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Medical Bed

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Medical beds are medical devices used current popular not only in the health facilities but also in households. Follow the following content, to understand why this device is so popular, as well as search for a place to buy reputable medical beds on the market today.

Change positions quickly with diverse angles:

  • Lift back up from 0° – 80°.
  • Lower back from 80 ° – 0 °.
  • Leg lifts up to 45 °.
  • Lower leg to 90 °.
  • Tilt to the left of 0 ° – 45 °.
  • Tilt to the right from 0 ° – 45 °.

Support for treatment with supportive devices:

  • IV cane convenient
  • Drug declaration sheet.
  • Potty, pots were installed in the fitting frame to help the body hygiene done quickly, right at the bedside while ensuring absolute cleanliness: Wash your hair, go to the toilet.
  • Into beds certainly help patients sit up, sit up safely, avoid falling on either side.
  • The thighs are raised, not slipping forward when sitting, making the toilet more convenient.

2. The question of medical beds:

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