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Aluminum Ladder

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The appearance of the aluminum ladder can be considered a revolution that makes working at high altitude easier and safer. Currently on the market there are many different aluminum ladder models. So what kind of ladder best suits your needs?

1. What is a aluminum ladder?

The aluminum ladder is a type of stairs made from aluminum, which is a means to help people handle work in places too high, out of reach and become safer. The aluminum ladder is also highly durable and has many design advantages to meet the needs of height and weight, making it easier to move and store than traditional bamboo ladders.

2. Answer the question:

With many uses, the manufacturer has its own distinctive designs to bring different types of ladders to bring the best working efficiency.

HAKAWA has 5 types of ladders as follows:

  • Aluminum ladder chair: advantages of compact design, large steps, and sturdy armrests.
  • Aluminum sliding ladder: features are interconnected and removable depending on the needs of use.
  • Aluminum folding ladder: the stairs fold neatly thanks to the automatic arm lock mechanism, providing a sure safety when working at high altitude.
  • Single retractable aluminum ladder: completely replace the conventional bamboo ladder, but also can be easily retracted and stored anywhere in the house.
  • Aluminum ladder drawing A: can work independently in any terrain without support. Flexible height adjustment with automatic lock joints offers great working convenience. “

The aluminum ladder used in the home is usually an aluminum ladder chair, A-shaped ladder, a single ladder, because there is no need for a ladder with too high a height for cleaning, cleaning the house, installing electrical equipment.

The aluminum ladder chair: compact, large steps, handrails when working above are suitable for jobs with no large height.

The A-shaped aluminum ladder, also known as the double-retractable aluminum ladder, operates independently without handrails.

The single retractable aluminum ladder has a compact design for easy storage.

The ladders used in buildings often need to have a large load capacity, so sliding aluminum ladders and folding aluminum ladders will be more suitable.

The aluminum sliding ladder with detachable stairs, easily changing height and shape while working.

The aluminum folding ladder can be folded and changed many shapes such as: letters A, I, M, L to suit the job off site.

Aluminum bar thickness up to 1.7mm for 300kg payload no ladder on the marketplace can do it.

HAKAWA aluminum ladders are the brand of the best quality ladder, high safety, suitable for use and affordable, because they are designed to suit your needs and easy to store.

  • For ladder chairs you can use in any position in the family because they do not need a handrails, so they are very suitable for use with family needs.
  • Smart ladder design can be neatly stored, using high-quality aluminum material, durable but still compact for easy carrying and carrying with you when using or storing if not in use.
  • Produced on modern and advanced technology from Japan and tested to meet European EN131 quality standards with maximum load capacity up to 300kg.
  • The bottom ladder leg is covered with anti-slip hard plastic to help you use it well in rainy days.
  • HAKAWA is responsible for coming with the ladders delivered to customers with full normal warranty and also a product liability insurance package worth up to 1 billion VND.
  • HAKAWA aluminum ladder has high quality, is the number 1 choice of consumers.

HAKAWA aluminum ladder is a famous brand from Japan, so it not only guarantees to bring high quality products but also has a full quality warranty policy such as:

  • 2 year warranty for all aluminum ladder products.
  • Return products within 30 days when there is a manufacturing error.
  • Product liability insurance worth 1 billion VND.
  • Lifetime maintenance.
  • Support the cost of replacing accessories.
  • Simple warranty procedures, fast warranty time to ensure quality.

Contact warranty:

Address: 136C Thanh Xuan 22, Thanh Xuan Ward,12 District, Ho Chi Minh City.
Hotline: 0569 999 699.

HAKAWA is loved by customers not only because of the product quality but also for its professional service with excellent after-sales policy for loyal customers such as:

  • To apply all updated discount policies on sales channels.
  • Free or subsidized delivery.
  • Consulting product information as well as the best incentive policy.
  • For any detailed information, customers can visit website or call 0569 999 699 for answers.

HAKAWA always applies the best sales policy for customers. For all genuine products, we charge a carrier’s transparent rates.

  • Most of HAKAWA orders have freight allowance of 50% – 100%.
  • For customers in HCM City, HAKAWA offers same-day express delivery.
  • HAKAWA also regularly updates the free ship program on online sales channels.
  • Please contact hotline 0569 999 699 to update the shipping fee policy at the present time.

As part of the sales and warranty policy of HAKAWA, we always encourage customers to check the goods, ensure quality designs as payment for new introduction.

In case of receiving defective goods due to the manufacturer, HAKAWA commits to comply with the sales policy including product return. Therefore, customers can be completely assured of HAKAWA’s products and services!

If you have any problems with our service please call 0569 999 699 for the fastest response!

HAKAWA is a famous aluminum ladder brand from Japan and is exclusively distributed in Vietnam. Up to now, having gone through 10 years of construction and development, HAKAWA’s high-end products have been present in 65 provinces and cities nationwide.

If you are in Ho Chi Minh City wishing to see and buy aluminum ladder directly, please visit Hakawa Co., Ltd. at:

  • No. 136 C Thanh Xuan 22, District 12, HCM city.
  • Working hours: 07:00 – 21:00 from Monday to Sunday (all holidays).

If you are far away, you do not need the address to buy genuine aluminum ladder HAKAWA above, just leave a message below the website or call 0569 999 699 Our consulting staff are always ready. advise you to choose the most suitable product.

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