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Aluminum Telescopic Ladder Double

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HAKAWA A-shaped double draw aluminum ladder brings convenience to users because of its ruggedness, compactness and flexibility in many different other such as: families, telecommunications, electricity, fire prevention, … The ability to work independently without support and steadily on many terrains and narrow spaces helps HAKAWA’s A-shaped aluminum ladder is a product that is always prioritized by families, agencies and factories.

1. What is the A-shaped double draw aluminum ladder?

A-shaped draw aluminum ladder is a type of ladder made of high-grade aluminum material designed with the main working shape in the form of A and has change in many shapes depending on the intended use of the user.

The HAKAWA A-drawn aluminum ladder is also known as the A-shaped double-draw aluminum ladder, is intelligently designed with aluminum tubes connected by automatic lock and can be adjusted to the height quickly and neatly. The ladder has an automatic lock, so when you buy it, you can change the purpose of use in other shapes such as the letter I, the letter L easily.

HAKAWA’s multi-purpose A-double ladder brings many benefits to users, a great product indispensable in your family!

2. Frequently questions:

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