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HAKAWA is a famous aluminum ladder brand from Japan and is exclusively distributed by Cao Dai Tin Company in Vietnam market. Right from the first days of its establishment, HAKAWA Vietnam has always clearly defined the business motto that prestige quality always comes first. Besides, constantly learning, improving expertise to create and continually improve to bring customers smart and convenient products for life.

10-year journey to build a foundation to establish and develop a strong brand HAKAWA Vietnam has confirmed its leading position on the market of intelligent household products – gadgets.


To get growth and confirmed the position of the brand HAKAWA now, thanks to the strategic orientation and the correctness of his leader Vo Cong Cao – CEO HAKAWA Vietnam.

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From the first brick is creating brand HAKAWA Vietnam to the strong development today, it is a story full of ambition, his determination Vo Cong Cao student from Ha Tinh homeland.

From the first brick is creating brand HAKAWA Vietnam to the strong development today, it is a story full of ambition, his determination Vo Cong Cao student from Ha Tinh homeland.

Born in a poor country, he always embraced in his heart a great desire: to be a bird flying high away from the village to change his life, assert himself and dedicate himself to the homeland, country. With enthusiasm and desire for youth, in 2010 he entered the city. Ho Chi Minh studied and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Hutech University.

Clearly defined goals along the way to learn, he constantly strive to learn, hone their skills and knowledge for themselves. The early years are a student, difficulties in life and will strive urged him started in the business and have the income to pay for their studies.

Initially collided with multiple business areas, overcoming many difficulties he had some lessons of their own. From that foundation to build a business with one private road and broad vision.

Experience in business strategy since the student and stood on the location of the consumer, he understands what the customer needs is the product quality, usability and credibility of the business. In the context of poor quality counterfeit goods on the market, HAKAWA determined to only supply genuine quality products with a reputable warranty policy with full professional customer care.

Therefore, right from the first days of building the foundation of the enterprise, HAKAWA continuously improves to bring customers the most complete and highest quality products. Helping customers who have been disappointed with many poor quality products, can now trust and choose HAKAWA. From there, it helps to rebuild confidence in the high-end products of prestigious Vietnamese enterprises such as HAKAWA. No matter how the business develops, HAKAWA is always steadfast in building a prestigious business, always wanting to bring customers the safest and most convenient products for a more comfortable life.

With a clear direction and right strategy, Mr. Vo Cong Cao has built up a strong empire in the distribution of utility household products. Way for almost a decade efforts on career path has given him a brand HAKAWA Vietnam with popular products and services come into the hearts of consumers in Vietnam.

HAKAWA’s field of activities includes household products and machinery, always ensuring international quality standards as well as safety standards for consumers. With high quality, prestigious and convenient products, HAKAWA has gained the trust of Vietnamese consumers. Therefore, genuine HAKAWA products have been present in 64 provinces and cities with a nationwide distribution system. HAKAWA’s products not only satisfy Vietnamese customers, but also reach international markets, and have won the trust of demanding and demanding markets such as Europe, the US, UK, Germany, and Thailand and Korea,…


After 6 years of being officially established, HAKAWA Vietnam is honored to become the brand voted by consumers as a trusted brand, high quality products and services. With the trust of customers, HAKAWA has developed a strong distribution agent system that brings HIGH-QUALITY products to all regions of the country.

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By the dedication and enthusiasm, HAKAWA constantly studies and research and innovation to improve and market the best products. Over the years, with the trust of customers, HAKAWA has achieved many successes and “Leading Vietnam in Aluminum Ladder” with remarkable numbers such as:

75,000 aluminum ladder products with HAKAWA brand were sold to the market in 2018. In March 2019, HAKAWA made a leap with more than 200,000 aluminum ladder products delivered to Vietnamese customers and some other markets around the world such as EU, UK, Germany, United States, Japan & South Korea…

Not only stopping at the aluminum ladder, in June 2019, HAKAWA launched a new product, High Pressure Washers for families and factories, this is also the 2nd spiritual child with hope. Will bring to customers interesting experiences and bring great value to customers. Also in 2019, the company continues to market quality, smart and convenient household products such as the HKG20T relaxing folding chair and multi-purpose V32i Inox folding hammock.

