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Black Friday is coming, quick to come HAKAWA to receive huge promotional gifts.


Premium gift for a melancholy forget day HAKAWA for you

BLF6 HAKAWA voucher for you worth up to 200k

The SPECIAL:  offer is applied to all genuine HAKAWA products.

The promotion is only valid for 3 days from 27/11 to 29/11 , may be out of stock at any time!

THUMBNAIL giamgia blackfriday 01 scaled


Vouchers are allowed to coincide with all applicable promotions.

HAKAWA is all safe and quality and genuine Japanese products  use it very much.

Buy with HAKAWA, do not worry about the price, enter the code “BLF 6” on the information board on the website

Extremely hot goods should be sold out very quickly

Because seldom has such a big show, let’s bring brand name products right back to your family.

How to buy goods

Step 1: Select the product you want to buy

Step 2: Choose to book now and fill in personal information. At the discount code box, don’t forget to enter the code “BLF 6”!

+ When full information please choose apply!

Step 3: Finally, choose to order now. Within 24 hours, HAKAWA staff will call to confirm the application. It only takes a few days to reach your hands!

Ordering details here!

All information and promotions of HAKAWA are fully updated. For advice on product information, please call 0569 999 699 or give a message below this article!

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