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As part of the sales policy of HAKAWA, with the aim of pleasing customers to come, please customers when experiencing the product. HAKAWA makes commitments to customers to be returned within 30 days in case of defective products due to manufacturers.

Specifically, the return policy is applied as follows:

Calculated from the date the customer receives the product is day 1 to day 30 customers have discovered the faulty technique or fracture, torn by the manufacturer will be changed or returned product for HAKAWA.

Example: With the product of aluminum ladder chair HK 005.

You receive the goods and make payment on May 19 for products with code HK 005. However, the product received is code HK 004. .

Steps to return:

+ Customers contact the company to respond to the product status.

+ The company receives and reviews and determines the cause.

If determining that the product is defective due to production, the customer will be resolved as follows:

+ Change the right model of new products for customers. (HAKAWA exchange for the right product to the customer code HK 005)

+ In case of out of product to exchange:

– Customers can decide to wait to receive the right product with the correct model.

– Customers can be changed to the same product group. (Customers can switch to code HK-004 aluminum ladders or chairs HK-006).

– Customers can change to another product with similar price. If converted into products with a higher price the customer must pay the difference. (If the customer in exchange for HK-004 on behalf of HK-005 is HAKAWA will move refund the excess amount to the difference to the client. If HK004 change took HK-006, customers will transfer the difference amount from HK-005 to HK-006).

Customers canceling the order will refund the amount equivalent to the selling price of the product.

The product determines the error caused by the user:

Ineligible for returns under HAKAWA regulations.

The product does not retain 100% of its original shape.

The product is scratched, and the tip is broken due to impact.

In case of defective products due to users, the company will support maintenance and a surcharge of 36% in case of need to replace accessories.

If you are having problems related to return policy and need to be answered, call 0569 999 699 for the fastest answer !!!