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The multipurpose folding ladder has the advantages of load as well as flexible shape and height changes, so it is widely used in life. HAKAWA’s M-folding aluminum ladder serves all household, from cleaning the house to repairing furniture, or painting and repairing. diverse in complex locations such as stairs, high and low positions…

1. What is 4-segment aluminum folding ladder?

The 4-segment aluminum folding ladder is commonly known as the M-aluminum ladder, made of aluminum, with the design feature of the ladder being folded by a connecting point by mechanism such as an elbow.

The aluminum folding ladder is usually designed with 4 connected segments, also called a 4-segment aluminum ladder.

The HAKAWA folding aluminum ladder is researched and upgraded, improving all the disadvantages of popular ladders on the marketplace in terms of height, weight and flexibility. The HAKAWA 4-segment aluminum ladder makes consumers satisfied by its ruggedness, versatile application in all fields, and can be changed in many shapes such as the letter A, M, U, L, I with the lock automatically ensures the safety and is suitable for all work situations and work environments.

2. Answer the question:

  • The HAKAWA 4-segment aluminum ladder has an intelligent design with the type of folding straight segments at various heights. Easily adjust the 4 segments into an M-folding aluminum ladder to hang pictures, two people work together, so it is installed by builders, repairmen, electric wires, plumbing, workers fix favorite air conditioner.
  • HAKAWA folding aluminum ladder also features a thicker aluminum bar, so it is stronger, the load is up to 300kg, customers do not have to worry about overload, distortion caused by impact.
  • With the advantage of being able to adjust the height in an I-shape, 4-segment aluminum ladder helps to solve overhead tasks such as installing billboards, repairing fiber optic grid,…
  • The HAKAWA M-fold aluminum ladder has automatic lock design at elbow positions connecting the stairs together. This ensures your safety when working at high altitude, without worrying about accidentally forgetting to lock the ladder.
  • The advantage of the aluminum folding ladder is that the T6063 aluminum material is both strong and light and also has a shiny color that limits oxidation and rust damage when working in weather environments.
  • The details of the M-shaped aluminum ladder are calculated and connected correctly to ensure no vibration, slippery, slip, and always bring peace of mind and safety for users when working on high.

To choose a product that guarantees the safety and quality of the product worth the money, customers should buy directly at the company to avoid becoming prey to counterfeit goods.

The HAKAWA M-folding aluminum ladder has direct retail sales from the company to consumers. No matter where you are in any part of the country, you can buy a genuine ladder by the following:

Buy directly at HAKAWA’s headquarters at:

  • Address: 136C Thanh Xuan 22, Thanh Xuan Ward, 12 District, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Working hours: 07:00 – 21:00 From Monday to Sunday (all holidays).

Buy online at website HAKAWA.VN

To buy goods online and get home delivery, customers can message below the article or visit the website and give information. HAKAWA staff will contact and guide you within 24 hours.

You can call directly to hotline 056 9999 699 for ordering instructions as well as consulting the most complete product information.

Above are the information related to the HAKAWA 4-segment aluminum folding ladder , if you have any questions related to the product, please contact us for the fastest answer!

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