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Massage Chairs HAKAWA NEON HK-M68

46.000.000 50.000.000

The benefits of massage chairs are mentioned a lot and consumers themselves acknowledge its value. Accordingly, some surveys show that consumers believe in choosing more imported genuine massage chairs because of the quality and reputable sales policy.

Besides, the imported massage chairs are also more advanced and the price is commensurate with the value that the product brings. Here we will learn about the product of body massage chair in general, and the genuine imported massage chair with Japanese technology from the famous HAKAWA brand, trusted by millions of consumers.

1. What is a full body massage chair?

The full body massage chair is a specially designed chair with many modes of operation simulating human massage to bring comfort and many health benefits. A high-quality full body massage chair will provide many massages and massages of different areas of the body for users to have the most relaxing experience.

2. Why are massage chairs imported by Japanese is popular?

Social development, the more the pressure of life caused demand full body massage chair is increasingly popular. Luxury massage chairs are imported with many features and uses offers, customers should be pleased Vietnam.

Genuine Japanese distribution products are still appreciated by new technologies such as:

  • 3D scan, 4D automatic sensor.
  • Many authentic movements and various massage modes to improve health.
  • Smooth operation.
  • Use durable.
  • Reputable maintenance warranty.

3. Frequently asked questions

Japan’s HAKAWA body massage chair is a trusted name for many, with each product offering top quality assurance and service in the market.

With the full body massage chair, HAKAWA is researched to produce the best chair models and apply the most modern technologies.

Coming to HAKAWA, you will be consulted wholeheartedly to get the product most suitable for you and your family.

Each line is fully integrated seat mode sensor body to massage movements exactly.

Many movements simulate as real as people.

Zero gravity mode and exercise science brings many health benefits rheumatology, cardiology.

Thermal massage mode promotes circulatory system to increase resistance.

Choose massage chair HAKAWA for both health care and mental relaxation with built-in bluetooth speaker right on the chair body.

In particular, massage chairs HAKAWA by Japanese also known by its reliability, consistency and quiet operation to please every customer. HAKAWA also has a very good after-sales policy, enthusiastic advice. Customers also get a 100-day free home experience at no cost.

If you are interested in massage chair HAKAWA but also worried about the financial problems, the peace of mind to us. At HAKAWA policies supporting installment purchase interest to you peace of mind brought home negligent chair finance.

The market is diversified, genuine and fake products are introduced everywhere, gradually diluting the trust of customers.

The value of each massage chair is not small, so you should buy a genuine reputation like HAKAWA to not have to worry about solving problems after purchase.

At HAKAWA, all product information such as prices, promotions, policies, … are publicly available on website

We distribute products directly to customers without intermediaries or agents so that customers get the best prices.

If you want to directly experience the product, you can also go directly to HAKAWA’s headquarters at:


  • Address: 136C Thanh Xuan 22, Thanh Xuan Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Working hours: 07:00 – 21:00 Monday to Sunday (all holidays).

All product information please call our customer hotline 0569 999 699 or to leave a message under this article. HAKAWA consultants are waiting to be shared with you.

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