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Following the big event in November, HAKAWA continues to implement the program HAPPY THE ESTABLISHMENT OF HAKAWA GRATEFUL ON ALL FRONTS. HAKAWA boomed the sale OFF program 30% OFF for thousands of products, applied on all fronts – all genuine sales channels.

This discount program brings a message of gratitude to customers with the golden number to congratulate 10 years of the day HAKAWA laid the foundation for the establishment and strong development of HAKAWA Vietnam 11/22/2020

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With thousands of products in stock at HAKAWA, we are excited to welcome the season SALE OFF at every end of the year. HAKAWA offers a 30% discount on all household utility products. There are many quality products waiting for you to get back with the extensive promotions and discounts that have been long since restarted.

Grateful program policy

30% OFF SALE Program genuine products HAKAWA policy took place with the following discounts:

Applicable products: Relaxing Chair, Folding beds, automobile sterilization machine, HAKAWA playhome HK01

Amount of application: unlimited.

Offer: Discount 30% directly on the value of the product.

Support ship fee from 50% upwards.

In the only one week running a record big discount program for November to celebrate the National Day of Enterprises, HAKAWA applied from November 22 to the end of November 30.

Ladies and gentlemen, please update the super discounts with HAKAWA to celebrate the day of the city

The discounted convenient household products from HAKAWA are gratitude that we want to send to customers who have trusted and supported the business during the past time.

Duplication preferential preferential policies ultra-cool 30% discount, now more discount 50K when you come to experience and purchase directly at the headquarters of HAKAWA is back at:


Address: 136C Thanh Xuan 22 Street, Thanh Xuan Ward, District 12, HCMC.


07:00 – 21:00 Monday to Sunday (All Holiday)

Above is some information about the program Anniversary HAKAWA FRONT APPRECIATE ANY SALE OF OVER 30% genuine products 11/2020 HAKAWA this month. Please visit HAKAWA or visit website to own for yourself the most convenient quality products.

To order products and quickly get the best deals in this November, leave a message below this article or call hotline 0569 999 699 for advice and instructions to receive the offer.

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