In August 2019, HAKAWA has a new office located at 136C Thanh Xuan 22 Street (TX22), Thanh Xuan Ward, District 12, City. Ho Chi Minh.

Every HAKAWA product distributed to the market is trusted by customers for its durability, convenience as well as the best after-sales policy for customers. In December 2019, to meet the needs of customers, HAKAWA continues to bring to the market the highest quality household hand tools with full details: drill, pliers, hammer, spanner, screwdrivers, …

Not only is the brand trusted by Vietnamese families, but HAKAWA is also trusted by many professionals and major partners such as:

+ Vietnam Electricity (EVN)

+ Viettel Telecom Corporation

+ FPT Corporation …

+ Department of Fire Prevention and Fighting (FPF), …

The companies have partnered with Hakawa to sign contracts to supply high-end, professional aluminum ladders for the electrical, telecommunications, cable TV installation and repair industries, …

With the best product quality, giving consumers a great experience. Therefore, we have been dominating, receiving the trust and companionship of our customers.


Regardless of the trust from customers, HAKAWA VIETNAM has always done its best to implement core values throughout all operations and business plans of the Group. Over the years, HAKAWA has affirmed its leading position and is certified and honored by the state with great milestones.

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In 2017, Cao Dai Tin Trading Co., Ltd. was honored for the first time to be awarded the certificate of merit by the State for the first time that the company achieved the title of REAL, GENUINE – EXCLUSIVE BRAND by the association against counterfeiting and trade protection awarded by the city of Hanoi.

In 2018, Cao Dai Tin Trading Co., Ltd for the second time was supported by the organizers of the consulting center to support VNPT sustainably in coordination with the consumer association to vote for FAMOUS BRAND, PRODUCTS, AND SERVICES voted by customers

In 2019, Cao Dai Tin Trading Co., Ltd twice in a row achieved TOP 100 OF HIGH QUALITY BRANDS – BRANDS, PRODUCTS – HIGH QUALITY SERVICES by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in coordination with government departments.

In October 2019, businessman Vo Cong Cao was awarded by the state with the anti-counterfeiting center organizers and the Dat Viet Business Club awarded the GOLD STAR VIETNAMESE BUSINESS IN 2019.


The HAKAWA brand has always nurtured the realization of the goal of “Leading Vietnam and Southeast Asia in High Quality, Safe and International Standard Home Appliances”. To realize our goals, we have been trying to improve products and develop services to achieve the set goals, to serve and bring benefits to customers.

With the achievements on the way of formation and development, we would like to thank our customers and partners for accompanying HAKAWA to develop and transform Vietnam’s leading vision of consumer products. Multi-gadgets come true.


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HAKAWA every day to remind myself shoulder such common mission because life convenient, secure and enhance the quality of community life that gave customers the best products. To obtain the trust, love of customers for HAKAWA today is the effort, unity, listen, understand customers so that there is improvement plan and launched many quality products better, more convenient and safer, leading to consumers.


With the orientation of constantly improving products for consumers and developing with the motto “Cooperation with success”, HAKAWA has always made efforts in terms of human and material resources, building brand reputation, and developing agent system and customer trust from the products we offer. HAKAWA VIETNAM operates according to the core values throughout all activities and business plans of the company.



The strength that makes HAKAWA brand different is: The specialization in each department, the high responsibility, working seriously and carefully to create finished products to the smallest details. In addition, the department regularly exchange work, sharing the difficulties, initiatives building a dynamic working environment, creativity, professionalism and spirit:

+ Professional, friendly and cooperative

+ Working with the spirit of creativity and passion

+ Do not stop striving to rise

+ Encourage lifelong learning

+ Improving the reputation of the members

+ Create love at work

+ Many opportunities for promotion and career development.

The trust and support from customers during the past time is a great encouragement on the way to develop HAKAWA. We promise to be steadfast in implementing the core values of the business, constantly improving, serving customers the best to always deserve that trust.

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