning the needs of motorbikes, cars, yard cleaning, …? There are so many types of pressure washers on the market that customers do not know which is the right and most suitable choice? If you are wondering about choosing a pump washers or pressure washers, the answer is right here. Reading to read the following article to get the most objective answer.

1. What is the high pressure washers?

A high-pressure washers is a spray cleaner capable of producing a stream of high-pressure water. High pressure washers technology was previously used widely in car, motorcycle, and professional cleaning services. With strong spraying force, the generated water jets are able to remove all stubborn dry stains, moss on the surface of objects quickly and save time. Currently, the industry is thriving, the family pressure washer has been on the market and has also introduced high pressure technology to bring the best effect. The mini pressure washers for family has many models with full features of spraying snow foam, spraying mist or large stream of water to serve a variety of washing needs of each person. The capacity of the pressure washers is measured in liters / minute and remains the same for different models.

2. To answer questions

Owning a high-pressure washers in your family will help you with a lot of work such as car wash, yard cleaning, barn, watering,… The HAKAWA pressure washers not only satisfied customers by its high applicability, but also had many advantages. Other models do not have such as:

  • Compact design makes it easy to move as well as more convenient to clean.
  • Pressure washer creates a strong water flow with many modes bringing wide application.
  • It has a luxurious appearance, equipped with smart wheels and handles, the waterproof cover ensures safety when used in wet environments.
  • High working capacity from 1400WW – 2200W for strong water jet pressure up to 160 bar. Beat away all stubborn stains.
  • Providing water directly from the tap or suck water from the sink for convenient use.
  • There is a safety valve capable of preventing pressure when an overload occurs, the relay controller is very sensitive when opening and closing.
  • It has a long high-pressure line and is paired with a multipurpose gun. You can washing car professional snow foam, just like in a salon.
  • Integrated over temperature protection mode to increase the life of the machine.
  • Easy to use, all members like grandparents, parents, teenagers can use it.

How the price of a pressure washers is also an issue that who buys is also interested in. High-pressure washers has many models and many brands and quality is also different. So a cheap pressure washers certainly can not guarantee the quality as well as fully meet the needs of use. For genuine household pressure washers with brand HAKAWA Japan, the price ranges below 2 million and less than 4 million VND. If you have a need to use it, the HK-1400W will be quite good. For the need to use a larger high-pressure washers, the HK-2200W will help you get the best job.

High-pressure washer from HAKAWA brand is quite familiar to Vietnamese consumers. There are tens of thousands of products on sale in the market and throughout the country. To buy genuine pressure washer, quality assurance as well as full warranty. Please give the information below or call 0569 999 699 for the most complete and accurate instructions. In addition, you can buy HAKAWA’s high-end pressure washers by visiting our headquarters at:


  • Address: 136C, Thanh Xuan 22 Street, Thanh Xuan Ward, District 12, HCMC
  • Hotline: 0569.999.699
  • Open: 7am – 21pm from Monday to Saturday (all holidays), Sunday 7am – 17pm

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