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HAKAWA super promotion season of gratitude, buy 1 get 4

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HAKAWA has a promotion to buy 1 but receive 4. The promotional campaign with thousands of main products at HAKAWA with discounts up to 30% ++ applied from 20/11 to 30/11 on the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day. 

The program kicked off with a message of gratitude to customers and congratulations to teachers, HAKAWA discounted congratulatory gifts nationwide.

With thousands of high quality genuine products such as Relaxing Chair, Multipurpose tool kit, Steam cleaners , Automotive sterilization Machine, relaxing chairs HK-G20T, HK-G21P and folding beds multifunctional HK-X21, … is coming with a storm of discounts for customers who buy goods freely because the prices are so good.

banner khuyenmai 3 1

1. You are ready to receive thousands of gifts with HAKWA!

Get ready for a huge landing at HAKAWA with exclusive discounts and promotional gifts.

1.1. Discount 30% for all household and utility products

Do not let yourself be overwhelmed by promotional policies, be prepared to head straight into the heart of the promotion storm and bring gifts to your home. Quality products, utilities, and reputable warranty policies are still intact, but prices are greatly reduced.

1.2. Storm gifts worth 300k

Not overcoming the cyclone of discounts, customers will be overwhelmed with thousands of meaningful gratitude gifts. On this occasion of 20/11, HAKAWA immediately donates a bottle of pure essential oil worth VND300,000. Products are clearly manufactured and tested for quality.

1.3. Both a gift discount and a freeship

Super discounts and support to ship hundreds of thousands, SALE wherever HAKAWA’s warehouse is ruined because the discount is too great. Bring back Japanese quality products from HAKAWA, a rare opportunity for you have to a super thrifty shopping season during this year-end gratitude season.

1.4 . Becoming a loyal customer will save more money

In this November, become a loyal customer and always have priority with all preferential policies on all fronts.

HAKAWA’s reputation is always knowns from its quality and many genuine after-sales policies and always protects customers’ interests at the highest level.

No matter where you are in all regions of Vietnam, you will receive deals, HAKAWA is always waiting for you. If you feel unsure when ordering online, HAKAWA has a home delivery policy that supports shipping charges for all orders. Or you can go directly to HAKAWA headquarters to experience and verify what we are doing at:


Address: 136C Thanh Xuan 22, Thanh Xuan Ward , 12 District, Ho Chi Minh City

Working hour:

07:00 – 21:00  From Monday to Sunday (all holidays)

This super discount opportunity only applies from 20/11 to 30/11. Choosing HAKAWA because this is your chance to buy quality products at the best prices.

Now you can hunt for deals right away by clicking on this article to give a message or chat with our staff. You can also order directly and receive deals immediately when calling hotline 0569 999 699, HAKAWA staff are always ready to guide and answer all your questions about the discount program being applied.

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