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Happy day brought ecstatic gifts with HAKAWA

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November is a very special day that you know yet?

Well that’s the biggest day of the year SALE HAKAWA celebrate the 10th anniversary of the General Manager: Mr. Vo Cong Cao put the first brick building the foundation for the brand HAKAWA Vietnam. A great day for the employees of HAKAWA Vietnam Company.

Responding to the bustling atmosphere of the National Day of Enterprises – HAKAWA launched the incentive program: “Happy day ring ecstatic gift with HAKAWA”. The program instead of thanks, HAKAWA’s gratitude to customers for trusting and supporting the business throughout the past and in the future.

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Be ready to prepare me to receive super big gifts, super products for my family and my loved ones too!

Promotion program DEAL HUNTING 22/11 – “BIG CITY DEAL”

20/11  Happy day is a happy day to celebrate the 10th year journey of HAKAWA, receiving ecstatic gifts.

Only from the date of 22/11 ~ 30/11 – HAKAWA SHOCK discounts up to 30% for many products.

  • Relaxing Folding Chair HK-G20T
  • Luxury relaxing folding Chair HK-G21P
  • Multi relaxing folding bed HK-X21
  • Automotive sterilization machine HK-2020KT
  • Playhouse Kid Home HAKAWA HK-01

Discount sock already and freeship 

Still waiting for spending but not immediately visit website but hunt for sale of brand name products with up to millions of money with HAKAWA Association

Discount up to 30% ++ for genuine products of HAKAWA at website

FREESHIP: 100K for all orders.

You can purchase online on HAKAWA’s sales channels or directly to our headquarters to experience and receive deals at:

Also, HAKAWA give you one bottle of essential oil pure indigo worth 300k. Original handcrafted cajeput essential oil in Hue is 100% natural extract.


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Come to HAKAWA to bring home the brand name products to receive great gifts. Call us at 0569 999 699, besides calling, you can leave a message right below this article, HAKAWA’s staff are always ready to guide your order and answer all your questions.

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