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The HAKAWA household ladder impresses the first user because of its compactness and comfortable. With many design advantages, It is a powerful assistant of housewives, is an indispensable home appliance of every family.

1. What is aluminum household ladder?

The aluminum household ladder is a type of aluminum ladder with improved design features from the chair, so it has an overhead armrest and a wide staircase that creates a firm grip when working at high altitude. With a fixed ladder height, it is especially suitable for household tasks such as cleaning cabinets, hanging pictures, hanging curtains, cleaning doors, ancestors worship ….

HAKAWA aluminum arm chair ladder is lightweight, simple mechanism, compact and easy to move. Especially with a beautiful delicate design, so this is a line of aluminum family ladder that is the most popular today.

In order to meet the needs of using aluminum household ladder with many different jobs, HAKAWA continuously launched different aluminum ladder models such as:

  • Aluminum household ladder 4 steps with code HK-004.
  • Aluminum household ladder 5 steps Hk-005.
  • Aluminum household ladder 6 steps HK-006.

These are all height ladders that meet most of the needs of customers for repairing and cleaning home.

With some work on higher than many people think of the 7-step aluminum chair ladder, but with this model it is not really popular so you can using the retractable aluminum ladder to get taller and more flexible.

Choose a high-end HAKAWA aluminum household ladder to bring the certainty and a completely different feel. HAKAWA aluminum chair ladder confidently brings absolute satisfaction to users.

2. Answer the question:

When deciding to buy an aluminum household ladder or any product, buyers will want to know what is special about this product and what it offers?

So what’s special about the HAKAWA aluminum household ladder, let’s find out!

  • The first is to mention the beautiful compactness that makes a deep aesthetic impression on consumers. With shiny aluminum color combined with foam armrest with soft curved design, many families also use 4-step aluminum chairs ladder to decorate in your home.
  • You just open the ladder with your hand like opening a book so it can be used normally, so it is suitable for housewives, women and the elderly as well. The handrails allow the user to stand firmly on the top step and easily carry the ladder while moving.
  • At the foot of the ladder is also focused with anti-slip ABS plastic pads, increased friction, anti-scratching the floor, protecting your house always beautiful, new and shiny.
  • It is a design that focuses on women and serves simple tasks at home, so you can choose the aluminum chair ladder to give to your parents, your wives,…

The HAKAWA aluminum chair ladder makes us happy because:

  • Lightweight, compact and foldable when not use.
  • Strong aluminum material with powder coating technology, anti-rust or abrasion, limits the disadvantages of conventional aluminum ladders.
  • Varied in height so you can freely choose.
  • The steps are large and have handrails that are very safe for the elderly and women to use.

Besides the advantages, the HAKAWA Japan premium aluminum ladder, which has been a prestigious brand for many years, has become one of the reasons housewives love and choose this ladder. Not only with chair ladder, all types of HAKAWA’s ladder meet high quality standards, manufactured on Japanese technology lines, so the quality is very uniform. Every product is quality checked before stamping and packaging. At HAKAWA, customers can be completely assured of products .

To buy HAKAWA genuine aluminum household ladder, you can order online on website: or contact hotline 0569 999 699. HAKAWA’s staff are always ready to serve you!

If you live in Ho Chi Minh City and the surrounding area want to buy directly, please go to the company address at:


  • Address: 136C Thanh Xuan 22, Thanh Xuan Ward, 12 District, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Working Hours: 07:00 – 21:00 From Monday to Sunday (all holidays).

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