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Aluminum Telescopic Ladder Single

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Aluminum telescopic ladder single is a useful household device for all families, A valuable assistant for construction repair man who must move regularly. Aluminum telescopic ladder singlepossesses the advantage of height, compact and flexible in a lot of jobs should be present in homes, offices, shops, businesses.

1. What is the aluminum telescopic ladder single?

Aluminum telescopic ladder single is an aluminum ladder with the property of being able to lengthen or collapse quickly. With its main use shape, the letter I only needs a supporting surface to use the ladder anywhere. HAKAWA compact aluminum ladder operation mechanism is telescopic, so it has the advantage of height and shrink, so it is suitable for carrying many places.

2. To answer questions

HAKAWA aluminum telescopic ladder single is designed to meet the popular demand of Asians, especially in Vietnam.

  • With suitable height design as well as spacing between steps, so the user with the right footsteps does not falter, not with feet too far away.
  • Straight pipes have a deeper connection point, so when used overhead, they do not shake like other ladders on the market.
  • The ladder foot is designed with a rubber base to increase friction as well as avoid scratching the floor when working indoors.
  • Aluminum telescopic ladder single with T6063 aluminum material offers durability because it is resistant to oxidation, rust and negative impacts from the environment such as heat, rain and wind.

The compact, flexible mobility and height, that is why HAKAWA Aluminum telescopic ladder single is always trusted by consumers and used in many jobs such as:

  • Household applications: used to clean the house in higher areas such as ceilings, electric fan lights, hanging pictures,…
  • In the factory offices: used to get things from above, to clean, paint,…
  • Service works: applications in the electricity industry, telecom, wall painting, installation of power lines, optical cables,…

The price of HAKAWA genuine single-draw ladder is listed and public. Singl draw aluminum ladder prices fluctuate depending on the height. When the ladder is higher, the cost is also great.

Currently, HAKAWA has the following single draw aluminum ladder models:

  • Single draw aluminum ladder HK-138
  • Single draw aluminum ladder HK-144
  • Single draw aluminum ladder HK-150

HAKAWA single draw ladder for heights up to 5 meters will definitely help solve any height problems for you.

To buy HAKAWA genuine aluminum ladder, please leave a message on the website or call hotline 0569 999 699 for the answer.

You can buy aluminum ladder at HAKAWA head office:


  • Add: 136C Thanh Xuan St., Thanh Xuan Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Working hour: 07:00 – 21:00 Monday to Sunday (All Holidays).

With the sharing of Aluminum telescopic ladder single, if you are interested or have any questions regarding our products, please contact us, HAKAWA is always ready to serve you!

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