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Teachers are a noble profession, teachers are noble people who build up the personality to maintain and develop human intelligence.

On the occasion of November 20, HAKAWA would like to send sincere and best wishes to all educators. Wishing the teachers always happy, healthy, beautiful, happy and love life, always with a passionate heart in the career of growing people!

Welcome November to congratulate Vietnam’s Teachers’ Day, with a fresh deal from HAKAWA. Upgrade a modern home living space without “harming electricity” with safety and convenience products to catch up with the global trend from HAKAWA Vietnam.

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1. Promotion content

 TEACHER’  , HAKAWA  discount 30% for thousands of genuine products 

1.1. Applicable products

✔️ HAKAWA Automotive sterilization Machine

✔️ Steam cleaners

✔️ Relaxing Chair HK-G20T

✔️ Relaxing Chair HK-G21P

✔️ Folding beds multifunctional HK-X21

1.2. Have a discount and receive gifts of 300K

In addition to the program of gratitude to Vietnamese Teachers’ Day, HAKAWA also donated 1 extra to pure cajeput essential oil worth 300,000 VND. This is an essential oil that is handcrafted by the people of Hue with many benefits such as prevention of colds, coughs, stuffy nose, bronchitis and other health problems.

A meaningful gift for good health to HAKAWA to give to customers at the end of this year!

Not only that, on 20/11, HAKAWA also has many HOT promotions with unlimited ship support program when buying genuine HAKAWA products at website

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