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Aluminum Telescopic Ladder Double

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HAKAWA A-shaped double draw aluminum ladder brings convenience to users because of its ruggedness, compactness and flexibility in many different other such as: families, telecommunications, electricity, fire prevention, … The ability to work independently without support and steadily on many terrains and narrow spaces helps HAKAWA’s A-shaped aluminum ladder is a product that is always prioritized by families, agencies and factories.

1. What is the A-shaped double draw aluminum ladder?

A-shaped draw aluminum ladder is a type of ladder made of high-grade aluminum material designed with the main working shape in the form of A and has change in many shapes depending on the intended use of the user.

The HAKAWA A-drawn aluminum ladder is also known as the A-shaped double-draw aluminum ladder, is intelligently designed with aluminum tubes connected by automatic lock and can be adjusted to the height quickly and neatly. The ladder has an automatic lock, so when you buy it, you can change the purpose of use in other shapes such as the letter I, the letter L easily.

HAKAWA’s multi-purpose A-double ladder brings many benefits to users, a great product indispensable in your family!

2. Frequently questions:

With the advantages of high-grade design and fabrication, HAKAWA A-folding aluminum ladder will make customers surprised because of the convenience.

  • Made from sturdy T6063 aluminum, the HAKAWA aluminum ladder has a load capacity of up to 300kg, the largest on the market today. Especially when customers work at high altitude not shaken like low-cost ladders in the marketplace.
  • The A-shaped aluminum ladder of HAKAWA is very durable because it is resistant to rust and weather damage. The aluminum bar is also specially designed with a large thickness so the step is very sturdy, not bent or dented when affected from the outside.
  • Another plus for the quality when choosing aluminum material is that the ladder is very compact when moving from place to place, you will not have to spend too much effort.
  • The straight leg section is rubber cushioned to create a firm friction on all surfaces, minimizing the risk of falling when the floor is wet and slippery. The ladder foot is also integrated with a wheel when moving you can recline the ladder leg and pull the wheel around like a suitcase very conveniently.
  • You will immediately own the imported aluminum ladder with top high quality standards from the Japanese brand if choosing HAKAWA aluminum ladder.

HAKAWA aluminum ladder has been famous because of its top quality and the most professional service in the Vietnam. Quality products are famous everywhere, but what about HAKAWA’s A-draw aluminum ladder?

For this issue, you can completely rest assured to buy our A-shaped aluminum ladder to use without worrying about the price. Because HAKAWA sells A-shaped aluminum ladder directly to the customers’ hands without going through any intermediaries, so the A-shaped aluminum ladder price is always competitive and the best for you.

With each design of the A-drawn aluminum ladder, each has its own advantages and is very convenient when doing work without a support. Please choose a product model that suits your purpose and affordability to avoid wasting!

To buy a genuine A-draw ladder you do not need to go anywhere far or wear it in the sun or rain. Because HAKAWA has an online sales policy to deliver products to customers with a full warranty policy and quality after-sales service.

Have you need to of purchase you can do the following:

Option 1: Buy online:

  • Just give your personal information right on the website, within 24 hours our staff will actively contact and guide orders as well as consult with the most complete product information.
  • To be faster, you can also call directly to hotline 0569 999 699 HAKAWA is always ready to answer your questions at any time.

Option 2: Buy directly:

If you feel convenient in traveling, you can go to buy directly at HAKAWA’s headquarters at:


  • Address: 136C Thanh Xuan 22, Thanh Xuan Ward , District 12 ,Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Working Hours: 07:00 – 21:00 From Monday to Sunday (all holidays).

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